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Divided Back - Circa 1907-1915

9179. "Mary With Her Little Bear Behind" - child with bottom showing through underware - teddy bear -- Rubber Stamped on back: "This Card Was Used To Illustrate "Mail Memories" By John Kaduk. P. 12 No. 9" -Publ: Bamforth & Co., 779 - Copyright 1907 - brown printed back - corner bend at lower left, almost unnoticeable -REAL PHOTO - Writing on back, Not Postally used -Price: $ 12.00

9033. "Many happy returns of the Day." -Era: Divided Back - Circa 1907-1915 -Publ: Not Noted - Series 315 B -Writing on Back - Not Postally Used -Condition: VG+ (No Creases) -Notes: Artist Drawn - Sleepy Girl with Doll and Teddy Bear - Books -Blocks - Ball - Fancy "Post Card" Area -$ 8.00

Modern Card

0666. The Legend Of The Teddy Bear (Legend Plus Picture) (Seven Bears , Child's Rocker And Old Toy Top) Mint Modern Chrome 4x6 Cards Unlimited Inc. - 50 Cents Each

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