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Genealogical Lot of Real Photo Postcards

8174. "Guy SLATER" - Lot of cards, 25 cards ALL Real Photo - The name "Guy Slater" handwritten on the back of many of the cards - all ages of people from young to old - one has name of "Fairbury, Illinois" another has imprint to order cards from photographer in Indianapolis, Ind. - all cards pre 1930, but not sure of the ages - B&W REAL PHOTO postcards, various stamp boxes, none of the cards were ever mailed - COND: Very Good - Price $50.00 for 25 Cards plus Postage

8360. "Mill St. Junction" - great close view of trolley or railroad switch "house" - large sign on post attached to hut that has "Mill St. Junction" - small hut with window, switchman at doorway, holding a lantern, wearing coat and hat, glasses - brooms and shovels - switch at near right - building at background with part of name "STE ...." - horseshoes nailed to hut and post - B&W REAL PHOTO, AZO stamp box circa 1904-1918 - COND: Very Good, small corner crease at lower right corner, small pin hole at top of card - Not postally used, "Miss Sarah Kelley" pencil written, on back of card - Price $ 22.50

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