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The Current List of "Curt Teich" Large Letter Linens
(1933-1956) [AL to Misc]
and [MN to WY]

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MORE OTHER Large Letter For Inormation.
PS: SAS = SAME AS, PW=Pictorial Wonderland, ROATW=Road of a Thousand Wonders,
MWOF=More words on front

Number Check State Misc Info
no nbr (___) Why Write a Letter when POST CARDS Say it Better (curteich) 5A-H1926 (___) BERMUDA Islands 2B-H309 (___) Alaska AK 2B-H310 (___) Alaska's Flag AK 9A-H192 (___) Alabama AL 9A-H192 (___) SAS Tuscaloosa-added 9A-H192 (___) SAS Fort Payne-added 9A-H192 (___) SAS Birmingham-added 9A-H192 (___) SAS Sheffield-added 6C-K260 (___) Alabama AL (chrome) 1B-918-N (___) Anniston AL 1B-H345 (___) Auburn AL 7A-H427 (___) Birmingham AL 2B-H740 (___) Camp Rucker AL 1C-H321 (___) Camp Rucker AL 5B-H443 (___) Decatur AL 5B-H442 (___) Birmingham (NEED SCAN) CTAC 2B-H755 (___) Dothan AL 1C-H327 (___) Enterprise AL 1B-919-N (___) Fort McClellan AL 1B-H2259 (___) Huntsville AL 1B-H2067 (___) Maxwell Field AL 7A-H180 (___) Mobile AL 7A-H3259 (___) Montgomery AL (CTAC) w-border 2C-H374 (___) Montgomery AL 2C-H374 (___) Maxwell Air Force Base AL 7A-H774 (___) Muscle Shoals AL (CTAC) w-border 8B-H1620 (___) Muscle Shoals Florence, Sheffield, Tuscumbia AL CTAC w-border 2B-H667 (___) Napier Field AL 2B-409-N (___) Ozark AL 2B-H425 (___) (With Flag) AL (NEED SCAN) 5B-1007 (___) Lake Sunapee (NEED SCAN) CTAC w-border 9A-H17 (___) Arkansas AR 9A-H17 (___) SAS 9A-H17 Mark Tree added 9A-H17 (___) SAS 9A-H17 Texarkana added 9A-H17 (___) SAS 9A-H17 Pine Bluff added 9A-H17 (___) SAS 9A-H17 Little Rock added 9A-H17 (___) SAS 9A-H17 Marked Tree added 9A-H17 (___) SAS 9A-H17 Camp Chaffee added 9A-H17 (___) SAS 9A-H17 Fort Smith added 9A-H17 (___) SAS 9A-H17 El Dorado added 9A-H17 (___) SAS 9A-H17 Fort Smith (capitals) Gateway to the Ozarks 0DK-2417 (___) Greetings from THE BEAUTIFUL OZARKS chrome, (Curteich), C-373, banner-type 8A-H1480 (___) Arkansas Ozarks AR 9A-H1112 (___) Arkansas Ozarks AR 1C-83N (___) Fort Smith AR 4A-H2080 (___) Hot Springs AR 5B-H1226 (___) Little Rock AR 1C-619-N (___) Pine Bluff AR 9A-H2204 (___) Arizona AZ 4B-H671 (___) Arizona The Grand Canyon State AZ 2b-H656 (___) Arizona AZ(Reg Manning) 7A-H2489 (___) Flagstaff AZ 8A-H1594 (___) Grand Canyon AZ 8B-H104 (___) Grand Canyon AZ 8A-H434 (___) Holbrook AZ 1C-H534 (___) Mesa AZ 3B-H436 (___) MEXICAN WORDS you Meet on Maps of the Southwest AZ 1B-H1685 (___) Painted Desert AZ 1B-H1686 (___) Petrified Forest AZ 9A-H263 (___) Phoenix AZ 1C-H536 (___) Safford AZ 9A-H808 (___) Tucson AZ
