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Number Check State Misc Info
8B-H1062 (___) Alexandria MN 1C-H1136 (___) Austin MN 6B-H2029 (___) Bemidji MN Paul Bunyan Playground BM20 6B-H2030 (___) Brainerd MN 7B-H1861 (___) Crookston MN 8B-H1059 (___) Detroit Lakes MN 8A-H795 (___) Duluth MN 8B-H1060 (___) Ely MN 8B-H1061 (___) Fergus Falls MN 8B-H1057 (___) Grand Rapids MN 2C-H1284 (___) Hackensack MN 6B-H184 (___) Hibbing MN 0C-H1756 (___) Highway U.S. 61 Scenic North Shore Drive MN 5A-H1893 (___) Minneapolis MN 0C-H703 (___) Minneapolis MN 0B-H1027 (___) Minnesota MN 5B-H1162 (___) Minnesota MN 9B-H1543 (___) Niagara Cave MN 8A-H898 (___) Northern Minnesota MN 8B-H1058 (___) Park Rapids MN 5A-H1917 (___) Rochester MN 6B-H2636 (___) Rochester MN 7B-H1918 (___) Southern Minnesota MN 5B-H1161 (___) St. Cloud MN 7A-H2618 (___) St. Paul MN 1C-H67 (___) St. Paul MN 9B-H1648 (___) Two Harbors MN 3B-H743 (___) Winona MN 7A-H1137 (___) Biloxi MS 2B-H210 (___) Camp Shelby MS 2B-187-N (___) Columbus Flying School MS (NEED SCAN) 8A-H2647 (___) Jackson MS 5C-H303 (___) Jackson MS (NEED SCAN) 9A-H16 (___) Mississippi MS (Natchez added) 4C-H286 (___) Mississippi MS 0B-H1331 (___) Mississippi MS (No Pictures in letters) 2B-442-N (___) Camp Crowder MO (cta) 4B-320-N (___) Cape Girardeau MO 3B-387-N (___) Carthage MO 5C-220-N (___) Columbia MO (NEED SCAN) 5B-H280 (___) Excelsior Springs Missouri's National Health and Recreation Resort MO 1B-H1997 (___) Fort Leonard Wood MO 4B-119-N (___) Hannibal MO 1B-H2426 (___) Keep 'Em Flying Jefferson Barracks MO 4B-310-N (___) Jefferson City MO 2B-127-N (___) Joplin MO 1B-H2514 (___) Kansas City MO 0C-H149 (___) Kansas City MO 8B-H1146 (___) Lake Norfolk MO 9A-H2276 (___) Lake of the Ozarks MO 7B-37-N (___) Lake of the Ozarks MO 9C-K679 (___) The OZARKS chrome 0B-H325 (___) Lincoln University MO 9A-H37 (___) Missouri MO 9A-H37 (___) SAS Hannibal-added 3B-378-N (___) Missouri MO 1B-651-N (___) Neosho and Scenic U.S. 71 MO 6B-240-N (___) Osage Beach MO 3B-386-N (___) The Ozarks MO 6B-264-N (___) Poplar Bluff MO 3B-372-N (___) Rolla MO 3B-188-N (___) St Joseph MO 5A-H1635 (___) St. Louis MO 9B-137-N (___) St. Louis MO 5B-315-N (___) America's Main Street U.S. 66 Scenic MO 1B-H777 (___) Billings MT 1B-H782 (___) Butte MT 0B-H2674 (___) Cooke City MT 1B-H779 (___) Glacier Park MT 1B-H778 (___) Great Falls MT 1B-H780 (___) Helena MT 1B-H781 (___) Missoula MT 9A-H1249 (___) Montana MT 0B-H2677 (___) West Yellowstone MT 0B-H2678 (___) Yellowstone Park MT 6A-H2451 (___) Juarez Old Mexico MX 0C-H966 (___) Tijuana in OLD MEXICO MX 6B-H1630 (___) Columbus NE 0B-H1481 (___) Grand