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CREDITS: CurTeich Archives, Lake County Museum.
Also:JVorzimmer (An Advanced Large Letter collector)
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PS: SAS = SAME AS, PW=Pictorial Wonderland, ROATW=Road of a Thousand Wonders, UNK=Unknown, ()=Publisher, (___)=User records

Number USER Codes State Misc Info


28 (___) ALASKA (NEED SCAN) CTAC 5DK-1872 (___) ALASKA (NEED SCAN) NAT UNK (___) ALASKA, OIL PIPELINE, AK, chrome, (pub: UNK) P31862 (___) ALASKA AK chrome, (COLO) C15207 (___) ALASKA AK (MR) B17876 (___) ALASKA AK CONT (MR) C16173 (___) Greetings from FAIRBANKS, ALASKA, chrome, (C.P.Johnston(MR)) UNK (___) Greetings from FAIRBANKS ALASKA, AK, chrome, (pub: UNK), banner type ACE465 (___) WILD ABOUT ANCHORAGE, AK. chrome, CONT (Anchorage Convention & Visitors Bureau, pub:Dexter Press)


16509 (___) ALABAMA, AL., linen, (COLO) M-56 (___) ALABAMA (NEED SCAN) CTAC 11 (___) ANNISTON (NEED SCAN) CTAC A-101 (___) Birmingham ALABAMA (NEED SCAN) Fort Payne CTAC w-border B-1 (___) Birmingham (NEED SCAN) CTAC 5 (___) Dothan (NEED SCAN) CTAC H-13 (___) Huntsville (NEED SCAN) The Space Capital CTAC 2378-C (___) Montgomery DP (pallete) 98477-B (___) Huntsville DP (pallete) M-1 (___) Montgomery (NEED SCAN) CTAC y-border 22922 (___) Welcome to ALABAMA Y'ALL COME, AL (NEED SCAN)


NONE (___) ARIZONA, Post Card Club, NPCW-1998, CONT, Grand Canyon State HSC214 (___) ARIZONA AZ, chrome, pub:HSC, HSC214 A-3 (___) ARIZONA (NEED SCAN) CTAC D32 (___) ARIZONA (NEED SCAN) yellow border CTAC NONE (___) COLOSSAL CAVE ARIZONA AZ (PETLEY) F-1 (___) FLAGSTAFF (NEED SCAN) CTAC G-14 (___) FLAGSTAFF (NEED SCAN) CTAC C17785 (___) Grand Canyon (NEED SCAN) CTAC (Palette type) MR GC1 (___) Grand Canyon (NEED SCAN) CTAC H-1 (___) Holbrook (NEED SCAN) CTAC NONE (___) Howdy from MESA, Arizona, chrome, (Petley), banner-type NONE (___) One Club in Two Thousand, NPCW-2000, AZ., The Tucson Post Card Exchange Club, pub:Stephen J Farley C17785 (___) Painted Desert (NEED SCAN) PETS, white border, Palette type, Petrified Forest G-28 (___) Painted Desert (NEED SCAN) CTAC PD-1 (___) Painteed Desert (NEED SCAN) CTAC G-29 (___) Petrified Forest (NEED SCAN) CTAC PF-1 (___) Petrified Forest (NEED SCAN) CTAC P-20 (___) Phoenix (NEED SCAN) CTAC yellow border NONE (___) The Tucson Post Card Exchange Salutes PETLEY, 1998, AZ., CONT, Artwork:Mary Myers, Photo:Joan Gentry T-1 (___) Tucson (NEED SCAN) CTAC yellow border S3202 (___) Welcome to ARIZONA, The Grand Canyon State, chrome, (Petley) K404 S3202-S (___) Welcome to ARIZONA - The Grand Canyon State, chrome, (Petley) G-15 (___) WINSLOW (NEED SCAN) CTAC U-1 (___) Yuma (NEED SCAN) CTAC Year Round Argriculture


16105 (___) ARKANSAS AR linen, (COLO) 67194B (___) ARKANSAS Land of Opportunity AR (Dexter Press) AK-7 (___) ARKANSAS AR (NEED SCAN) CTAC None (___) ARKANSAS-The legend of the Razorback Hog, (Baxter Lane Co.) CONT None (___) Greetings from (Durtman), ARKANSAS, (pub: unk), airbrush 47179 (___) Hot Springs National Park AR (NEED SCAN) D20 (___) Hot Springs AR (NEED SCAN) DP 87 (___) Hot Springs AR (NEED SCAN) CTAC 16875 (___) Little Rock AR (COLO)


