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This is Walt's Check List of the Current Known "PETLEY" "LAF/GAG" & Other Postcards/Ephemera

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Number Pmkd/C: Pub B/W a/c Words on card NOTE: ** Some Black and White Petley's have been found in the 1-12 number group with rounded corners! (___) C-1161 None Petley Salt River Crossing, Arizona (___) C-1171 None Petley Petrified Log, Petrified Forest National Monument, Arizona (___) C10311 None Petley Petrified Loggs, Petrified Forest, Arizona (___) C10777 None Petley Old Town Wickenburg, Arizona MWOB (___) C10821 None Petley Studio ** San Francisco Peaks, Northern Arizona (___) C10825 None Petley Studio ** Sunset Crater National Monument (___) C10854 None Petley Rug Weaving (___) C13001 None Petley Mitten Butte--Monument valley, Navajo Tribal Park--MW (___) C-14088 None Petley Tending Navajo Sheep, Monument Valley, Arizona--MW (___) C14153 None Petley The Desert Road Runner--MW (___) C16180 None Petley Tucson University of Arizona (___) C17785 None Petley Colorful PAINTED DESERT and PETRIFIED FOREST Arizona, Palett-type (___) C17821 None Petley Colorful Grand Canyon Arizona Pallette-type (___) C-18416 None Petley Monment Valley, Arizona--MW (___) C-21302 None Petley Navajo Rug Weaver--MW (___) C-21305 None Petley Navajo Indians and their Hogan--MW (___) C-21307 None Petley Muonument Valley--MW (___) C-21309 None Petley Monument Valley--MW (___) C-21315 None Petley Monument Valley A Navajo girl--MW (___) C-21318 None Petley Monument Valley--MW (___) C-22067 None Petley Monument Valley--MW (___) C-2477 None Petley Desert Verbenas on the San Dunes (___) C22729 None Petley Love and Lunch (child with mule) (___) C23433 None Petley Studio Interior of the Nevada wing of Hoover Dam--MW (Tearout) (___) C23630 None Petley Oak Creek Canyon--MW (___) C23702 None Petley Pheonix, Arizona (___) C2519 None Petley Horse Tail Dance of the Taos Publo Indian Tribe (___) C25266 None Petley Apache--MW (___) C25271 None Petley Wikiup--MW (___) C2752 None Petley Studio ** Gaand Canyon National Park, Arizona (Mike Roberts) (___) C28281 None Petley Blacksmith Shop at Rawhide--MW (___) C28282 None Petley The Stage pull into Rawhide after its regular--MW (___) C28283 None Petley The Wagon Train encamps at Rawhide, Arizona--MW (___) C2896 None Petley Navajo Mother with baby (___) C2964 None Petley Big Balanced Rock--MW (___) C4430 None Petely Phoenix Public Library, Phoenix, Arizona (___) C453/9ED-27 None Petley Albuquerque, New Mexico Balloon Capital of the world (___) C462 None Petley Clown dance of the Indian Tribe (___) C4959 None Petley Famous Oak Creek canyon Switchback Road--MW (___) C4967 None Petley Calle Campiloo, Nogales, Sonora, Mexico--MW T-106 (___) C4970 None Petley Queen Creek Tunnel on U S Hwys 60 & 70--MW (___) C6659 None Petley Nogales, Sonora's Main shipping district Avenida Obregon (___) C6675 None Petley View of City of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico--MW (___) C6664 None Petley Gila Monster (___) C720 None Petley Studio Arizona Date Garden (Mike Roberts) (___) C7947 None Petley Entrance, U.S. Army Electronic Proving Grounds, Fort Hauchuca--MW (___) C9355 None Petley Glen Canyon Damsite Arizona (___) C954 None Petley Studio ** Navajo Rug Weavers (___) C955 None Petley Indian Silversmiths (___) C-955 None Petley Indian Silversmiths (___) C-983 None Petley Navajo Indians and their Hogan--MW (___) C983 None Petley Navajo Indians and their Hogan (___) C-996 None Petley SH-H-H-H Don't Tell TH ENEMY! -- MW (___) CC24906 None Petley Monument Valley--MW (CONT) (___) CC-91-A None Petley Sundown in the great West Country (CONT) (___) CD-4C None Petley Grand Canyon caverns--MW (CONT) (___) CD-7C None Petley Herding sheep on the Canyon Floor with the famous totem pole rock formation in the distance--MW (CONT) (___) CE-5-C None Petley Grand Canyon Cverns (___) XOL-305-A None Petley Studio Narrow Gauge Passenger