Island NE 2B-H1171 (___) Hastings NE 0B-H1488 (___) Kearny NE 7A-H3642 (___) Lincoln NE 9A-H1250 (___) Nebraska NE 9A-H1250 (___) Nebraska NE (North Platte-added) 6B-H1632 (___) Nebraska NE 1B-H2494 (___) North Platte NE 7A-H3646 (___) Omaha NE 1C-H697 (___) University of Nebraska NE 9B-748-N (___) Western Nebraska NE 6B-H1631 (___) York NE 7A-H3115 (___) Boulder Dam NV 3C-H93 (___) Hoover (Boulder) Dam NV 8A-H71 (___) Lake Tahoe NV 7A-H3114 (___) Las Vegas NV 8B-H823 (___) Las Vegas NV 1B-H968 (___) Nevada NV 9A-H1147 (___) Reno NV (Yellow Border) 9A-H1147 (___) Reno NV (White Border) 6B-H2109 (___) Alton Bay NH 7A-H2694 (___) Hampton Beach NH 5B-H755 (___) Hampton Beach NH 5B-H934 (___) Hampton Beach NH (NEED SCAN) 7B-H1499 (___) Hillsboro NH 5B-H1007 (___) Lake Sunapee NH 4B-H966 (___) Manchester NH 9A-H1458 (___) New Hampshire NH 4A-H441 (___) University of NH NH (NEED SCAN) 7A-H2843 (___) Asbury Park NJ 5B-H1017 (___) Asbury Park NJ 3A-H1208 (___) Atlantic City NJ 1C-H1572 (___) Belmar NJ 3B-H645 (___) Camden NJ 3B-H1340 (___) Keansburg NJ 2C-H1145 (___) Lake Hopatcong NJ 9B-H1157 (___) Lavallette NJ 0B-H2278 (___) Long Branch NJ 9B-H1888 (___) Manasquan NJ 3C-H1093 (___) Manasquan NJ 1B-H2219 (___) New Jersey NJ 2C-H36 (___) Newark NJ 8A-H2266 (___) Ocean City NJ 6B-H1830 (___) Ocean City NJ (9view) 5B-H1018 (___) Ocean Grove NJ 2C-H1147 (___) Paterson NJ 9B-H1823 (___) Point Pleasant NJ 2C-H206 (___) Sea Bright NJ (NEED SCAN) 1C-H1582 (___) Sea Girt NJ 4B-H1183 (___) Seaside Heights NJ (NEED SCAN) 1C-H1758 (___) Spring Lake NJ 3B-H454 (___) Trenton NJ 5A-H972 (___) Wildwood NJ 8B-H1356 (___) Wildwood NJ 3C-H1416 (___) Wildwood NJ 7B-H1409 (___) Wildwood-by-the-Sea NJ 8A-H8 (___) Alamo Gordo NM 8A-H2863 (___) Albuquerque NM 7B-H482 (___) Artesia NM 2B-H1014 (___) Camp Luna NM 7A-H2484 (___) Carlsbad NM 0C-H1443 (___) Carlsbad Caverns National Park NM 0C-H53 (___) Carlsbad Caverns NM 0C-H1185 (___) Carlsbad Caverns NM 2C-P2424 (___) CARLSBAD CAVERNS National Park New Mexico NM (chrome) 7A-H1255 (___) Clovis NM G2 7A-H1256 (___) Deming NM 7A-H1723 (___) Gallup NM 2B-H525 (___) Grants NM 0C-H51 (___) Highway U.S. 70 Thru Southern New Mexico NM 0C-H50 (___) Highway U.S. 85 NM 1B-H1684 (___) Hobbs NM 9A-H1267 (___) Hot Springs NM 6A-H2791 (___) Indian Country NM 8A-H1717 (___) Indian Country of the great Southwest 2B-H1040 (___) Kirtland Field Albuquerque NM 7A-H1166 (___) Las Cruces NM 7A-H1724 (___) Las Vegas NM 7A-H2178 (___) Lordsburg NM 0B-H210 (___) New Mexico NM 0C-H1186 (___) New Mexico NM 2C-P2423 (___) NEW MEXICO The Land of Enchantment, NM 7A-H1165 (___) Raton NM 7A-H1167 (___) Roswell NM 