33429 (___) 2001 DISNEYLAND, prism-type, Celebrate the magic - Disneyland, 33429, C:Disney, CONT 97978 (___) 2001 CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE-Disney, CONT, C:Disney 2900 (___) I Am Sending you a box of Oranges, from California, prelinen, (EHMitchell) DT-64626 (___) Magnificent ANAHEIM Convention Center, CA., chrome, (Dexter Press), banner-type P9906 (___) Greetings from ANAHEIM, California, chrome, (COLO), 2view P9906 (___) Greetings from ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, City of Beautiful parks, CA., chrome, (COLO), banner-type BK-1 (___) Bakersfield CA (NEED SCAN) CTAC white border S-2 (___) BASS LAKE, Ca., CONT, chrome, (Scope) C35459 (___) BAY AREA, CA., chrome, (Mike Roberts) B-19 (___) BIG BEAR LAKE CA (NEED SCAN) yellow border 0C-H622 (___) BIG TREES California, Santa Cruz, County, linen, (PILTZ), Pictorial Wonderland 3663-C (___) California the Golden State CA DP palette-type 43803 (___) California CA (NEED SCAN) HERZ white border 523 (___) California CA (NEED SCAN) CTAC yellow border 607 (___) California the Golden State CA (NEED SCAN) SVC 609 (___) California the Golden State CA (NEED SCAN) SVC DR-3663-C (___) California the Golden State CA (NEED SCAN) DP palette-type G209 (___) California the Godlen State CA (NEED SCAN) SVC J-34 (___) California the Golden State CA (NEED SCAN) CURT S5016 (___) California History--MW, CONT, (Colorscope) J36301 (___) CALIFORNIA, chrome, (Krieg) 3B-H416 (___) CAMP BEALE, CA. linen, (Piltz), 831, Pictorial Wonderland 3B-H417 (___) Camp Beale CA (Piltz) C.C.1 (___) CAMP COOKE CA (NEED SCAN) yellow border 2B-H956 (___) Carmel CA linen, 607, (Piltz), Pictorial Wonderland 607 (___) CARMEL CA (NEED SCAN) CTAC yellow border C-80 (___) CATALINA ISLAND CA (NEED SCAN) CTAC yellow border B13156 (___) CATALINA, chrome, CONT, (Mike Roberts) 976 (___) CHICO CA (NEED SCAN) Piltz yellow border P12514 (___) CHINATOWN, Los Angeles, CA (COLO) chrome banner-type NONE (___) COW PALACE, S San Francisco, CA., chrome (Antique & Collectibles Shows -1999), red-bkgnd E-8796 (___) Dixieland Linen, (asheville) 2B-H636 (___) Fort Ord CA (Piltz) H6016 (___) Greetings from FORT JONES, Calif. (NEED SCAN) chrome (Columbia) 875 (___) FORT ORD CA (NEED SCAN) Piltz yellow border F-7 (___) FRESNO CA (NEED SCAN) CTAC yellow border KBF-46 (___) Greetings from GHOST TOWN, Knott's Berry Farm, BUENA PARK, California, chrome (KBF), banner-type, 2view 1 (___) GG Int. Expo-1939 CA (NEED SCAN) SAP white border - on treaure island F-12 (___) HAMMER FIELD CA (NEED SCAN) CTAC yellow border DT-8365-C (___) HEARST CASTLE CA DP white border palette HC-44 S2048 (___) HELLO from California, CONT, (Scope) C19639G (___) Hello From CALIFORNIA, chrome (Mike Roberts), 4view B415 (___) Hello from THE CITY, San Francisco Landmarks, CA., CONT, (Mike Roberts) C25818 (___) Hello from THE CITY CA chrome (Mike Roberts) 17749G (___) Hello from California, chrome, (Scenic Art) SE2049 (___) HELLO from Californi's Sierra Nevada Critters (No pictures in letters), CONT, (SCOPE) P8189 (___) HOLLYWOOD, California, Movie Capital of the World, chrome, (COLO) 774 (___) HOLLYWOOD CA (NEED SCAN) LONG palette 803 (___) HOLLYWOOD CA (NEED SCAN) CTAC white border 803 (___) SAS yellow border P29702 (___) Greetings from HOLLYWOOD The Glamour City, chrome (COLO), logo on back, 2view C38415 (___) HOLLYWOOD, Movie Capitol of the World, chrome, (Krieg-Scenic Art) C38574 (___) Greeting from Glamorous HOLLYWOOD, California, chrome, (Krieg-Scenic Art), palette-type SE2038 (___) Howdy from California GOLD COUNTRY CONT, (Colorscope) KBF-47 (___) Greetings from KNOTT'S BERRY FARM and GHOST TOWN, CA., chrome, (HSC), banner-type 9-2071 (___) LA JOLLA CA (NEED SCAN) HPC white border A-25 (___) LAKE ARROWHEAD CA (NEED SCAN) white border C9321G (___) Greetings from LAKE BERRYESSA, Calif., chrome, (Scenic Art), banner-type T-271 (___) LAKE TAHOE CA (NEED SCAN) white border 5S-30041-B(___) A Howdy from LEE VINING, Calif., chrome, (Dexter Press), 2view C.C.2 (___) Lompoc CA (NEED SCAN) CTAC C9112G (___) Greetings from LOMPOC, CALIFORNIA Home of Vandenberg Air Force Base, chrome, (Scenic Art), banner-type L-91 (___) LONG BEACH CA (NEED SCAN) CTAC yellow border L.A.199 (___) LOS ANGELES CA (NEED SCAN) CTAC yellow border 602 (___) LOS ANGELES CA (NEED SCAN) LONG R-64 (___) MARCH FIELD CA (NEED SCAN) CTAC yellow border GW-278-A (___) Greetings from MARINELAND of the PACIFIC, chrome, (HSC), 2view 829 (___) Marysville Ca (NEED SCAN) PILTZ white border 3B-H414 (___) MARYSVILLE CA linen, 829, yel-bdr, (PILTZ), Pictorial Wonderland None (___) Monterey CA (NEED SCAN) LONG yellow border 9110G (___) NAPA CA chrome, banner-2view, (Scenic Art) NONE (___) Greetings from NEEDLES, Calif., chrome, (Columbia), banner-type N-28 (___) Newport Harbor CA (NEED SCAN) CTAC yellow border S14 (___) OAKHURST, California, CONT, (Colorscope) 3B-H423 (___) Oakland CAlinen, (Piltz), 261, Pictorial Wonderland NONE (___) VIEWS OF OAKLAND, Cal., prelinen, B/W, 10view, RARE ITEM NONE (___) OAKLAND, (CA), prelinen, (UNK), B/W, unidivided back 2005 (___) Greetings from ORANGE California, chrome, (Quantity) C9109G (___) Greetings from PALO ALTO, (ca), chrome, (Scenic Art), banner-type C12381G (___) Greetings from PALO ALTO, Calif., chrome, (Scenic Art), banner-type C9560 (___) PANCAKE PALACE, San Francisco International Airport, Ca., chrome, (Mike Roberts) P-67 (___) Pasadena Ca (NEED SCAN) CTAC white border 8914G (___) Greetings from PETALUMA, Calif., chrome (Scenic View), banner-type 55-54456-B (___) Redondo Beach Ca (NEED SCAN) DP 1037 (___) Redwoods CA (NEED SCAN) CTAC yellow border 528 (___) Redwoods CA (NEED SCAN) CTAC white border R-60 (___) Riverside CA (NEED SCAN) CTAC yellow border 43890 (___) SACRAMENTO CA (NEED SCAN) METR 31906 (___) Sacramento CA C-331 (___) OAKLAND, chrome, CONT, (Smith Novelty), 3view C-320 (___) OAKLAND, Coliseum Complex home of the Oakland Raiders, Oakland A's and Golden Gate Warriors, chrome, CONT, (Smith Novelty) (halftime) 797 (___) SACRAMENTO CA linen, yel-bdr (PILTZ), Pictorial Wonderland C9110G (___) SALINAS CA., chrome, banner-2view, (Scenic Art) 10 (___) San Diego Ca (NEED SCAN) long yellow border 42348 (___) San Diego Ca (NEED SCAN) HPC white border 4740 (___) San Diego Ca (NEED SCAN) CTAC yellow border 73 (___) San Francisco Ca (NEED SCAN) 85 (___) San Francisco Ca (NEED SCAN) PILTZ yellow border C24244 (___) SAN FRANCISCO - Chinatown, Ca., chrome, (E F Clements/Mike Roberts) 8A-H450 (___) San Francisco CA linen, Piltz 8A-H450 (___) San Francisco CA linen, Piltz B9854 (___) SAN FRANCISCO, CA., CONT, chrome, (Elegante/MR/Smith Novelty), E19, Multi-view 5-SF-56 (___) SAN FRANCISCO CA (H S CROCKER) C34749 (___) SAN FRANCISCO-The Highlights of the city spell San Franciso across the spectacular skyline of the Financial District, CA., chrome, (Woodhams Ent./Mike Roberts) 539 (___) Santa Catalina Island CA (Longshaw) 85 PW C-47 (___) SANTA CATALINA ISLAND CA (NEED SCAN) CTAC yellow border C8051G (___) SANTA CRUZ CA (SCENIC ART) 911 (___) SANTA CRUZ CA (NEED SCAN) Piltz yellow border 19 (___) Santa Cruz Big Trees CA (NEED SCAN) photo card-ZAN DR-99087-B(___) Greetings from SANTA CRUZ, CAchrome banner-type HSC NONE (___) GREETINGS From SANTA CRUZ, CA., prelinen, (UNK) C9110G (___) Greetings from SARATOGA, California, chrome, (Scenic Art), banner-type C9396 (___) Greetings from SOLVANG, Calif. chrome banner-type (MR) 8489G (___) Greetings from SONOMA, Calif., chrome, (Scenic View), banner-type C9109G (___) South San Francisco CA., chrome, banner-2view (Scenic Art) 902 (___) SOUTHERN CA (NEED SCAN) LONG palatte P32127 (___) Hello from SQUAW VALLEY, California, Scene of the 1060 Olympic Games, chrome, (COLO), V584, 2view C9493 (___) STANFORD University, Ca., chrome, (Mike Roberts), 3view S2076 (___) State California Poppy-CALIFORNIA--MW, CONT, (Colorscope) C8060G (___) Greetings from SUNNYVALE, Calif., chrome, (Scenic Art), banner-type C9108G (___) Greetings from SUNNYVALE, Calif., chrome, (Scenic Art), banner-type 17634 (___) Greetings from THE MOTHER LODE GOLD COUNTRY, CA., chrome, (Columbia), H-1180, banner-type 200 (___) University of California CA (NEED SCAN) Piltz yellow border 3B-H621 (___) VALLEJO CA linen, yel-bdr, 760, (PILTZ), Pictorial Wonderland 760 (___) VALLEJO CA (NED SCAN) Piltz yellow border 539 (___) VALLEJO CA (NEED SCAN) Piltz yellow border V-1 (___) VICTORVILLE CA (NEED SCAN) CTAC white border C9109G (___) WALNUT CREEK CA., chrome, banner-2view, (Scenic Art) 44365-B (___) Greetings from Watsonville, CA, (NEED SCAN) chrome, (Dan Mar) banner-2view KVB12314 (___) World Famous Hollywood Sign, Ca., chrome, (Kolor View Press-Krieg) 396 (___) YOSEMITE CA (NEED SCAN) CTAC white border 396 (___) SAME (NEED SCAN) yellow border