Train (___) CP-2 None Petley Chili Pepeprs--MW (CONT) (___) D None Petley Every man in his lifetime is entitled to one good dog and one good woman... (___) D-15529 None Petley Studio Twilight on the Desert (CONT) (___) D-16539 None Petley Wildflowers and Snow-MW (CONT) (___) D-16585 None Petley Spanish Bayonet (MWOB) (CONT) (___) D-16595 None Petley Studio Warty Hedgehog Cactus--MW (CONT) (___) D-17002 None Petley Studio Palm Springs at Twilight (CONT) (___) D-18725 None Petley Spanish Bayonet (Curteich) (CONT) (___) D-8303 None Petley Autumn in the Colorado Rockies--MW (___) DR-29214-B None Petley Indian Chief (___) DR-29230-B None Petley Studio Delicate Magenta Beaver Tail --ME (CONT) (___) DR=38596-D None Petley Beautiful Havasu Falls Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona (CONT) (___) DR-86716-B None Petley Apache Harvest, Fort apache Indian Reservation, Arizona (___) DR-86717-B None Petley Navajo Sand Painter--MW (___) DR-97299-B None Petley Studio Nagenta beaver tail Cactus (CONT) (___) DT-2 None Petley Old Town Plaza, Albuquerque, New Mexico--MWOB (___) D017054 None Petley Male and Female Date Blossom--MW (CONT) (___) E None 1956 Petley A woman is as old as she looks... but a man ain't old until he stops lookin'! (___) E-513 None Petley - Oh th wide open spaces thatuh love - DON'T FENCE ME IN! (___) E-563 None Petley BOY! WHAT A STRUCTURE (More words on front) (___) EP-122 None Petley University of Texas, El Paso, Texas (___) F None Petley Why de disagreeable...with a little effort you could be a real stinker! (___) G515 None Petley Palomino Stallion (jumbo) (___) G518 None Petley Palomino Stallion with Silver Mounted Saddle and Bridle (jumbo) (___) G519 None Petleu Black Stallion (jumbo) (___) G519 None Petley Battle of the Stallions (jumbo) (___) G548 None Petley Mesa Verde National Park (___) G569 None Petley Valley of the Monuments (___) G626 None Petley Gateway to Monument Valley (___) GAG-9 None Petley How does a Woman Ever Live To Be 100 When She Stays In Her 30's So Long? ----- See More GAG card listing ----- (___) H None Petley There are more old drunks than old doctors...let that be a lesson to you... (___) HSC-259 None Petley Howdy from EL PASO TEXAS The Lone Star State (___) IND-8 None Petley Medicine Man --See P29556 (___) ICS 107127 None Petley Studio Painted Desert Inn, Navajo, Arizona (___) J None Petley Don't take life too'll never get out of it alive anyway... (___) J-55 None Petley Smoke Trees in a Desert Wash--MW (___) K None Petley "Dearie, When are you going to give me my second lesson? (___) K-8 None Petley Hopi Village - Hoteville Village--stop the Hopi Mesa--MW (___) K-12 None Petley Boulder Dam (___) K-13 None Petley Kit Carson Cave ner Gallup, New Mexico, North of Highway U S 66. (___) K-13 None Petley South of the Border from Nogales, Arizona--MW (___) K-14 None Petley Desert Roadway (___) K-17 None Petley Superstition Mountain, Mesa, Arizona--MW (___) K-20 None Petley A Desert Sunst (___) K-23 None 1964 Petley Studio ** Approaching Prescott, Arizona (___) K-24 None Petley Petrified Forest of Arizona (___) K-23A None Petley Desert Roadway (___) K-33A None Petley Verde River and Four Peaks - A few miles northeast of Sctottsdale, Arizona - S8086 (___) K-34A-CA None Petley Prickly Pear Cactus--MW (CONT) (___) K-35 None Petley Hedgehog Cactus (___) K-38 None Petley Salt River Canyon (___) K-4 None Petley Grand Canyon--South Rim--MW (___) K-43 None Petley Oak Creek Falls (___) K-44 None Petley Navajoland--MW (___) K-46 None Petley Castle Rock (___) K-49A None Petley Giant Saguaro in bloom (___) K-51A None Petley Octilla (___) K51 None Petely Studio ** Octilla (___) K-53 None Petley Navajo Rug Weavers (___) K-59 None Petley Desert Yucca in bloom (___) K-6 None Petley Saquaro Forest--National Monument--MW (___) K-60 None Petley Joshua tree on the Desert (___) K-62 None Petley WOB - It's Just and old Texas Custom--MW (___) K-65 None Petley Havasu Falls (sn_) K-68 None