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NOTE: Last additions 02-20-19 to this listing

NOTE: Have been unable to find these cards due to moving- will advise here when found--WALT
It' Time to renew Postcard World Magazine, Cont, MWOB, unused ex
TAKEN FREE2 Haunted mansion - Disneyland, Adventureland, pmkd1971, chrome gd
FREE3 Mirrored Image - 775 ft IDS Tower -Minneapolis, Minn., CONT "K" 138690 vg
FREE4 Quick Steps, comic - WOF, undivided back, pmkd1907-Des Plaines, Ill., prelinen gd
FREE5 Cavves Grotto Dining Room in the Redwood Hotel, Grants Pass, Oregon, prelinen, sm tear, Curteich, 1015-29 gd
FREE6 Dear Legislator, I support the bill to provide registration by mail for Nevada Residents--MW, MWOB, B/W, ANN RUSNAK ex
FREE7 Estaban and Clara - Peregirine Falcons at San Jose CIty Hall, NPCW of SJPCC, 2010 ex
TAKEN FREE8 U S S Mississippi being locked at Pedro Miguel, Panama Canal, prelinen, Maduro, back-dmg, unused gd
FREE9 Vernal Falls, in teh Yosemit National Park, Prelinen, ECK, unused vg
FREE10 North Jettties: Salisbury Beach, Mass., prelinen, B/W, pub: unk, undivded back, unused ex
FREE11 Union Depot, Postland, Oregon, Prelinen, Oregon News, pmkd1915, Stamp-dmg fr
FREE12. If you are over 69, ADV-Insurance, 2007, non-postcard, MWOB ex
FREE13. California Home Bargain only 999,950.00, FOR SALE, CONT, Colorscope, S2088, unused vg
FREE14. A Merry Christmas, prelinen, embossed, WOB, crs, three children gd
FREE15. A Peaceful Easter, divided back, pmkd1910, embossed (cross/lillies) ex
FREE16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, From your Dental team, Find 20 Toothbrushes, mailed-never posted, MWOB, CONT ex
FREE17. A Happy Easter, divided back, embossed (cross/lillies/scene), unused ex
FREE18. Best Easter Wishes, divided back, pmkd1912, embossed-gold (cross/lillies/dove) ex
FREE19. Entrance to Washington Park, Michigan City, Ind.,d ivided back, cnr-wr-crs, pmkd1907-Michigan City, Ind., prelinen gd
FREE20. There are Others but they don't belong to the Union!, Signed: Carmichael, prelinen, no#, edge-front-dmg, unused gd
FREE21. (no words) (child with duster) thank you type card(small), Maxyne Barense, Santa Barbara, Ca. fr/gd
FREE22. A Joyful Easter, divided back, pmkd1912, embossed (cross/flowers) ex
FREE23. Hotel Fort Shelby, Detroit, prelinen, Lumitone, MWOB, unused, B/W, cnr-crs gd
FREE24. White (rose), prelinen, E H Mitchell, #1963 pmkd1912, cnr-crs gd
TAKEN FREE25. Among the Redwoods of California, chrome, Eastman Studio, S-1481, pmkd2006 vg
FREE26. Hearty Greetings, Birds flying over scene with msg, divided back, embossed, pmkd1907-Chicago, Ill., prelinen ex
FREE27. Federal Building and Post Offfice, Ketchikan, Alaska, prelinen, HHT, C153, MWON, unused gd
TAKEN FREE28. Battleship Butte, Bad Lands Nat'l Monument, South Dakota, divided back, chrome, pmkd1971-Rapid City, S.D. gd/vg
FREE29. Sea Life Park Hawaii, dolpins, chrome, divided back, pmkd1969-Kahaiwhe, Hi., HSC gd/vg
FREE30. Bulletin of latest news, Chinatrown, San Francisco, Cal., line, glue spots on back, unused Piltz, divided back fr
FREE31. Congratulations. baby birth card, divided back, pmkd1920-San Mateo, Cal., prelinen vg
FREE32. With Best Wishes, divided back, embossed-silver, winter scene, pmkd1907-San Mateo, Cal., prelinen vg
FREE33. LOREAL Feiria, The new Language of hair color, CONT, MAX card, MWOB, hz ex
FREE34. April 5, 2015, North Valley Baptist Church EASTER, Santa Clara Ca., CONT, MWOF, MWOB, no Stampbox, unused ex
TAKEN FREE35. A Merry Christmas to You, embossed-gold, pub: PC, 207, pmkd1910, divided back, vg
FREE36. Ulster Heights Lake, Ellenville, NY, chrome, unused s7761, Gramafan Art ex
FREE37. Vintage Paper Fair, Silicon Valley, show 2013, San Jose, Ca., CONT, used, Hal Lutsky gd