P53617 (___) BANFF CN chrome, (COLO), Banner-type, COLO NONE (___) Bonjour de MONTREAL, Canada, CN chrome, (COLO) K3136 (___) CANADA (COLO) NONE (___) CANADA CN linen (SDC) 30 (___) CANADA (Need SCAN) COLO SD3 (___) CANADA (NEED SCAN) SDC 6330-31R (___) CHATHAM Ontario Canada CN chrome,(Prismaflex - banner type) AP145 (___) MONTREAL CN linen (A.P.) P77274 (___) MONTREAL Canada Chrome (COLO) K6766 (___) MONTREAL Canada (COLO) 90558-B (___) NOVA SCOTIA, Canada's Ocean Playground CN chrome (R H Davis - pallate type) 90558-B (___) NOVE SCOTIA (NEED SCAN) DP Canada's Colorful--MW palette-type P36150 (___) O SHAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA CN chrome, (COLO - banner type) SD5 (___) Ontario Canada (SDC) OT35 (___) OTTAWA (Valentine Black) NONE (___) OTTOWA Canada's Capital City CN (COLO - banner type) 55060 (___) SOO LOCKS, International Bridge CN chrome (hiawatha) 3801-H K1334 (___) Toronto Canada (COLO) S2746 (___) TORONTO, The Queen City of Canada, CN chrome (Metro Toronto News) T51 (___) Toronto Canada (Valentine Black) NONE (___) VICTORIA, British Columbia, Canada, CONT (Traveltime) P8799 (___) WINDSOR CNchrome, (COLO)