9A-H1268 (___) Ruidoso NM 7A-H1735 (___) Santa Fe NM 9A-H1265 (___) Santa Rosa NM 7A-H1253 (___) Silver City NM 7A-H2247 (___) Taos NM 9A-H1274 (___) Tucumcari NM 7A-H2242 (___) U.of N.M. Albuquerque NM 0C-H52 (___) White Sands NM 8B-H1155 (___) Adirondack Mts NY 0B-H2483 (___) Albany NY 4B-H1030 (___) Binghampton NY 3B-H1422 (___) Brooklyn NY 7B-H1345 (___) Buffalo NY 9B-H487 (___) Buffalo NY 9B-H1252 (___) Canandaigua NY 7A-H440 (___) Catskill Mts NY 7B-H1560 (___) Chautauqua NY 7A-H2797 (___) Chautauqua Lake NY 3B-H1421 (___) Coney Island NY 5B-H1231 (___) Dunkirk NY 2B-H1360 (___) Elmira NY 4B-H1031 (___) Endicott NY 9B-H1260 (___) Finger Lakes NY 3B-H1424 (___) Flushing, LI NY 3B-H906 (___) Geneva NY 3B-H1423 (___) Hempstead NY 3B-H1425 (___) Jamaica LI NY 7A-H275 (___) Lake George NY 2C-H1299 (___) Lake Placid NY 3B-H1426 (___) Long Beach NY 2B-H1093 (___) Long Island NY 2C-H1167 (___) Mt. Vernon NY 2C-H1232 (___) New Rochelle NY 4A-H2205 (___) New York NY 7A-H172 (___) New York NY Howdy From 8A-H1345 (___) New York (State) NY 8A-H1345 (___) SAS Rochester-added) 3B-H350 (___) New York City NY 3B-h348 (___) New York City NTM
4A-H1349 (___) Niagara Falls NY (NEED SCAN) 5A-H1968 (___) Niagara Falls NY 0C-H315 (___) Niagara Falls NY 9A-H593 (___) New York World's Fair NY 2C-H1146 (___) Peekskill NY 6B-H2055 (___) Plattsburg NY 9B-H1259 (___) Roseland Park NY 3B-H1284 (___) Sampson NY (NEED SCAN) 3C-255-N (___) Sampson Air Force Base NY in the Finger Lakes (chrome) 7A-H911 (___) Saratoga Springs NY 7A-H2376 (___) Scaroon Manor NY 3C-H469 (___) Sullivan County NY 7A-H1472 (___) Syracuse NY 7A-H2501 (___) Thousand Islands NY 8B-H954 (___) Thousand Islands NY (NEED SCAN) 1B-H263 (___) Utica NY 5B-357-N (___) Watkins Glen NY 1C-H1711 (___) Watkins Glen NY 8A-H3042 (___) Souvenir of West Point NY 3C-H301 (___) Westchester County NY 2C-H1144 (___) White Plains NY (NEED SCAN) 5A-H1212 (___) Asheville NC 3B-H485 (___) Athletics NC (NEED SCAN) 9A-H78 (___) Black Mountain NC 3B-H710 (___) Burlington NC 1B-H1658 (___) Camp Davis NC 1B-H677 (___) Carolina Beach NC 1B-H1317 (___) Chapel Hill NC 6A-H2108 (___) Charlotte NC 3C-H102 (___) Cherry Point NC (NEED SCAN) 7A-H3025 (___) Chimney Rock NC N-1 3C-H147 (___) Dare County Beaches NC 9A-H81 (___) Duke University NC 4B-H889 (___) Durham NC 2B-H253 (___) Elizabeth City NC 5B-H69 (___) Fayettteville NC (No Pictures in letters) 1B-H1861 (___) Fort Bragg NC 5B-H121 (___) Fort Bragg NC (NEED SCAN) 3B-H682 (___) Goldsboro NC 7A-H3026 (___) Great Smoky Mountains National Park TN/NC 0B-H2338 (___) Great Smoky Mountains National Park TN/NC 7B-H2096 (___) The Great Smoky