0B-H646 (___) Williams AZ 3B-H50 (___) Williams Field AZ 9A-H1286 (___) Winslow AZ 9B-H1122 (___) Yuma Year 'Round Agricultural Center AZ 0C-H1384 (___) Aruba AW 0C-H1385 (___) Aruba AW 5A-H1926 (___) Bermuda BM 3B-H66 (___) Bakersfield CA 0C-H621 (___) Big Basin CA Piltz Redwood State Park 8A-H2852 (___) Big Bear Lake CA 8A-H538 (___) California CA 2B-H470 (___) Camp Cooke CA 3B-H460 (___) Camp Haan CA 2B-H1045 (___) Camp Young CA 5A-H876 (___) Catalina Island CA 3B-H1699 (___) Chico CA 8A-H799 (___) Death Valley CA 3B-H860 (___) Desert Training Center CA 9A-H1064 (___) Fresno CA 8A-H348 (___) Golden Gate International Exposition 1939--MW CA 3B-H199 (___) Hammer Field CA 6A-H999 (___) Hollywood CA 9A-H1179 (___) Laguna Beach CA 5A-H1224 (___) Lake Arrowhead CA 8A-H71 (___) Lake Tahoe CA FRA 2B-H596 (___) Lompoc CA 7A-H3661 (___) Long Beach CA 6A-H1000 (___) Los Angeles CA 2B-H1451 (___) March Field CA 2B-H955 (___) Monterey CA 3C-H356 (___) Newport Harbor CA 3B-H423 (___) Oakland CA 4A-H2135 (___) Palm Springs CA 7A-H3663 (___) Pasadena CA 8B-H1138 (___) Southern California Postcard Club CA 9A-H2568 (___) Redwoods CA 9A-H1184 (___) Riverside CA 3B-H380 (___) Sacramento CA 3B-H61 (___) San Bernardino CA 7A-H3662 (___) San Diego CA 9A-H2583 (___) Santa Cruz CA 9A-H417 (___) Santa Catalina Island CA 0C-H204 (___) University of California CA 2B-H1450 (___) Victorville CA 9A-H2581 (___) Yosemite CA 2B-433-N (___) Buckley Field CO (sanborn) 2B-H823 (___) Camp Carson CO 3B-H79 (___) Camp Hale CO 0B-H2699 (___) Colorado CO 1B-148-N (___) Denver CO 8B-785-N (___) Fort Collins CO 1B-H379 (___) Glenwood Springs CO 1B-828-N (___) Greeley CO 3B-H770 (___) La Junta CO 7A-H3030 (___) Lookout Mountain CO 2B-453-N (___) Lowry Field CO (Sanborn) 8A-H3252 (___) Pikes Peak Region CO 9A-H736 (___) Pueblo CO 1B-H380 (___) San Luis Valley CO 3B-H1253 (___) Bridgeport CT 0B-H702 (___) Connecticut CT 2C-H370 (___) Danbury CT 3B-H1105 (___) Hartford CT yellow border 2C-H369 (___) Lake Candlewood CT 2C-H373 (___) Monticello CT (NEED SCAN) 4B-H854 (___) Norwich CT 4B-H853 (___) Willimantic CT 7A-H3294 (___) Havana CU (CTAC) 9A-H1481 (___) Delaware DE 4B-H1130 (___) Rehoboth Beach DE 7A-H2312 (___) Wilmington DE 1B-H2227 (___) Wilmington DE (No Pictures) 4A-H2153 (___) Washington DC 2B-H1083 (___) Washington DC 1B-H655 (___) Washington DC 8A-H3040 (___) Washington DC 2B-H957 (___) Camp Blanding FL 5C-H531 (___) Camp Cassadaga FL 7B-H794 (___) Clearwater FL 6B-H680 (___) Coral Gables FL 6A-H578 (___) Daytona Beach FL (NEED SCAN) 7B-H1039 (___) Daytona Beach FL 0C-H1868 (___) Deland FL 2B-H99 (___) Drew Field FL Keep 'Em Flying 4A-H1707 (___) Florida FL 8A-H1472 (___) Florida FL 2B-H544 (___) Florida FL 7A-H1576 (___) Fort Lauderdale FL (NEED SCAN) 6B-H681 (___) Fort Lauderdale FL 0C-H1232 (___) Fort Lauderdale FL 8A-H1471 (___) Fort Myers FL (NEED SCAN) 3B-H57 (___) Fort Myers FL (NEED SCAN) 0C-H1230 (___) Hollywood FL 2B-H102 (___) Indian River FL 5A-H1347 (___) Jacksonville FL 8B-H332 (___) Jacksonville FL 5C=H475 (___) Jacksonville Beach FL 2C-H1307 (___) Key West FL 7B-H1917 (___) Laguna Beach