2B-433-N (___) Buckley Field CO (Sanborn) 119 2137 (___) CAMP CARSON, CO (NEED SCAN) CTAC 2369 (___) CAMP HALE CO (NEED SCAN) CTAC 2038 (___) COLORADO CO (NEED SCAN) CTAC 214 (___) COLORADO CO (NEED SCAN) CTAC A Message From ICS-1046 (___) Greetings from COLORADO, CO., chrome, (Triangle Distr) NONE (___) Greetings from DENVER Colorado, The Mile High City, chrome, (Cooper), 3view NONE (___) GREETINGS from DENVER, CO., prelinen, CY:M H Tuttle-1904, undivided back 156 (___) DENVER CO (NEED SCAN) Sanborn N100 (___) DENVER CO (NEED SCAN) METR white border C-1904 (___) DENVER CO (NEED SCAN) MHT folder 2362 (___) GLENWOOD SPRINGS CO (NEEDS SCAN) CTAC 860 (___) GREELEY CO (NEED SCAN) SSC Garden spot of the 860/1B828N (___) GREELEY CO (NEED SCAN Sanborn 2370 (___) LA JUNTA CO (NEED SCAN) CTAC On the Santa Fe trail 158 (___) LOWERY FIELD CO (NEED SCAN) SSC 2B-453-N (___) Lowry Field CO (Sanborn) 158 2143 (___) PIKES PEAK REGION CO (NEED SCAN) CTAC 3532 (___) PIKES PEAK REION CO (NEED SCAN) DP 48270 (___) ROCKY MTS. CO (Metrocraft) N131 2360 (___) SAN LUIS VALLEY CO (NEED SCAN) CTAC


80768B (___) Colorful CONNECTICUT, Pallate-type, (Dexter Press) 89768-B (___) Connecticutt CT (NEED SCAN) DP pallete-type Colorful C8054G (___) Greetings from CANDLEWOOD LAKE, Conn., chrome, (Scenic Art) 11419 (___) HARTFORD CT., linen, (COLO) 3016 (___) Hartford CT 64322 (___) HARTFORD CT (NEED SCAN) HPKO 568 (___) NEW LONDON CT linen (J Solomon) P22714 (___) SUBMARINE BASE - New London Conn., Left-U S S Seawolf, Right-Submarine escape training tank, chrome, (COLO)


C7 (___) WASHINGTON, DC., linen, (Capitol Souvenir) 16398 (___) WASHINGTON DC (NEED SCAN) COLO 2245 (___) WASHINGTON DC (NEED SCAN) AQS 65826 (___) WASHINGTON DC (NEED SCAN) Wash A4 (___) WASHINGTON DC (NEED SCAN) CSC white border 25994 (___) WASHIGNTON DC (NEED SCAN) METR H519 white border C76 (___) WASHINGTON MONUMENT DC (NEED SCAN) CSC 132 (___) WASHINGTON DC (NEED SCAN) CTAC


P87426 (___) Greetings from FENWICK ISLAND, DELAWARE, DE., chrome, (COLO) C-156 (___) America's Summer Capital - ROHOBOTH BEACH, DELAWARE, chrome, (Tingle) C-130 (___) HELLO from Dewey Beach, Delaware, chrome, (Tingle) 2 (___) WILMINGTON, DE., linen, (DEL MAR) 66642 (___) DOVER, DE., linen, (DELMAR) 66680 (___) Wilmington, DE., linen, (DELMAR) 33 (___) DELAWARE DE (NEED SCAN) DMN 71292 (___) DELAWARE DE (NEED SCAN) DMN 75273 (___) DELAWARE DE (NEED SCAN) DMN 66646 (___) DOVER DE (NEED SCAN) DMN 68221 (___) REHOBOTH BEACH DE (NEED SCAN) 32 EDW 2 (___) WILMINGTON DE (NEED SCAN) DMN 66680 (___) WILMINGTON DE (NEED SCAN) 2 DMN W17 (___) WILMINGTON DE (NEED SCAN) CTAC