Petley ** Navajo Mother and Child (Ray Manley) (___) K-68 None Petley Howdy from a Little Stinker (___) K-68A None Petley Studio Picacho Peak (CONT) (___) K-73 None Petley Navajo Indian Boy (___) K-76 None Petley Benedictine Saunctuary of Perpetual Adoration, Tucson, Arizona (___) K-83 None Petley Navajo Woman and Daughter ride--MW (Other S-1200-16) (___) K-87 None Petley Chili Peppers--MW 5428 (___) K-87 None Petely Montezuma Castle--MW, Prescott Arizona (other 10074) (___) K-89 None Petley Desert Palms and the Giant Saguaro Cactus (___) K-90 None Petley St.Philip's in the Hills, TUCSON (___) K-92-AP-C None Petley Studio April in the Valley of the sun (CONT) (___) K-93 None Petlsy Desert Verbenia and desert sun flowers--MW (Other 34603) (___) K-98 None Petley Tuzigoot Ruins, Arizona (___) K-99 None Petley Desert Verbenas on the Sand Dunes (___) K-105A None Petley Navajo Bridge, Northern Arizona (___) K-108 None Petley Hassayampa Well, Wickensburg, Arizona (___) K-115 None Petley Navajo Women (___) K-120 None Petley The Castle on a Cliff - Prescott Arizona--MW (___) K-121 None Petley Studio ** Roadway through the Saguaros (___) K-122 None Petlay Sunset at the Grand Canyon from Yaki Point, Arizona (___) K-130 None Petley Navajo Indian and his pony (___) K-132 None Petley Western Campfire Wild Horse Guest Ranch covered wagon, Tucson, Az (___) K-135 None Petley Navajo Lass and her Burro (___) K-136A None Petley Navajo Indians--MW (___) K-138 None Petley ** Old Tucson--MW (___) K-140 None Petley Indian War Dancer (___) K-148 None {etley Central Avenue at Washington Streets, Phoenix, Arizona (___) K-149 None Petley Balanced Rock--MW (___) K-152 None Petley Old Adobe Church, Part of the replica of Old TUCSON--MW (___) K-156 None Petley White Sands, New Mexico--MW (___) K-166 None Petley Studio Saguaro Cactus Flower (CONT) (___) K-168 None Petley Indian War Dancers (___) K-177 None Petley Hopi Kachina Doll (___) K-179 None Petley The Old Dowlin Mill at Ruidoso, New Mexico--MW (___) K-181 None Petely Jerome, Arizona (___) K-183 None Petley Under the light of the Western Moon (___) K-186 None Petley Navajo Sand Painters-(words on front)--MWOB (___) K-186 None Petley Navajo Sand Painters-(no words on front)--MWOB (___) K-197-A None Petley Rugged Snow-capped Mountain (___) K-203 None Petley Petrified log cross section and chips--MW (Other #S-1182-6) (___) K-204 None Petley Sioux War Dancers (___) K-211 None Petley Prospector and his Burro--MW (sitting with gun and Burro) (___) K-215 None Petley The Tombstone Epitaph Tombstone, Arizona (___) K-218 None Petley Welcome to Tomstone and Boothill Graveyard--MW, Arizona (___) K-224-A None Petley Studio * Superstition Mountain 24150 (___) K-225 None Petley Oldest House in U. S. A., Sata Fe, New Mexico (___) K-251 None Petley Tonto Cliff Dwelling (Arizona) (___) K-276 None Petley Smoke trees on the desert--MW (___) K-294 None Petley Famous Dinosaur Rock is the City of Rocks between Deming and Silver City, NM. (___) K-321 None Petley Gateway to Monument Valley Northern Arizona (___) K-323 None Petley Horned Toads (___) K-327 None Petley Wupatki Indian Ruins (sn-) K-331 None Petley Studio ** Arizona's Painted Desert (___) K-338 None Petley The Lulu Belle, Scottsdale,Arizona (___) K-340 None petley Superstition Mountain--MW (___) K-341 None Petley Cacti and Desert Flora of the great Southwest (___) K-341-C None Petley Cacti and Desert Flora of the Great Southwest (CONT) (___) K-342 None Petley Journey's End--MW (___) K-346 None Petley MARIA, the Pottery Maker--MW, NM. (___) K-348A None Petley Studio Ocotillo (CONT) (___) K354 None Petley Rancho De Toas Church near Taos. New Mexico (___) K357 None Petley El Rito Canyon--MW (NM) (___) K358 None Petley Radium Springs Dam, New Mexico (___) K383 None Petley Indian Warrior (Color Card) (___) K-428A None Petley HOT MEALS at all hours (___) K-449 None Petley High in the Superstition Mountains, East of Mesa--MW (___) K-456 None Petley Navajo Sand