FL PC-53 5C-H456 (___) Laguna Beach FLNear Panama City Florida 0C-H1024 (___) Lake Wales FL (NEED SCAN) 7B-H2134 (___) Lake Worth FL 7B-H1070 (___) Leesburg FL 2B-H1036 (___) Long Beach Resort FLP.C. 34 1B-H2675 (___) Mac Dill Field Keep 'Em Flying TAMPA FL 61 5C-H553 (___) Mac Dill Field Keep 'Em Flying TAMPA FL 6B-H577 (___) Amazing Marine Studio's Marineland FL 7B-H1065 (___) Melbourne FL 4A-H2089 (___) Miami FL (NEED SCAN) 2B-H1345 (___) Miami FL 4A-H2090 (___) Miami Beach FL 2B-H693 (___) Miami Beach FL 1C-H1059 (___) Mount Dora FL 5B-H1081 (___) Orlando FL O6 5A-H2405 (___) Palm Beach FL 1B-H178 (___) Panama City FL P.C. 12 6B-H2244 (___) Panama City FL (NEED SCAN) 1C-H558 (___) Parrot Jungle FL 9A-H230 (___) Pensacola FL 6B-H408 (___) Sebring FL 2B-H1460 (___) Silver Springs FL 7B-H792 (___) Silver Springs FL (NEED SCAN) 8B-H331 (___) St. Augustine FL SA10 7A-H1352 (___) St. Petersburg FL (NEED SCAN) 7B-H793 (___) St. Petersburg FL S59 2B-H1081 (___) Tallahassee FL T24 5B-H1002 (___) Tampa FL 46 6B-H1035 (___) Tampa FL (NEED SCAN) 2B-H1076 (___) Tyndall Field FL 2B-H384 (___) U.S. Navy U. S. Naval Air Station Jacksonville FL 1B-H718 (___) Albany GA 3B-H1636 (___) Americus GA 6A-H2586 (___) Atlanta GA 3B-H1004 (___) Augusta GA 2B-347-N (___) Bainbridge GA 3B-H1153 (___) Brunswick GA 3B-H1152 (___) Brunswick GA 3B-H1099 (___) Columbus GA 4B-143-N (___) Cordele GA 3B-H769 (___) Dalton GA 3B-343-N (___) Douglas GA 5B-340-N (___) Dublin GA (NEED SCAN) 8A-H3137 (___) Georgia GA 2C-H1111 (___) Griffin GA (NEED SCAN) 2B-H540 (___) Infantry School Benning GA 2B-H1127 (___) Macon GA 4B-H744 (___) Marietta GA (NEED SCAN) 2B-H613 (___) Moody Field GA 2B-H595 (___) Moultrie GA 1B-H2633 (___) Okeefenokee Swamp GA 3B-H725 (___) Rome GA 3B-H1107 (___) Savannah GA 4B-H524 (___) Savannah GA Savannah Beach GA 2B-H1086 (___) Spence Field GA 4B-H520 (___) Saint. Simons Island GA 2B-H594 (___) Tifton GA 1B-H2692 (___) Turner Field GA 2B-H612 (___) Valdosta GA 1C-H668 (___) Moody Air Force Base GA (NEED SCAN) 3B-H1157 (___) Waycross GA 2B-H1156 (___) Boise ID 3B-H1185 (___) Farragut Naval Training Station ID 8A-H3197 (___) Idaho ID 3B-H266 (___) Idaho ID (NEED SCAN) 5B-H674 (___) Alton IL 0C-H1779 (___) Antioch IL 0C-H1827 (___) Arlington Heights IL 0C-H1849 (___) Aurora IL 0C-H1824 (___) Barrington IL 0C-H1825 (___) Batavia IL 2B-H18 (___) Belleville IL (NEED SCAN) 2B-H982 (___) Belleville IL 0C-H30 (___) Belleville IL Home of Scott Air Force Base 0C-H1826 (___) Belvidere IL 0C-H1769 (___) Berwyn IL 7B-321-N (___) Bloomington IL(CTA) 0C-H1823 (___) Blue Island IL 0C-H1822 (___) Brookfield IL 5B-242-N (___) Cairo IL(CTA) 3B-H884 (___) Camp Ellis IL 1B-H1097 (___) Camp Grant IL 3B-H881 (___) Canton IL 6B-637-N (___) Carbondale IL 2B-H1097 (___) Chanute Air Force Base IL (NEED SCAN) 2C-H1148 (___) Chanute Air Force Base IL (NEED SCAN) 1B-H2297 (___) Keep 'Em flying Chanute Field Rantoul IL 5A-H1443 (___) Chicago IL 2B-H327 (___) Chicago IL 6B-H381 (___) Chicago IL (NEED SCAN) 3C-H561 (___) Chicago IL 7C-K290 (___) Chicago IL (chrome) 0C-H1269 (___) Chicago . . . at Night IL 0C-H1853 (___) North Chicago IL 0C-H1770 (___) Cicero IL 7C-H1771 (___) Crystal Lake IL 6B-699-N (___) Danville IL(CTA) 1B-H138 (___) Decatur IL 0C-H1819 (___) Des Plaines IL 0C-H1820 (___) Downers Grove IL 6B-635-N (___) Du Quoin IL 5B-211-N (___) Egypt IL 0C-H1821 (___) Elgin IL 0C-H1772 (___) Elmhurst IL 7A-H2080 (___) Evanston IL (NEED SCAN) 1B-H1381 (___) Evanston IL 0C-H1847 (___) Forest Park IL 4B-H35 (___) Fort Sheridan IL 0C-H1828 (___) Fox Lake IL 1C-H276 (___) Fox River Valley IL 3C-105-N (___) Galena IL 3B-H482 (___) Galesburg IL 0C-H1773 (___) Geneva IL (NEED SCAN) 0C-H1812 (___) Glen Ellyn IL 0C-H1813 (___) Glencoe IL 0C-H1856 (___) Great Lakes IL 0C-H1774 (___) Harvard IL 0C-H1814 (___) Harvey IL 0C-H1816 (___) Highland Park IL 0C-H1855 (___) Hinsdale IL 8A-H1342 (___) Illinois ILAnna added 8A-H1342 (___) SAS Joliet-added 0B-H163 (___) Joliet IL 3B-H985 (___) Kewanee IL 9B-H888 (___) La Grange IL 5B-468-N (___) La Salle IL (NEED SCAN) 0C-H1775 (___) Lake Forest IL 0C-H1815 (___) Lake Zurich IL 3B-H882 (___) Lewistown IL 0C-H1818 (___) Libertyville IL 3B-H883 (___) Macomb IL 0C-H1860 (___) Marengo IL 6B-638-N (___) Marion IL(CTA) 5B-348-N (___) Mattoon IL (NEED SCAN) 0C-H1848 (___) Maywood IL 1C-H40 (___) McHenry IL 6B-636-N (___) Metropolis IL(CTA) 4B-H460 (___) Moline IL 0C-H1817 (___) Mundelein IL 0C-H1853 (___) North Chicago IL 9B-H847 (___) Oak Park IL 0C-H1778 (___) Park Ridge IL 5B-432-N (___) Pekin IL (CTA) 3B-H418 (___) Peoria IL 4C-P2013 (___) Peoria IL chrome 2C-H1073 (___) Rantoul IL 0C-H1857 (___) River Forest IL 0C-H1854 (___) Riverside IL 4B-H459 (___) Rock Island IL 1B-H1120 (___) Rockford IL 2B-H18 (___) Keep 'Em Flying Scott Field Belleville IL 0C-H1859 (___) Skokie IL 6B-634-N (___) Southern Illinois IL 5A-H1477 (___) Springfield IL 0C-H1852 (___) St. Charles IL 5B-H1369 (___) Starved Rock IL 1C-461-N (___) Sterling and Rock Falls IL 1B-891-N (___) University of Illinois IL (CTA) 6B-633-N (___) Vandalia IL (CTA) 8DK-560 (___) Historic Vandalia, IL chrome 0C-H1780 (___) Wauconda IL 6B-H1342 (___) Waukegan IL 0C-H1776 (___) Waukegan IL 0C-H1858 (___) Wheaton IL 0C-H1850 (___) Wilmette IL 0C-H1851 (___) Winnetka IL 0C-H1777 (___) Woodstock IL 1C-H41 (___) Zion IL 3B-H433 (___) Anderson IN 4B-H328 (___) Ball State IN 2C-542-N (___) Bloomington IN 0B-H686 (___) Elkhart IN 9A-H1845 (___) Evansville IN 5B-H1068 (___) Evansville IN 7B-H1707 (___) Evansville IN 9A-H1738 (___) Fort Wayne IN 4C-H117 (___) Fort Wayne IN 2C-H373 (___) Freeman Lake IN 5B-364-N (___) Gary IN (Curteich-CTA) 1B-H636 (___) Hammond IN 9A-H777 (___) Indiana IN 4B-H1004 (___) Indianapolis IN 7B-H1905 (___) Indianapolis