84148-B (___) Greetings from FLORIDA The Sunshine State,
chrome, (Dexter Press), palette-type S-1308L2-12(___) Greetings from NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FLORIDA, The World's Safest Beach,
chrome, (Southern Card and Novelty), Banner-type 97150 (___) Greetings from KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLORIDA, FL.,
The Appollo/Saturn V Facilities--MW, chrome, (NASA). banner-type K-1795 (___) MIAMI BEACH, Fl., linen, (COLO) 88836-C (___) CLEARWATER, BEACH, Florida, chrome, 2view, (Ward Beckett) 9D13 (___) Clearwater FL (NEED SCAN) DP DC262 (___) Coral Gables FL (NEED SCAN) CTAC DR-84148 (___) Florida FL (NEED SCAN) DP (palette) The Sunshine State FG-82 (___) Florida The Sunshine State FL (NEED SCAN) K DH-31 (___) Hollywood FL (NEED SCAN) CTAC None (___) Hartman Litho Sales FL (NEED SCAN) HLS None (___) Hartman Card Co FL (NEED SCAN) HCC 37 (___) Jacksonville FL (NEED SCAN) CTAC PC-5 (___) Laguna Beach FL (NEED SCAN) CTAC 70C35 (___) Miami FL (NEED SCAN) MB DC161 (___) MIAMI FL (NEED SCAN) CTAC M-12B (___) Miami Beach FL (NEED SCAN) CTAC SS27 (___) Silver Springs FL (NEED SCAN) HLS 49700 (___) Tarpon Springs FL (NEED SCAN) HCC K-19055 (___) Greetings from JACKSONVILLE BEACH, FLA., City Auditorium,
Northward view of beach, chrome, banner-type, (Lusterchrome) P-S-2 (___) Greetings from ST. PETERSBURG, Florida, chrome, banner-type, (Ward Beckett)


12,850 (___) Military Camps Savannah GA (NEED SCAN) 15,850 (___) Camp Stewart GA (COLO) NONE (___) INDIANAPOLIS INprelinen, (Robbins, Bros), undivided back 23 (___) SALTON, Bedspread Center of the World-GEORGIA, GA (Steam Press), Tear-out 84166-B (___) GEORGIA Down in Dixie, GA., Palatte-type, creme-bkgnd DR84164B (___) GEORGIA Down in Dixie GA., palatte-type, white-kgrnd 1 (___) ALBANY GA (NEED SCAN) CTAC 103 (___) ATLANTA GA (NEED SCAN) CTAC 10 (___) AUGUSTA GA (NEED SCAN) CTAC V-8 (___) AUGUSTA GA (NEED SCAN) CTAC B1 (___) BAINBRIDGE GA (NED SCAN) CTA 143 (___) GEORGIA GA (NEED SCAN) CTAC K4444 (___) GEORGIA GA (NEED SCAN) COLO M1 (___) MACON GA (NEED SCAN) COLO W10 (___) OKEFENOKEE GA (NEED SCAN) CTAC R-1 (___) ROME GA (NEED SCAN) CTAC W13 (___) WAYCROSS GA (NEED SCAN) CTAC


105244 (___) Souvenir from HAWAII, T.H., Cocoanut Island, Hilo, Hawaii, blue-sky, (CTA-Honolulu Paper Co.) S-155 (___) ALOHA from WAIKIKI, HI., (Nani Lii), banner-type L-10684. (___) ALOHA - Kodak Hula Show at Wakiki, HI., CONT, (Curteich), D-18051 48737D (___) Aloha from HAWAII "Tthe Big Island," HI., (Dexter Press) S-571 (___) WAIKIKI -- The New and the Old, HI., (HSC-Ray Helbig's Hawaiian service), banner-type C22059 (___)
Here's HAWAII the 50th State,chrome, (Mike Roberts) C2658 (___) ALOHA HI (NEED SCAN) MR fm Waikiki (banner) C9277 (___) HAWAII HI (NEED SCAN) MR


31 (___) CANYON COUNTY, ID.,(Art Tone - Glo-Var) NCI-211 (___) IDAHO, ID., (Mike Roberts) 2vview, banner-type NONE (___) IDAHO FALLS, ID., (COLO) 14AT210 (___) NAMPA, ID., (Glovar) 5K6729 (___) BOISE, ID., (ShineColor)


0DK-2373 (___) Galena, IL chrome (UNK) G-1108 (___) Illinois IL (NEED SCAN) (CTA) P19666 (___) ILLINOIS the land of Lincoln, (COLO) 200 (___) Greetings from CHICAGO, IL., (AC), 6view 17577-C (___) Remarkable ROCKFORD, ILL., (DP), pallette-type 501 (___) Greetings from CHICAGO, IL., (unk pub), 3view DT54652B (___) Historic ILLINOIS Land of Lincoln IL., (Dexter Press), Palatte-type


5S-30040-3 (___) SOUTH BEND, Indiana, IN., chrome, (National Color) DR-49290-B (___) INDIANA, IN., chrome (Dexter Press) P1008 (___) The Hoosier State INDIANA 42230-D, CONT,(Penrod) DR-97848-B (---) Hello From Indiana, IN., chrome (Dexter Press)