Mountains National Park TN/NC 3B-H745 (___) Greensboro NC 3B-H683 (___) Greenville NC 9A-H79 (___) Hendersonville NC 1B-H1226 (___) High Point NC 9A-H75 (___) Highlands NC 4B-H1550 (___) Kinston NC 6A-H2654 (___) Land of the Sky NC 3B-H486 (___) U S Navy Pre Flight School MILITARY Chapell Hill NC 9A-H76 (___) Montreat NC 1B-H1538 (___) Morehead City NC 2B-H1292 (___) New Bern NC 8A-H2658 (___) North Carolina NC 8A-H2658 (___) SAS 8A-H2658 Winston-Salem added 4B-H466 (___) North Carolina NC 4B-H466 (___) SAS 4B-H466 Fayetteville added 3B-H484 (___) Obstacle Course NC 1B-H1191 (___) Raleigh NC 1B-H1142 (___) Reynolds Park NC 3B-H151 (___) Rocky Mount NC 9A-H77 (___) Waynesville NC Eastern Entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains 3B-H672 (___) WILMINGTON NC 4B-H357 (___) WILMINGTON NC (NEED SCAN) 3B-H1096 (___) Wilson NC 2B-H1378 (___) Winston Salem NC 2B-H1232 (___) Fargo ND 4B-H1097 (___) Grand Forks ND 9A-H1248 (___) North Dakota ND 9A-H1248 (___) SAS Wahpeton-added) 7B-H839 (___) North Dakota ND (NEED SCAN) 7A-H1816 (___) Akron OH 9A-H623 (___) Akron OH Rubber Manufacturing center of the World 4B-H1270 (___) Ashtabula OH 3C-H291 (___) Athens OH 1C-517-N (___) Bowling Green OH 1C-H699 (___) Brookside Park Zoo OH 0B-H1919 (___) Buckeye Lake OH 5C-25-N (___) Bucyrus OH 3B-H636 (___) Camp Perry OH on Lake Erie 3C-H669 (___) Canfield OH 1B-H409 (___) Canton OH 7A-H1629 (___) Cedar Point OH 2C-H1663 (___) Chillicothe OH 2B-H304 (___) Cincinnati OH 5A-H704 (___) Cleveland OH 3C-H665 (___) Columbiana OH 5A-H1955 (___) Columbus OH 4B-H1271 (___) Conneaut OH 0C-H1641 (___) Dayton OH 7B-H1858 (___) Delaware OH 2C-H1559 (___) East Liverpool OH 3C-H613 (___) East Palestine OH 5B-H823 (___) Elyria OH 3C-82-N (___) Gallipolis OH 4B-H1269 (___) Geneva-on-the-Lake OH 4B-H1284 (___) Geneva-on-the-Lake OH 3C-H923 (___) Girard OH 2C-H1646 (___) Greenville OH (NEED SCAN) 2B-H1230 (___) Hamilton OH 3C-H619 (___) Hubbard OH 7B-H1213 (___) Huron OH (NEED SCAN) 2C-543-N (___) Kenton OH chrome 6B-H1250 (___) Lakeside OH (NEED SCAN) 3C-83-N (___) Lancaster OH 1C-H695 (___) Lorain OH 1B-H467 (___) Mansfield OH 3C-304 (___) Middletown OH 3C-306-N (___) Middletown OH 3C-31-N (___) Muskingum OH 1C-608-N (___) Napoleon OH 3C-443-N (___) Nelsonville OH (NEED SCAN) 2B-H1173 (___) Newark OH (NEED SCAN) 3C-H600 (___) Niles OH 8A-H1362 (___) Ohio OH 8A-H1346 (___) Ohio OH 7A-H1817 (___) Ohio OH 9A-H7 (___) Ohio OH 9A-H7 (___) SAS 9A-H7 Steubenville added 9A-H7 (___) SAS 9A-H7 Ashtabula added 9A-H7 (___) SAS 9A-H7 Chillicothe added 9A-H7 (___) SAS 9A-H7 Zanesville added 9A-H7 (___) SAS 9A-H7 Bowling Green added 9A-H7 (___) SAS 9A-H7 Lancaster added 9A-H7 (___) SAS 9A-H7 Athens added 9A-H7 (___) SAS 9A-H7 Goschocton added 9A-H7 (___) SAS 9A-H7 Warren added 9A-H7 (___) SAS 9A-H7 Painesville-added 9A-H7 (___) SAS 9A-H7 Steubenville added 9A-H7 (___) SAS 9A-H7 Salem-added
