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8161. "A Century of Progress" - Corncobs, Newspaper, Catalogue, T.P. - B&W REAL PHOTO postcard, circa 1939 - Pub. by: The L. L. Cook Co., copyright 1939, 7X on front - white title, EKC satamp box - black printed back - COND: Excellent, Not postally used - Price $ 5.50

7861. "At the end of the trail ..."(poem about an outhouse) - Where old friends meet, There's a shack kinda frail, With a two holed seat - Close view of single outhouse - Wisconsin's Vacationland - Eau Claire, Wis. - Wooden outhouse - Burlap bag for door - man's feet - hat and cane leaning against front - flowers, trees , hill at background - Old Linen Divided Back Era - Not postally used - Publ. by: C. T. Privy Series, C-280 - 0B-H1806 - Card circa 1940 - Cond: Excellent - Price: $ 3.50

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