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7808. "The New Times Building, Los Angeles, Cal. Home of the Largest Newspaper in the World." -exterior, birds-eye view, from corner - clock tower - four stort building - large white building at back, left -daisy (?) flower border/blue background, on either side of image - trolley on street - people - eagle at top of building - Thorpe Office Building at left -sign: "The Times" - Old Divided Back Era - Not postally used -Publ. by: TB (in circlee) logo, - green printed back - Price: $ 15.00

6724. "Mama Lets Me Read It" (Little Girl Looking At Front Page Of The Topeka Daily Capital (Paper Fully Open - Most Of Front Page Visable) She Is Seated -Frilly White Hat And Dress - "Coke" Style Stool - LARGE, Full Frame Image) B&W Photoprint - Topeka, KS - Unused - Cond: VG+ (No Creases) - Old UN-Divided Back - Black Printed Back - No Pubr. Listed - Price $ 4.50

4449. Times (Newspaper) Building And Middle St., New Bedford, Mass. (Street Scene - "The Times" Sign - Union Shoe Co - Drug Store - Five Story, White Building - Horse And Wagon) Red Title On White, Right Margin - Horiz. - New Bedford, MA - Writing On Back, Not Postally Used - Cond: VG+ (No Creases ) - Old Divided Back - Green Printed Back - No Pubr. Listed - 4.00

2977. The Denver Post - Picture Taken Aug. 12, 1913 Of Forty Tons Of Snow Brought Down Daily By The Denver Post To Honor The Thirty- Second Conclave Of The Knights Templar. Snow & Flowers Came From Corona Pass On The Denver & Salt Lake Railroad. Denver, CO - Unused - Cond: VG+ - Old Divided Back - The Denver Post, H-H-T Co. - Price $ 6.00

4174. Chicago Tribune Tower, Chicago. BACK: "Twenty-One Stories In Height, Built At A Cost Of $7,000,000. Located On Michigan Boulevard North Of The Chicago River. ("Artist" Cars On Street - Close View) Vert. Chicago, IL - Unused - Cond: VG+ (No Creases) Old White Border - Tichnor Quality Views - Price $ 3.50

3673. The Springfield News And Sun, Springfield, Ohio. (Exterior Of Two Storey, White Stone Building - Flag - Close View) Much Info On Back (3 Papers) Horiz. Springfield, OH - PMarked 1958 Springfield - Cond: VG+ - Linen FB - Springfield News & Sun - CT Art-Colortone - Price $ 3.50

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