9A-H7 (___) SAS 9A-H7 Niles-added
9A-H7 (___) SAS 9A-H7 Portsmouth-added 9A-H7 (___) SAS 9A-H7 Bucyrus-added 9A-H7 (___) SAS 9A-H7 Cambridge-added 9A-H7 (___) SAS 9A-H7 New Philadelphia-added 9A-H7 (___) SAS 9A-H7 Lorain-added 9A-H7 (___) SAS 9A-H7 Marion-added 3C-H1339 (___) Ohio OH 4B-H420 (___) OHIO OH (no pictures in letters) 5B-H1362 (___) Ohio Toast Card OH 2C-H1664 (___) Oxford OH 4B-H1422 (___) Painesville OH 5C-104-N (___) Piqua OH 1C-438-N (___) Pomeroy OH 7B-H1214 (___) Port Clinton Ohio on Lake Erie OH 2C-H1661 (___) Portsmouth OH 3C-H602 (___) Salem OH 7B-H1211 (___) Sandusky OH 1B-H938 (___) Springfield OH 1B-H2266 (___) Steubenville OH 3C-H607 (___) Struthers OH 7A-H556 (___) Toledo OH 7B-H1212 (___) Vermilion OH 6B-H2200 (___) Warren OH 0C-643-N (___) Wooster OH (NEED SCAN) 7A-H443 (___) Youngstown OH 1C-H1430 (___) Youngstown OH (NEED SCAN) 8A-H2535 (___) Zanesville OH 8B-H1520 (___) Ardmore OK 2B-H1327 (___) Camp Gruber OK 2B-105-N (___) Enid OK 2B-H169 (___) Fort Sill OK 8B-H1521 (___) Lake Texoma OK 0C-H1586 (___) Muskogee OK 3B-H705 (___) Norman Oklahoma Naval Center OK 9A-H1449 (___) Oklahoma OK Native State of Will Rogers, Famous Humorist 9A-H1449 (___) SAS Henryetta added 9A-H1449 (___) SAS Blackwell added 9A-H1449 (___) SAS Pahuska added 4B-H225 (___) Oklahoma City OK 0C-H865 (___) Okmulgee OK (NEED SCAN) 2B-H1368 (___) Tinker Field OK 4B-H243 (___) Tulsa OK 2B-H1367 (___) Will Rogers Field OK 2B-H1158 (___) Medford OR 8A-H3198 (___) Oregon OR 2B-H1157 (___) Portland OR 9A-H2534 (___) Salem OR 7A-H3967 (___) Seaside OR 0B-H707 (___) Panama Canal US 8B-H856 (___) Bedford PA 2C-H313 (___) Conneaut Lake PA 1C-H1676 (___) Conneaut Lake Park PA 2B-H166 (___) Erie PA 6C-H118 (___) Erie PA 0B-H868 (___) Greensburg PA 7A-H2387 (___) Harrisburg PA 8B-347-N (___) Indiana PA (NEED SCAN) UNK (___) Indian Town Gap PA (NEED SCAN) 9A-H2434 (___) Johnstown PA 4B-H555 (___) Lancaster PA 4B-H1008 (___) Lock Haven PA 8A-H337 (___) McKeesport PA 5B-H763 (___) Meadville PA 1B-H286 (___) New Kensington PA 0B-H175 (___) Pen Mar Park PA 7A-H270 (___) Pennsylvania PA 3B-H837 (___) Pennsylvania PA (CTA) PA-234 Punxsutawney added 0B-H864 (___) Pennsylvania PA 0B-H864 (___) SAS Carlisle added 0B-H864 (___) SAS Elwood City added 0B-H864 (___) SAS Huntington added 0B-H864 (___) SAS Easy Brady added 0B-H864 (___) SAS Lancaster added 0B-H864 (___) SAS York