FREE38. West Texas - Mt Emory in Big Bend National Park, chrome, MWOB, 26501-B, unused gd
FREE39. Scene on highway 90 near Alpine, Texas, chrome, Baxtone, 22335, unused gd
FREE40. SunDown Motel, Sheridan, Wyoming, chrome, dexter Press, pmkd1968, 16252-C, has-crs gd
FREE41. LEO-Mania, Dicaprios Unauthorized Story, Sunday August 16th, CONT, Fox family, MAX card, unused ex
FREE42. Get Wise and Celebrate with. Tucson Postcard Exchange. 23 cent stamp box, CONT, 2005, unused VG
FREE43. Santa Elena Canyon, Big Bend Nat. Park Texas, chrome, MWOB, HSC, NPC-40, unused vg
FREE44. The Mint Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV., chrome, Rouleyyr chrome, MWOB, unused, no#, has dmg fr
FREE45. Boys-Town, NE, 2008 calendar notepad-booklet, unused ex
FREE46. Our Allies, (flags), prelinen, Posta card co., divided back, unused, has small tear, no# gd
TAKEN FREE47. Mirror View of Washingtton Column from Valley, Yosemite, Cal., prelinen, M Reider, 3878, divided back, unused vg
TAKEN FREE48. U S S Vermont leaving upper west chamber, Gatun Locks, Panama Canal, prelinen, Maduro, back-dmg, unused gd
FREE49. The West Coast Historical Militaria Collection SHow, May 9th, 2014, Pomona, Ca, CONT, usedd, pmkd2014, MWOB gd
FREE50. Vintage Paper Fair, San Francisco. Jan 4,5 2014, Hal Lutsky, CONT, unused ex
FREE51. Vintage Paper Fair, Sacramento, Cal., May 3, 2014, Hal Lutsky, CONT, unused ex
FREE52. Down on the farm, Blotter, non-postcard, CONT, unused, small-face-dmg fr/gd
FREE53. Crested Butte, Telemark Skiing , w-112, Cont, Sanborn, unused ex
FREE54. Wishes for a Happy New year, embosed-silver, snow scene, pub: Davidson, 1417, pmkd1910 vg
TAKEN FREE55. Stone Griffin Gallery, Adv card, CONT, In Downtown Campbell, hz Condition-ex
FREE56. St. Joseph's Hospital, TACOMA, Wash, pub; PNC, T510 pmkd1909, cnr off, stamp off Condition-fr
FREE57. San Francisco Sports Collectors Show, at the Cow Palace, Jan27-28-1979, CONT, Sepia, pmkd1979 ex
FREE58. An American in LONDON, Xhix Pix, R124, CONT, unused Condition-ex
FREE59. NO! I don't care if you did have an egg in your beer, Comic, B/W. Frasher Foto, WOB, J-127 Condition-fr
FREE60. True Love (flowers-blue ribbon) pub:unk. divided back, embossed, pmkd1909 gd
FREE61. I'm out on a H-- of a time!, The Bucket of blood Salon, MWOF, pub:Lamp Post, ipd1-3, unused vg+
FREE62. WISDOM, By Kelly Sullivan (lge Santa Like Figure), CONT, no#, unused ex
FREE63. Last-Minute Shopping buy yourself some time, (woman with many xmas packages, CONT, vt, USPS, MWOB ex
FREE64. Large Eagle(hawk) going after aduck, HK series, 340, pmkd1909 Maitland, Mo., prelinen vg+
FREE65. This am no place fo'me California alligator Farm, Los Angeles, Ca., prelinen, CTP, A51408, pmkd1922 vg
FREE66. The Christian Brothers, Winery, Reedley, Cal., chrome, Selethco, 1950, MWOB, unused ex
FREE67. 927 party The Party & Club Cocomo, Pure Dance Music, Mariposa, San Francisco, Adv-card, CONT, unused, vt ex
FREE68. Will you join us?, Cy 1906-A.H., #5, pmkd1907, undivided back Condition-gd
FREE69. Images of America Wayne Township, Cathy Tobin, vt, Adv, unused Condition-ex
FREE70. NPCW, San Jose Postcard Club, CA., Water Tower at: Harris & Lass Historical Museum, San Jose, 1999, vt, unused ex
FREE71. Ann Hathaway's Cottage AVon. Photo, B/W-sepia, Glish Series, unused Condition-ex
FREE72. Harvesting Grain, pub: EHM, 253, undivided back, paper pull, unused gd
FREE73. NPCW, San Jose Postcard Club, 2007, The New City Hall, San Jose, unused ex
FREE74. Three Starr Press, ADV B/W, hz, unused, (tools,etc) EX
FREE75. Imagine. Design Develop. Plan--MWOF, Bay Area Garden Railway Society, BAGRS, CONT, MWOB ex
FREE76. Raineer National Park, (view) B/W, non-postcard back, Adv, Map, pinholes, prelinen gd+
FREE77. LLADRO, Purchase a lifetime treasure, support life-saving cause, MWOB, CONT, unused Condition-ex