17641-C (___) Iowa IA chrome (Dexter Press) palette-type 83396-C (___) Greetings from CLEAR LAKE, IOWA, IA., (Dunlap, City Beach) 11610 (___) Greetings from IOWA, The Tall Corn state, IA., (COLO)


P18158 (___) Greetings from KANSAS TURNPIKE, KS., chrome, (COLO), banner-type P30447 (___) Greetings from KANSAS, KS., chrome, (COLO), banner-type ICS-104583(___) Greetings from KANSAS, KS., The Sunflower State, chrome, (Dunlap) S-14417-4 (___) Welcome to KANSAS The Sunflower State, chrome, (Noble) S-28243-4 (___) Greetings from KANSAS, chrome, (Noble) 684N (___) Seeing KANSAS, KS., chrome, (Kansas Ind Develp) NONE (___) Greetings from Kansas, Centennial of the State of Kansas 1861-1961, KS., chrome, (Vu-Color) S27048 (___) ABILENE, 1858 - 1900 Check All Guns--MW, KS., chrome, (Photography House) 80799-B (___) Historical BOOT HILL, Dodge City, KANSAS, KS., chrome, (Dexter Press), Palatte-type 44003 (___) KANSAS the Sunflower State, KS., linen, (Metro) NONE (___) REGARDS -Kansas City, Mo., prelinen, Airbrush-type, Ribbon added, hvy-embossed UNK (___) Army Air Field, Garden City, Kansas (NEED SCAN) Graycraft UNK (___) Great Bend Army Air Field Great Bend, Kansas (NEED SCAN) Graycraft UNK (___) Walker Army Air Field Victoria, Kansas (NEED SCAN) Graycraft UNK (___) Army Air Base Liberal, Kansas (NEED SCAN) Graycraft


55031-B (___) Greetings from FORT KNOX KY (Postal Color) K16567 (___) Greetings from KENTUCKY, KY., linen (COLO) 93595-B (___) Greetings from LOUIS-VILLE, KY., chrome, (Dexter Press) 47426 (___) KENTUCKY KY., linen, (Metrocraft)


DR30037-B (___) Greetings from LOUISIANA, The Pelican State, LA., chrome, (Dexter Press), banner-type SK-63 (___) Greetings from LOUISIANA, The Pelican State, LA., (Curteich), chrome 16551 (___) Greetings from LOUISIANA, LA., linen (COLO) 8C-K1526 (___) Greetings from LOUISIANA State University, LA.,(NEED SCAN) chrome (unk)


41913-B (___) Greetings from MAINE VACATIONLAND, chrome, (Eastern) K-4099 (___) NAPLES, MAINE, chrome, (Lusterchrome), 5, banner-type K-4090 (___) BOOTH HARBOR, ME., chrome, (Lusterchrome), banner-type DT-96218-B (___) Greetings from MAINE, ME., Vacationland, chrome, (Eastern), palatte-type DR-54468-B (___) Greetings from NAPLES, Maine, chrome, banner-type, (Dexter Press) M-2258 (___) Greetings from THE PEMAQUID REGION in Maine, chrome, banner-type, (Dexter Press) 41914-B 18704 (___) SEBAGO LAKE MAINE linen (COLO)


29176 (___) Annapolis MD Home of the U S Naval Academy (graycraft) 37407 (___) OCEANCITY MD (J I Cone) P69782 (___) OCEAN CITY, MD., chrome, (COLO), 4view-banner-type P46083 (___) FENWICK ISLAND, MD., chrome, (COLO), 2view-banner-type


15,869 (___) Fort Bevens MA (COLO) NONE (___) Just a Greeting from -- Winthrop, Mass.(added-gold), prelinen, pub:B B London MA976 (___) Greetings from PLYMOUTH, MASS., Home of the Pilgrims, chrome, (Mike Roberts) C8101 50903 (___) Greetings from NEW BEDFORD, MA.,linen, (New Bedford News) 5508 (___) BOSTON, Mass., prelinen, Multi-view, B/W, (Ill Post Card) P17887 (___) THE MOHAWK TRAIL, Mass., chrome, (COLO) K7421 (___) Greetings from BOSTON, Mass., chrome, (Lusterchrome) X-3 (___) Greetings from MASSACHUSETTS, MA., chrome, (Tri-con Colour), 47916, multi-view BM395 (___) HISTORIC BOSTON, Mass., chrome (Mike Roberts), 3view NONE (___) PLYMOUTH MA Early Card B/W CY:1907 (H I Robbins) K101 (___) BOSTON GENERIC POST CARD, CONT B/W (Klein)
(Does not have images in letters) P76867F (___) CAPE COD, MA., chrome, (COLO)


407V (___) TAHQUAMENON FALLS, MI., chrome, (Natural Color), 12361-B, banner-type 42723B (___) Greetings from WEST MICHIGAN, MI., chrome, (Dexter Press), banner-type, 4view 32451-H (___) Greetings from MACHINAC ISLAND, MI., chrome, (Hiawatha card) 7777-C (___) Greetings from MICHIGAN, MI., chrome, (Dexter Press) P7837 (___) DETROIT, MI., chrome, (COLO), banner-type DR75608-B (___) Colorful MICHIGAN, MI.,chrome, (Dexter Press), palatte-type 92861-B (___) MICHIGAN MI chrome (Dexter Press) 28159 (___) PONTIAC MI., linen, D1 (Dexter Press-Colorcraft) NONE (___) GREETINGS From DETROIT MI., prelinen, B/W undivided back, (Owen Bros) NONE (___) Views of YPSILANTI MICH., prelinen, B/W, undivided back X1247 (___) Greetings from Roscommon, MICHIGAN MI., RPPC, B/W PHOTO, (L L Cook) 36203H (___) Historic FORT Michilimackinac, Machinaw City Michigan, MI., chrome, (Hiawatha) UNK (___) MUSKEGON MI chrome