added 0B-H864 (___) SAS Allentown added 0B-H864 (___) SAS Wilmerding added 0B-H864 (___) SAS Snyder's GATEWAY Inn--MW BREEZEWOOD added 0B-H864 (___) SAS Canonsburg added 0B-H864 (___) SAS Coatesville added 0B-H864 (___) SAS Lock Haven added 0B-H864 (___) SAS Altoona added 0B-H864 (___) SAS Freeland added 0B-H864 (___) SAS Hamburg added 0B-H864 (___) SAS Mauch chunk added 0B-H864 (___) SAS Conshoohocken added 0B-H864 (___) SAS Sayre added 1B-H399 (___) Penna Turnpike PA America's Super Highway, (CTA) 1B-H2265 (___) Pennsylvania Turnpike PA 7A-H1777 (___) Philadelphia PA 5A-H2129 (___) Pittsburgh PA 2C-H1228 (___) Pocono Mountains PA 2B-H653 (___) Punxsutawney PA PU-37 7A-H2319 (___) Reading PA 2B-H194 (___) Sharon PA 9A-H2042 (___) Stroudsburg PA 0B-H996 (___) Uniontown PA (CTA) U-81 7A-H2305 (___) Valley Forge PA 0B-H867 (___) Washington PA 6A-H2264 (___) Delaware Water Gap PA (yel/wh borders) 7A-H2315 (___) Wilkes Barre PA 4B-H1009 (___) Williamsport PA 7B-H1534 (___) Narragansett RI 3B-H1182 (___) Providence RI 9A-H1914 (___) Rhode Island RI 3B-H485 (___) Athletics NC 3B-H1104 (___) Beaufort SC 1B-H943 (___) Camp Croft SC 9A-H74 (___) Columbia SC 1B-H745 (___) Fort Jackson SC 2B-H1375 (___) Gaffney SC 9A-H80 (___) Greenville SC 2B-H1118 (___) Laurens SC 8A-H2654 (___) Myrtle Beach SC 3B-H484 (___) Obstacle Course NC 3B-H483 (___) Pre Flight School SC 8A-H3101 (___) South Carolina SC 8A-H3101 (___) SAS Timmonsville-added 8A-H3101 (___) SAS Rock Hill-added 8A-H3101 (___) SAS Myrtle Brach-added 8A-H3101 (___) SAS Cheraw-added 2B-H190 (___) Spartanburg SC 4B-H174 (___) Spartanburg SC 2B-H997 (___) Walterboro SC 4B-H456 (___) Aberdeen SD 7A-H1364 (___) Black Hills SD 9B-H1083 (___) Custer SD 1B-H2415 (___) Huron SD 1C-H1786 (___) Mitchell SD 8B-H1264 (___) Rapid City SD 0B-H2446 (___) Sioux Falls SD 9A-H1247 (___) South Dakota SD 9A-H1247 (___) SAS Mitchell-added) 8A-H1506 (___) Chattanooga TN And Lookout Mountain 2C-H617 (___) Columbia TN 2C-H673 (___) Franklin TN (NEED SCAN) 2C-H633 (___) Gallatin TN 7A-H3026 (___) Great Smoky Mountains TN/NC 0C-H424 (___) Johnson City TN 1C-H434 (___) Kingsport TN (NEED SCAN) 1C-H1654 (___) Knoxville TN (NEED SCAN) 9A-H106 (___) Memphis TN 6B-H2486 (___) Memphis TN (NEED SCAN) 0C-H425 (___) Mountain Home TN 6C-H17 (___) Nashville TN (NEED SCAN) 8CK2731 (___) Nashville TN (chrome) 9B-H1399 (___) Point Lookout TN 8A-H1507 (___) Rock City Gardens atop Lookout Mountain TN 9A-H1742 (___) Tennessee TN 9A-H1742 (___) SAS Nashville-added) 9A-H1742 (___) SAS Memphis-added) 9A-H1742 (___) SAS Fort Donaldson-added) 6B-322-N (___) Union City TN CTA 3B-H553 (___) AAF Navigation