IN (NEED SCAN) 8B-652-N (___) Kokomo IN (Curteich-CTA) 4B-H914 (___) Marion IN 5B-H1135 (___) Martinsville IN (NEED SCAN) 9A-H1681 (___) Michigan City IN 1B-H2326 (___) Muncie IN 9A-H843 (___) Notre Dame University IN 3C-3-N (___) Purdue University IN 0B-H839 (___) Richmond IN 2B-H1067 (___) Santa Claus IN 1B-H1096 (___) Shades IN 2C-H328 (___) Shafer Lake IN Monticello 1B-H1051 (___) South Bend IN 1B-H2204 (___) Southern Indiana IN 1B-H135 (___) Terre Haute IN 6B-H2047 (___) Terre Haute IN 9A-H1832 (___) Vincennes IN 9B-H1613 (___) Algona IA (NEED SCAN) 9B-332-N (___) Atlantic IA 0B-H500 (___) Burlington IA 9B-331-N (___) Carroll IA 0C-H1962 (___) Cedar Falls IA (NEED SCAN) 9A-H2575 (___) Cedar Rapids IA 9B-H552 (___) Cherokee IA (NEED SCAN) 2B-H527 (___) Clinton IA The Eastern Gate--MW 9B-678-N (___) Council Bluffs IA ????? (___) Council Bluffs IA(NEED SCAN & nbr) 9B-333-N (___) Creston IA (NEED SCAN) 9A-H366 (___) Davenport IA 4B-H1519 (___) Des Moines IA 6B-H2584 (___) Drake University IA 3C-318-N (___) Dubuque IA 9B-H1612 (___) Esterville IA 0B-H492 (___) Iowa IA 9A-H506 (___) Iowa City IA 7B-17N (___) Iowa State Fair IA (Curteich-CTA) 9A-H563 (___) Lake Okoboji IA 0C-674-N (___) Mason City IA (Curteich-CTA) 5B-1-N (___) Muscatine IA (Curteich-CTA) 9B-H1614 (___) Northwest Iowa IA 4B-421-N (___) Oskaloosa IA 9B-336-N (___) Perry IA(NEED SCAN) 5B-459-N (___) S.U.I. Iowa City IA 9B-335-N (___) Shenandoah IA 9A-H431 (___) Sioux City IA 3B-H332 (___) Sioux City IA 9B-H550 (___) Spencer IA 9B-H553 (___) Storm Lake IA 1B-H1281 (___) Waterloo IA 9B-334-N (___) Webster IA 2B-H1303 (___) Camp Phillips KS(NEED SCAN) 0C-H489 (___) Emporia KS 1B-H516 (___) Fort Riley KS 2C-H1060 (___) Fort Riley KS 6C-H1366 (___) Fort Riley KS (chrome) 3B-53-N (___) Hutchinson KS 8C-K2078 (___) Junction City KS (chrome) 0C-H1366 (___) Junction City KS 9A-H1572 (___) Kansas KS 9A-H1572 (___) Kansas KS (Ft. Riley, Junction City and Manhattan-added) 9A-H1572 (___) Kansas KS (Kansas City-added) (___) SAS Camp Forsyth (NEED SCAN) (___) SAS Replaement Trainign Camp (NEED SCAN) (___) SAS Camp Funston (NEED SCAN) 4B-H233 (___) Kansas KS 2B-H182 (___) Lawrence KS Home of State University 3B-H742 (___) Manhattan KS 2B-H1304 (___) Smoky Hill Field KS 7A-H2890 (___) Topeka KS 9B-720-N (___) Wellington KS (CTA) 0B-H2271 (___) Wichita KS 4C-208-N (___) Ashland KY (NEED SCAN) 1C-588-N (___) Bowling Green KY (CTA) 3B-H692 (___) Camp Campbell KY 0C-H2056 (___) Fort Campbell between Hopkinsville, KY. and Clarksville, TN 2B-H228 (___) Fort Knox KY 3C-H884 (___) Fort Knox KY 4B-H923 (___) Henderson KY 4B-H595 (___) KENTUCKY KY (NEED SCAN) (map-type) 1C-H1747 (___) Hopkinsville KY (NEED SCAN) 9A-H441 (___) Kentucky KY (Mayfield-added) 9A-H441 (___) Kentucky KY (Bowling Green-added) 9A-H441 (___) SAS Murry-added 9A-H441 (___) SAS Fulton County-added 9A-H441 (___) SAS