41 (___) Greetings from MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, MN., prelinen, (Colorcraft), 33665 P24214 (___) Greetings from SMOKEY BEAR in Minnesota, MN., chrome, (COLO) 79526-B (___) MINNESOTA, MN., chrome, (Dexter Press) NONE (___) Greetings from ST PAUL, MN., RPPC, PHOTO


16115 (___) Gulfport Field MS (COLO) 16176 (___) ORDNANCE Plant Florida MS linen (COLO) 5S-54464-B(___) Greetings from MISSISSIPPI, MS, chrome, banner-type, (Dexter Press) 154 (___) Greetings from The GULF COAST, linen, (COLO), 16123 K3963 (___) KEESLER AirForce Base MS (COLO) DS-900 (___) MISSISSIPPI - The Hospitality State, MS., chrome, (HSC), 4view 73550 (___) MISSISSIPPI, MS, chrome, (Dexter Press) 73550B (___) MISSISSIPPI, MS., chrome, (Dexter Press) 84658 (___) On The MISSISSIPPI, River, MS., chrome, (Dexter Press) M1 (___) MISSISSIPPI, MS., linen, 16521 (COLO)


16137 (___) Jefferson Barracks MO (COLO) 11 (___) Columbia (NEED SCAN) (Lawler Distr) ME-102 (___) Greetings from the OZARKS, chrome, (HSC) 5B-h280 (___) Greetings from EXCELSIOR SPRINGS Missouri's National Health and Recreation Resort,
linen, (CTA-Allis Paper) DR-57037-B(___) MISSOURI, MO., The Show me State, chrome, (Dexter Press) 10043 (___) KANSAS CITY, MO., prelinen, (Kansas City News) K4568 (___) ST LOUIS, MO., linen (COLO) 29 (___) ST LOUIS, MO., linen 47865 ("M" Paul Monroe) 5K3580 (___) KANSAS CITY, MO., chrome (Shini Color)


C9907G (___) Greetings from WEST YELLOWSTONE, Mont., chrome, (Scenic Art), banner-type NONE (___) Greetings from MONTANA The Treasure state, chrome, (Pikes Peak), banner-type 8049G (___) Greetings from MILES CITY Mont., chrome, (Scenic Art) 8049G, banner-type 5S-30042-B(___) Greetings from WEST YELLOWSTONE, MONT.,chrome, (Dexter Press), 2view, banner-type L5345G (___) BIG SKY, MT., CONT, (Grizzly Bear Prints), CS923


P13793 (___) Greetings from OGALLALA, Nebraska,
Site of Lae McConaughy and Kingsley Dam, World's 2nd largest Earthen Dam, chrome, (COLO) SK7610 (___) Greetings from NORTH PLATTE, NEBRASKA, the Home of BUFFALO BILL, chrome, (COLO) 43865-C (___) Traveling on NEBRASKA, Beautiful Interstate 80, chrome, (Dexter Press) P11242 (___) Greetings from NEBRASKA, the Cornhusker State, chrome, (COLO) 80794-B (___) Historical NEBRASKA, NE., chrome, (Dexter Press) NONE (___) OMAHA, NE., linen, (Art Tone) P11345 (___) OMAHA, NE., chrome, (COLO), Logo-on back, 7view


K2661 (___) Helldorado Las Vegas NV (COLO) K2367 (___) NEVADA (NEED SCAN) (Burkett Distr) K265B (___) LAS VEGAS (NEED SCAN) (Burkett) 5C-K1728 (___) LAS VEGAS NV (NEED SCAN) chrome 42.563F (___) Greetings from NEVADA OUR 100th Birthday 1864-1964, Centennial of the State of Nevada 1864-1964 pub: Bear state Sales FS-77-C (___) Greetings from LA VEGAS, NV.CONT, pub: Western Resort(HSC) 8058G (___) NEVADA CENTENNIAL 1864-1964, NV (NEED SCAN) pub: Scenic Art C16198 (___) NEVADA CENTENNIAL-1864-1964, NV (NEED SCAN) (6view-seal) pub: Mike Roberts


5S-30036-B (___) Greetings from ROCHESTER, NH (NEED SCAN) chrome, (DP) banner-type, 2view K7839 (___) Greetings from HAMPTON BEACH, N.H.,(NEED SCAN) chrome, lusterchrome, banner-type


K7533 (___) WILDOOD BY THE SEA NJ (Lusterchrome) 268 5031 (___) NEW JERSEY NJ (MWM) 57038 (___) FORT SIX, The home of the Ultimate weapons NJ (DP) chrome NONE (___) Here's a spoonful of Greetings 1849 -- C N J -- 1974 125th Anniversary Year (NEED SCAN) (Mike Boyar) chrome 50151 (___) Here's a Spoonful of Greetings, ROUND BROOK, Hamilton Street, NJ (NEED SCAB) (Mike Boyar) NONE (___) C'MON DOWN - Join the fun in the sun, STONE HARBOR, NJ (NEED SCAN) (lusterchrome) chrome J12629 (___) Falling in love with New Jersey, Washington Crossing State Park (NEED SCAN) (CONT) C8798 (___) Greetings from the NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE (NEED SCAN) (Mike Roberts) chrome 12view L-94253-D (___) I LOVE NJ (Pendor Natural Color) chrome, CONT 268 (___) WILDWOOD NJ (Lusterchrome) chrome 79576-B (___) NEW JERSEY NJ The Garden State, (DP) chrome 14426 (___) WILDWOOD by the SEA, NJ (COLO) linen AC6 (___) Greetings from Atlantic City, NJ (NEED SCAN) (Jack Freeman) chrome banner-type