School TX 9A-H63 (___) Amarillo TX 7A-H1312 (___) Austin TX 9A-H64 (___) Big Spring TX 3B-H270 (___) The Big Bend Country Army Air Forces Advanced Flying School TX 2B-H1150 (___) Biggs Field TX 7A-227-N (___) Brownwood TX (NEED SCAN) 3B-H218 (___) Camp Barkeley TX 3B-H197 (___) Camp Hood TX 3B-H214 (___) Camp Howze TX 3B-H212 (___) Camp Maxey TX 2B-H826 (___) Camp Wolthers TX 7A-H1196 (___) Corpus Christi TX 6A-H2606 (___) Dallas TX 2B-H828 (___) Dallas TX 3B-H191 (___) Dallas TX 1DK-1970 (___) WACO TX (NEED SCAN) (chrome) 7C-K612 (___) Dallas TX (NEED SCAN) (chrome) 6A-H2450 (___) El Paso TX 2B-H1059 (___) Fort Bliss TX 0C-H1673 (___) Fort Hood TX 5C-H138 (___) Fort Worth TX 6A-H1901 (___) Galveston TX(NEED SCAN) 5B-H827 (___) Galveston TX(NEED SCAN) 0C-H544 (___) Galveston TX 6C-K2678 (___) Galveston TX 6A-H1754 (___) Houston TX 2C-H907 (___) Goodfellow Air Force Base TX 6B-H441 (___) Houston TX (NEED SCAN) 7B-H1215 (___) Houston TX 7A-H1952 (___) Laredo TX 3B-H165 (___) Logan Heights Reception Center Fort Bliss TX 8A-H3098 (___) Lubbock TX 3B-H185 (___) Marfa TX 6A-H775 (___) Mineral Wells TX 3B-H340 (___) Paris TX 7A-H1254 (___) Pecos TX 2B-H845 (___) Pleasure Pier TX (7view) 7A-H2362 (___) The Lower Rio Grande Valley TX 9B-H1054 (___) San Angelo TX 6A-H2544 (___) San Antonio TX 4C-P2054 (___) San Antonio TX 5A-H1647 (___) Texas TX 9A-H176 (___) TEXANIC TEXAS (CTAC) (3view) 8A-H514 (___) Texas TX 9A-H14 (___) Texas TX 9A-H14 (___) SAS 9A-H14 Beaumont added 9A-H14 (___) SAS 9A-H14 Rio Grande Valley added 9A-H14 (___) SAS 9A-H14 Childress added 9A-H14 (___) SAS 9A-H14 Dalhart added 9A-H14 (___) SAS 9A-H14 Wellington added 9A-H14 (___) SAS 9A-H14 San Benito added 9A-H14 (___) SAS 9A-H14 Canyon added 9A-H14 (___) SAS 9A-H14 Port Arthur added 9A-H14 (___) SAS 9A-H14 Sweetwater added 9A-H14 (___) SAS 9A-H14 Lamesa added 9A-H14 (___) SAS 9A-H14 Van Horn added 9A-H14 (___) SAS 9A-H14 Temple added 9A-H14 (___) SAS 9A-H14 Sierra Blanca added 9A-H14 (___) SAS 9A-H14 Texarkana added 7A-H3475 (___) Texas "So Big" TX 6A-H611 (___) Texas Centennial Expo '36 TX (NEED SCAN) 7A-H1673 (___) Tyler TX 7A-H1467 (___) Waco TX 9A-H62 (___) West Texas TX 3B-H166 (___) William Beaumont General Hospital Fort Bliss Near El Paso TX 9A-H624 (___) Brigham UT 1B-H2209 (___) Brigham Young UT 8A-H2737 (___) Ogden UT (NEED SCAN) 8A-H2754 (___) Provo UT 4A-H2092 (___) Salt Lake City UT 1B-H40 (___) Utah UT 841 (___) Utah UT (NEED SCAN) (chrome) 5B-H246 (___) Danville VA 1B-H1210 (___) Fredericksburg VA (4view) 1B-H697 (___) Lynchburg VA 6B-H547 (___) Norfolk VA 2B-H227 (___) Petersburg VA 9A-H880 (___) Virginia VA 9A-H2149 (___) Virginia