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Old UN-Divided Back circa 1901-1906

7126. "God bless you, health And Happy Days. (Shakespeare) A HAPPY NEW YEAR" - dog with cigar,hat and bottle of champagne - Old UN-Divided Back 1901-1905 Era - No. 8002 on back -black title, black printed back - COND: Very Good, no creases,name written on front of card - PMarked 1905 - Price $ 4.00

Old Divided Back circa 1907-1914

8753. "Yes, I got home all right, all right" - artist drawn - drunk man being pushed home in a wooden wheelbarrow - crumpled clothes and top hat - Old Divided Back 1907-1914 Era -Pub. by: no name, #11 (front) - black title, black printed back - fancy stamp box and postcard logo -COND: Excellent, slight age discoloration - Not postally used - Price $ 3.50

Linen Era cards circa 1930-1944

2274. "I Can't Swim ... But I Know All The Dives" (Man With Giant Glass Of Beer In Front Of "Sea Side Honky Tonky" - In Old Time Full Bathing Suit - Beach Scene In Background - Feet Sticking Out Of Doorway Of Bar) - Unused - Linen FB - Drawing E.C. Kropp - Price $ 2.00

REAL Photo Postcards

8950. "His Masters Breath" - dog looking at sign/title and jug labeled "MOON" - close view - white border around scene - Vintage REAL PHOTO postcard, no publisher listed - black printed back - COND: Very good, minor creases at lower right corner, that do not distract - PMarked 1929, one cent Franklin stamp - (great social commentary) - Price $ 9.50

Vintage "Chrome" era 1939 to 1970's

7187. "Meister Brau Stallion Hitch" - Artist Drawn - Westphalian Horse Breed - Six Horses - Stand 17-18 Hands High - Meister Brau Logo on Back - "the big 1" - Vintage Chrome 3x5 FB - Mint/Unused - Publ: Meister Brau, Inc., Chigo,-Toledo - Printer: Henry McGrew, # 61932 - Black Printed Back - Price $ 2.50

2854. Miller Brewing Co - Interior Of Brewhouse - Giant Copper Kettles - Back: Miller Logo In Red - "The Champagne Of Bottle Beer" And Small B&W Pic Of Beer Bottles In Champagne Cooler - Front: Two Men Working - One Has A Kettle Open. Bright And Shiny! Milwaukee, WI - Unused - Cond: VG+ (No Creases) Chrome FB 3x5 - Miller Brewing Co./ Creative Communications - Price $ 2.50

8855."Moonshine Still" - great , close view - Kentucky - Vintage "Chrome" era card, 3x5, w/ white border - info paragraph on back - Published by: Scenic and Historic Kentucky Kodachrone Series, KY.82 on back, Curteichcolor - black title - green printed back -COND: Very good, no creases, PMarked 1970 - Price $ 1.50

Modern 4x6 Cards

0500. Effects of Alcohoholic Content Of The Blood (Five Drawings - From Bad To Horizonal)(Funny) Mint Modern Chrome Quantity Postcards - Price: 85 cents

0501. Your Wetiquette - Whether You Are The Life Of The Party Or A Social Dud, Depends On Your Wetiquette! Old Color Scene Of Wild Party (Color Drawing) Mint Modern Chrome Quantity Postcards - Price: 85 cents

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