FREE78. Viaduct over Otter Creek Acadia National Park, Mt Desert Island, Maine, Condition-gd
FREE79. ZURICHHORN, (water Scene), pub;PVK, undivided nacl, pmkd1906, WOF Condition-gd
FREE80. The Lake in the Golf Course, Kelowna, B. C. chrome, Coast Pub, S13942-1l pmkd?? gd
FREE81. Birthday Greetings (dutch children), embossed, Int Art 851??, pmkd1909, paper pull n back fr
FREE82. PHOTO, SOLD, 2793 Lucena Dr, San Jose, Ca., ADV-Real Estate vg
FREE83. Lenscrafters, ADV, presorted postmark, CONT Condition-ex
FREE84. A Seat has been reserved in your honory, Garfield, DDS, pmkd2000, Condition-ex
FREE85. Antique & Collectible Shows, Portland EXPO, the Year 2000, chrome Condition-VG
FREE86. A Happy Birthday, Oval view in glassine oval-embossed, pub: TR co, no#, divided back Condition-ex
St. Patrick's Seminary, Menlo Park, Ca., CONT, MWOB, unused, no# vg
FREE88. Old Phick Church Build in 1773, prelinen, B/W-etching, Robert Bell, unused vg
FREE89. Nevada Falls, Yoemite Valley, Cal., prelinen, Weidner, 105, undivided, back, unused, Face-dmg fr
TAKEN FREE91. A Merry Christmas pub Whitney type, embossed-gold, MWOF, pmkd1915-Balboa Stamp Condition-ex
TAKEN FREE92. Souther Pacific Depot, Tucson, Arizona, prelinen, 260, Herz, unused vg
FREE93. Joula Rauhaa, (xmas), WOF, pmkd?? vg
FREE94. Le Petit Jardinier, child eith rake/flowes/pots, B.W, prelinen, WOF, undivided bak, pmkd1903, gd
FREE95. Greetings from Cox's Landing, WVA., glitter Violets, TR CO., WOB, embossed Condition-gd
FREE96. Alamo Plaza and Band Stand, San Antonio, Texas., prelinen, Nic Teng, MWOB, pmkd1933 vg/ex
FREE97. NPCW, Bobbi Matrangelo, American Artist, Freedom Grates, 2007, WOB-never mailed, hz, CONT ex
FREE98. Unites States Postal Service, Global Express, CONT, unused, MWOB, hz ex
FREE99. Roma, Aurora de Guido Reui, unused, hz, no#, pub:unk, Mural type ex
FREE100. First Methodist Church, Elwood, Indiana, chrome, Dexter Press, 16071-B, unused Condition-ex
FREE101. Cliff Hoise. San Francisco, pub: Richard Behrendt, 52, pmkd1907[Capt John Smith stamp, undivided back, WOF Condition-fr
FREE102. Birthday Greetings, (girl and Boy-cornacopia of gold coins). pub: Int Art, WOF/WOB, pmkd1908t, embossed, Condition-fr
FREE103. Loving Rememberances, and Sincere Wishes for many Bright and Happy Days, series 261C, pmkd?? Midland, Ca. DPO, embossed Condition-fr
FREE104. Lobby and Globe in the News Building, New York, Lumitone, MWOB, no#, divided back, unused, small-tear Condition-fr
FREE106. Looking upon the Plaza from Sacramento Valley Building, PPIE TAKEN CIE, San Diego, Albetype-tinted, unused, divided back Condition-vg
FREE107. PORT RICO -Cayey Woman's World, MWOB, pub:unk, 65, unused, divided back vg
FREE108. Kermit Sand Hlls, Panhandle Plains, Texas, chrome, F J Shaaf, 708, MWOB, unused, crs gd
FREE109. It's A Boy, (nurse holding baby), pub: S Bergman, 325/2, pmkd1917, divided back, MWOB gd
FREE110. Japan Air Lines, DC-68, Tokyo Int, Airport, chrome, MWOB, unused (ai) vg
TAKEN FREE111. Greetings from OHIO Turnpike, chrome, map. Colourpicture, pmkd1961 gd
FREE112. Main Street, Tia Juana, Mexico. preline EHM, no#, pmkd1910, crs fr
TAKEN FREE113. The Ship's Bell, Falf Moon Bay, Ca., chrome, Ships Bell, 611319, MWOB, unused, lt-crs gd
FREE114. Westmoreland, Houston, Texas, prelinen, pmkd1907 on front/back, A C Bosselman vg
TAKEN FREE115. Postal Card. One Cent, unused UX28 ex
FREE116. A Merry Christmas, From the Christmas Postcard Book-1990. chrome, pmkd1993, Santa and child in car ex
FREE117. ESPN'S Winter X Games VI, in Aspen Watch February 1-5,2002, Adv, Cont, non-postcard ex
FREE118. In the Clouds Official Folder-view, Rockies, Cavally, pmkd1941, On the Scenic Line of the World gd+

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