P15009 (___) NEW MEXICO NM (Baxtone) G-24 (___) New Mexico (NEED SCAN) (Southwest Post Card) G-4 (___) Gallup NM (NEED SCAN) (Southwest) G-5 (___) Las Cruces NM (NEED SCAN) (Southwest) G-7 (___) Lordsburg NM (NEED SCAN) (Southwest) G-19 (___) Sante Fe NM (NEED SCAN (Southwest) UNK (___) Taos NM (NEED SCAN) (J R Willis) G-18 (___) Univ of New Mexico NM (NEED SCAN) (Southwest) UNK (___) LAS CRUCES, New Mexico, Petley P14008 (___) SANTA ROSA New Mexico, on U.S. 66, Petley 36068 (___) SHIPROCK NEW MEXICO, Petley 39368 (___) ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Petley UNK (___) HOT SPRINGS, New Mexico (NEED SCAN) Graphic Facts UNK (___) SILVER CITY, New Mexico (NEED SCAN) Graphic Facts 11117 (___) DEMING New Mexico, Graphic Facts SK7144 (___) LAS CRUCES New Mexico, Shini Color


67 (___) Greetings from NEW YORK NY (Manhattan) 83727 (___) Jamaica Long Island NY (tomlin) 87274 (___) Greetings from UNITED NATIONS, New York City (Acacia) UN19 83013-B (___) WORLD'S FAIR, New York - 1964-1965, (Offiical-Dexter Press) UNK (___) Albany NY (NEED SCAN) (C W Hughes) E-5880 (___) Lake State Park NY (W M Judd) K1167 (___) NIAGARA FALLS NY (colo) K8125 (___) Howdy from NEW YORK (COLO) 104 K8125 (___) Howdy from NEW YORK (COLO) 104 K6196 (___) Greetings from NEW YORK City (COLO) 79 E4624 (___) Greetings from OSWEGO, New York Wm Jubb None (___) Kateri ekakwitha -- Lily of the Mohawks, The Mational Shrine of the North American Martyrs, AURIESVILLE, N.Y. (NEED SCAN) prelinen, Albertype, hand-colored None (___) Greetings UTICA, pub:unkB/W DT-76789-B(___) Greetings from CHINATOWN New York chrome, Dexter Press K3374 (___) BUFFALO, NY., linen, COLO, (NEED SCAN) None (___) WELCOME to our old HOMEWEEK, TROY, N.Y., Sep. 6-9, 1908, prelinen, Valentine&Sons, (NEED SCAN) P28762 (___) Hello from SCHENECTADY, NY., (COLO) DT-75451-B(___) NEW YORK, The Empire State, 8view, NY., chrome, pub:Pendor (NEED SCAN) DT-80119-B(___) JOHN F KENNEDY International Airport, NY., chrome, pub:Dexter Press,(NEED SCN) Palatte-type None (___) BILL'S GAY 90 - 57-east 54th Street NY 1094 (___) NIAGARA FALLS, NY., pub:"M" None (___) Greetings from ROCKAWAY BEACH, NY., Black/White, pub:I Stern None (___) I LOVE NY 1/203 wb-206 (wh-bkgnd) CONT pub:Manhattan Post Card Co.(NEED SCAN) 105 (___) The Colonade, CHAUTAUQUA, NY., B/W, 105, pub:Everett H Ketchum,(NEED SCAN 2391 (___) Best Wishes for 1908 from PHILADELPHIA, prelinen, cy:A O Southwick 1907,(NEED SCAN) DR-80116-B(___) Greetings from NEW YORK CITY, chrome, pub:Dexter Press,(NEED SCAN) SP22805 (___) Greetings from Historic LONG ISLAND, Land of History, NY., chrome, pub:Natural, (NEED SCAN) DT-80611-B(___) Greetings from CHINATOWN New York, DP pallet-type 2376-C (___) Greetings from New York, DP, Pallet-type 9436 (___) Enchanted Forest of the Adirondavks olr forge N.Y. DP pallet-type


62012-C (___) CHEROKEE INDIAN RESERVATION, North Carolina, chrome, Banner-type, 3view, (Dexter Press), kg-182 77798-D (___) GOLD ROCK, NC., (MWM Dexter) KA-45 (___) ASHEVILLE, NC., chrome, banner-type, (HSC-Asheville) E-9288 (___) MONTREAT, NC., linen (ASHeville) E-6266 (___) NORTH CAROLINA, NC., linen, (ASHeville) 90337 (___) NORTH CAROLINA, NC., linen, (ASHeville) 72419=B (___) NORTH CAROLINA, NC., chrome (Dexter Press) 19233 (___) FORT BRAGG NC linen (Carolina News) PS: Advise Walt at: if you find others that are different from above??. It has been indicated that these cards may have been sample handouts by Curteich.

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