Franklin-added 9A-H441 (___) SAS Clinton-added 9A-H441 (___) SAS Bardwell-added 0C-H75 (___) Gigantic Kentucky Dam Western KY 7B-H867 (___) Kentucky Lake KY 0C-H1448 (___) Kentucky Lake KY MWOF 1C-303-N (___) Lake Cumberland KY 6C-H68 (___) Lexington KY 2B-H933 (___) Louisville KY 7B-H1870 (___) Mammoth Cave KY 1C-585-N (___) Murray KY (CTA) 1B-H712 (___) Owensboro KY 0C-H1712 (___) Paducah KY 3C-H702 (___) Paducah KY 1B-H396 (___) Alexandria LA In the (heart) of 2B-H276 (___) Camp Claiborne LA 2B-H277 (___) Camp Livingston LA 9A-H1494 (___) Hammond LA (NEED SCAN) 5B-H638 (___) Hammond LA (NEED SCAN) 0C-K3236 (___) Louisiana LAchrome 8C-K1528 (___) LOUISIANA, LA (chrome) (Baton Rouge -added) 9A-H15 (___) Louisiana LA 4C-H277 (___) Louisiana LA 9B-H1859 (___) Louisiana State Univ. LA 8C-K1526 (___) Louisiana State University. LA (chrome) 8A-H623 (___) New Orleans LA 8A-H2381 (___) Shreveport LA 3B-H1702 (___) Southern University LA 2C-H297 (___) Augusta ME(NEED SCAN) 2B-H405 (___) Bangor ME 8B-H1781 (___) Bar Harbor ME(NEED SCAN) 4B-H1236 (___) Lewiston ME 9A-H1129 (___) Maine ME 9A-H1129 (___) SAS 9A-1129 Sanford added 8B-H1254 (___) Old Orchard Beach ME 1B-H1373 (___) Old Town ME 0B-H1677 (___) Portland ME 5B-H1485 (___) Rangeley Lakes ME (CTA) 0B-H1390 (___) Annapolis MD 0B-H558 (___) Baltimore MD (CTA) 1C-H154 (___) Betterton MD 0B-H176 (___) Camp Ritchie MD (NEED SCAN) 3B-H516 (___) Fort Meade MD 9A-H1482 (___) Maryland MD 9A-H1482 (___) SAS Ocean City-added 9A-H1482 (___) SAS Baltimore-added 9A-H1482 (___) SAS Reisterstown-added 9A-H1482 (___) SAS Frederick-added 4B-H1135 (___) Ocean City MD 3A-H1199 (___) Boston MA 8A-H2911 (___) Cape Cod MA 7B-H1224 (___) Chatham MA 6B-H1454 (___) Dennisport MA 6B-H1456 (___) Falmouth MA 6B-H1828 (___) Harwichport MA 5B-H863 (___) Hyannis MA Cape Cod, Mass. 1116 1B-H2474 (___) Lawrence MA 3B-H1162 (___) Lowell MA 2C-H102 (___) Martha's Vineyard MA 8A-H1343 (___) Massachusetts MA 7A-H310 (___) Mohawk Trail MA 2C-H101 (___) Nantucket Island MA 6B-H1354 (___) New Bedford MA (CTA) 6B-H1837 (___) Oak Bluffs MA 6B-H1453 (___) Onset MA 6B-H1829 (___) Orleans MA 6B-H1455 (___) Provincetown MA 7A-H3042 (___) Springfield MA 1C-H1335 (___) Wareham MA (NEED SCAN) 1B-H2441 (___) Worchester MA (NEED SCAN) 1C-462-N (___) Albion MI 7A-H3226 (___) Ann Arbor MI 8A-H2194 (___) Battle Creek MI (CTA) 5B-H1065 (___) Bay City MI 7A-H2482 (___) Benton Harbor MI 0B-H2744 (___) Cadillac MI 4C-H820 (___) Cheyboygan MI 8A-H2651 (___) Copper Country MI 6A-H2240 (___) Detroit MI 1C-H290 (___) Detroit MI (NEED SCAN) 2C-H1377 (___) Dowagiac MI 5C-202-N (___) Durand MI 5B-H1468 (___) Escanaba MI 8A-H464 (___) Flint MI 1B-H1678 (___) Fort Custer Battle Creek MI (NEED SCAN) (CTA) 9B-H537 (___) Gladstone MI 8A-H2357 (___) Grand Rapids MI 4B-H1162 (___) Holland MI 3B-H1550 (___) Ironwood MI 8B-H709 (___) Ishpeming MI 2C-H1502 (___) Jackson MI 6B-H2208 (___) Kalamazoo MI 3B-H1293 (___) Keweenaw Land - COPPER 8A-H3132 (___) Lake Huron MI 1C-H1406 (___) Lansing MI 5B-H1116 (___) Ludington MI 5A-H657 (___) Mackinac Island MI 9A-H2024 (___) Marquette MI 2C-508-N (___) Marshall MI 7A-H3736 (___) Michigan MI 8A-H1344 (___) Michigan MI (Wyandotte-added) 8A-H1344 (___) Michigan MI 8A-H1344 (___) SAS Owosso-added 7B-H27 (___) Muskegon MI 1C-459-N (___) Owosso MI 7A-H3330 (___) Petoskey MI 1B-H1090 (___) Pontiac MI 8A-H2342 (___) Port Huron MI 5B-H1054 (___) Saginaw MI 6B-H787 (___) Saugatuck MI 7A-H3295 (___) Sault Ste. Marie MI 0C-H212 (___) Sault St. Marie MI(NEED SCAN) 7A-H3224 (___) South Haven MI 7A-H2483 (___) St Joseph MI 8A-H2571 (___) Traverse City MI
----- MISC ----(No State Shown) 5B-H512 (___) The DEVELOPMENT of the AMERICAN FLAG 5B-H706 (___) 1776 2B-H460 (___) Naval Action (small letters) ( 3view "V" ) unk2 (___) Battleship - Airplane Carrier - Heavy Cruiser ( 3view "V" ) 0c-h966 (___) TIJUANA in Old Mexico 2B-H658 (___) Greetings from the Colorful Southwest (Reg Manning #14) 5A-H1577 (___) Hello PLEASE WRITE 8A-H1717 (___) Indian Country of the Great Southwest 8C-K174 (___) Indian Country of the Great Southwest (chrome) 6A-H2791 (___) Indian Country of the Great Southwest 2B-H280 (___) Keep "Em Flying - Dive Bomber 2B-H281 (___) Keep "Em Flying - Bomber 2B-H282 (___) Keep "Em Flying - Lightening Interceptor 2B-H283 (___) Keep "Em Flying - Bomber 2B-H96 (___) Keep "Em Flying 2B-H451 (___) Keep "Em Flying - Pursuit Flyers 2B-H455 (___) Keep "Em Flying - Fighter Plane 2B-H457 (___) Keep "Em Flying - Flying Fortress 2B-H458 (___) Parachute Troops "V" 7A-H310 (___) Mohawk Trail 6A-H2654 (___) The Land of the Sky 0C-H648 (___) LOVE Faith Hope Truth Peace Youth and old age (has overlay adv. of Hearts Courageous on back-Aberdeen, Wa.) Happy Hearts Club, (___) SAS above with different poem(Happy Hearts Club) - Value of a smile (___) SAS above with different poem(Happy Hearts Club) - Brotherly LOVE Hearts Courageous overlay (___) SAS above with different poem(Happy hearts Club) - Morning Prayer (___) SAS above with different poem(Happy Hearts Club) - Forgetting and Remembering (___) SAS above with different poem(Happy Hearts Club) - The Song of Life and Death (___) SAS above with different poem(Happy Hearts Club) - Humble Plea (___) SAS above with different poem(Happy Hearts Club) - Courage and Confidnece (___) SAS above with different poem(no overlay) - The test of life (___) SAS above with different poem(no overlay) - Faith 1A-H-102 (___) Why a Letter Mail PICTORIAL POST CARDS Say it Better - To your Friends Today linen - blank back, C T Art-Colortone no# PS: Advise Walt at if you find others that are different from above??. It has been indicated that these cards may have been sample handouts by Curteich.

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