VA 9A-H2149 (___) SAS Fort Story-added 3C-H1135 (___) Virginia VA 6B-H548 (___) Virginia Beach VA (NEED SCAN) 5B-H957 (___) Brattleboro VT 2C-H503 (___) Burlington VT 9A-H1960 (___) Vermont VT (Burlington Added) 2B-H34 (___) Coulee Dam WA 3B-H1149 (___) Fort George Wright WA (NEED SCAN) 3B-H1347 (___) Geiger Field WA 2B-H348 (___) Seattle WA 2B-H35 (___) Spokane WA 8B-H1928 (___) Spokane WA 8A-H132 (___) Washington WA (NEED SCAN) 0B-H2051 (___) Washington WA 3B-H265 (___) Yakima WA 3C-H1132 (___) Beckley WV (NEED SCAN) 2C-H699 (___) Berkley Springs WV 3B-H1265 (___) Bluefield WV 7A-H3535 (___) Charleston WV 5DK-262 (___) Clarksburg WVchrome 0B-H497 (___) Clarksburg WV (NEED SCAN) 3B-H1414 (___) Clarksburg WV 2C-H737 (___) Elkins WV (NEED SCAN) 3C-H477 (___) Fairmont WV 3C-H476 (___) Grafton WV 3C-H235 (___) Huntington WV 2C-219-N (___) Logan WV (NEED SCAN) 3B-H1433 (___) Parkersburg WV 3C-H1133 (___) Point Pleasant WV (NEED SCAN) 3C-H1134 (___) Princeton WV 7A-H271 (___) West Virginia WV (NEED SCAN) 9A-H881 (___) West Virginia WV 9A-H881 (___) SAS South Charleston-added 9A-H881 (___) SAS 9A-H14 Buckhannon-added 9A-H881 (___) SAS 9A-H14 Richwood-added 9A-H881 (___) SAS 9A-H14Elk Grove-added 0B-H2306 (___) Antigo WI 5B-H306 (___) Appleton WI 1B-H253 (___) Ashland WI 2B-H1343 (___) Camp McCoy WI 0B-H43 (___) Chetek WI 9A-H692 (___) Chippewa Falls WI 0B-H2305 (___) Eagle River WI 8A-H1385 (___) Eau Claire WI 1B-H2479 (___) Fond du Lac WI 0B-H348 (___) Hayward WI 5B-H926 (___) Kenosha WI 2B-H1185 (___) La Crosse WI 5B-H928 (___) Lake Geneva WI 0C-H673 (___) Land o' Lakes WI 5B-H927 (___) Madison WI 1B-H2480 (___) Manitowoc WI 1B-H252 (___) Merrill WI 8B-H1139 (___) Minocqua WI 6B-H1450 (___) Northern Wisconsin WI 1B-H2478 (___) Oshkosh WI 5B-H925 (___) Racine WI 0B-H361 (___) Rhinelander WI V12-304 2B-H60 (___) Shawano WI 2C-H2320 (___) Sheboygan WI (chrome) 2C-H1627 (___) Sheboygan WI 1B-H151 (___) Spooner WI 1B-H2579 (___) Stevens Point WI 5B-H929 (___) Sturgeon Bay WI 0B-H2441 (___) Superior WI 8B-H1140 (___) Tomahawk WI (NEED SCAN) 2B-H79 (___) Waupaca WI 0B-H182 (___) Wausau WI (NEED SCAN) 9A-H850 (___) Wisconsin WI 9A-H850 (___) Two Rivers Added (NEED SCAN) 7B-H1871 (___) Wisconsin Dells WI 1B-H2580 (___) Wisconsin Rapids WI 1B-H2681 (___) Casper WY 0B-100-N (___) Cheyenne WY(Sanborn) 0B-H2675 (___) Cody WY 0C-H33 (___) Evanston WY 0C-H31 (___) Kemmerer WY 8B-H1905 (___) Laramie WY 8B-H139 (___) Rawlins WY 8B-H1906 (___) Rock Springs WY 1B-H690 (___) Sheridan WY 0B-H2676 (___) Wyoming WY 6B-H1633 (___) Wyoming "of the Old West" WY (NEED SCAN)

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