Painting--MW 12230 (___) K-459 None Petley Navajo family at the entrance of their hogan (NM) 12226 (___) K-460 None Petley Indian Dancers--MW 12222 (___) K-461 None Petley Indian Eagle Dancer--MW (___) K-461 None Petley Navajo Eagle Dancer--MW 12235 (___) K-475 None Petley The land Without beginning or end (___) K-476 None Petley Whitre stallion King of the Herd (___) K-490 None Petley Dance Team at the Gallup, NM. (___) K-504 None Petley Queen Vitoria--MW (___) K-507 None Petley Oleanders on the desert--MW (___) K-517 None Petley The Famous Jail Trail in the heart of Wickenburg, Arizona S331-3 (___) K-518 None Petely Wickenburg, Arizona--MW S3310 (___) K-674 None Petley Devil's Finger Cactus (___) K-999 None Petley Wild life in Southwestern Desert (___) K-1001 None Petley Arizona Sonora Desert Musuem, Tucson, Arizona (___) K-1001 None Petley Same - Added on back-The Watershed Exposition cancel-Save Me (___) K-1111 None Petley Tucumcari Mountain, Tucumcari, NM. (___) K-1941 None Petley Arizona cactus Wren and Saguaro Blossoms (___) KVB10711 None Petlry Studio Petrified Forest National Park Northern Arizona (CONT) (___) KVB11577 None Petley London Bridge Lake Havasu, Arizona (___) KVB89781 None Petley Studio Interior, Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona, Arizona. (___) L-96 None Petley In desert Botanical Garden--MW (___) L-179 None Petley The old Dowlin Mill (___) L-360 None Petley The Famous Wishing Well, Wickenburg, Arizona--MW 1C-K155 (___) LA-103 None Petley The Atomic City, Los Alamos, New Mexico (___) LA-105 None Petley Los Alamos County Courthouse, Los Alamos, New Mexico (___) M None 1956 Petley It's that time of year... (___) MC-1 none Petley World's Greatest Meteor Crater, Arizona (___) N Unknown (___) NM-100 None Petley Acoma Water Hole--MW (___) NM-201 None Petley U S Highway 66 -- Interstate 40 through scenic New Mexico (___) NM-211-C None Petley Tucumcari Mountains--MW (CONT) (___) O-25 None Petley Studio The Flaming Blossoms--MW (CONT) (___) None None Petley Wild Life in Southwest Desert (___) P-109 None Petley Taos Pueblo--MW (___) P-122 None Petley Taos Creek in Texas Pueblo (___) P-220 None Petley Pure Bred Indian Gelding, Scottsdale, Arizona--MW (___) P-27 None Petley Navajo Sheep Herd (___) P-345 None Petley Studio Sandia Peak Aerial Treamway, Albuquerque, New Mexico (___) P-59-C None Petley Chili Peppers--MW (___) P-8 None Petley Petrified Wood Petrified Forest National Park Northern Arizona (___) P-57-C None Petley Oak Creek Canyon--MW (CONT) (___) P-77-C None Petley Jerome, Arizona (CONT) (___) P0803-C None Petley Desert Yucca (CONT) (___) P-101 None Petley American Indian Symbols (___) P107 None Petley Taos Pueblo--MW (___) P109 None Petely Taos Pueblo--MW (sn_) P110 None Petley Stusio ** Taos Pueblo, Taos, New Mexico -- MWOB (sn_) P15008 None Petley Studio ** Santa Rosa, N.M. on U. S. 66 (___) P1650 None Petley Pueblo Idnian Drummer (___) P20960 None Petley Lester Moore Grave Boothill Graveyard Tombstone, Arizona (___) P20961 Noen Petley Studio Main Street, Safford, Arizona (___) P20971 None Petley Bisbee, arizona (___) P-221-C None Petley Studio Spring comes to the Desert (CONT) (___) P27206 None Petley Hoover (Boulder) Dam -- Arizona -- Nevada (___) P28611 None Petley Studio Montezuma Castle--MW NM. (sn-) P29497 None Petley Studio ** Spectacular and Colorful Red Rock formations as seen from U. S. 66 --MW (sn-) P29498 None Petley Studio ** Gigantic and typically colorful formations adjacent to U. S. 66 --MW (___) P29555 None Petley A Five Year old Hopi Boy "Smiles" for the Camera (___) P300195 None Petley Studio ** Montezuma Castle National Monument--MW (___) P-301 None Petley Sunset in Navajo Land (sn_) P=311 None Petley Studio ** Greetings from 4 Corners (___) P302030 None Petley Studio Sunset Crater National Monument, Arizona (CONT) (___) P310142 None Petley Majestic Snow covered Sandia Mountain Range--MW (CONT) (___) P32527 None Petley Saquaro's Attain many fantastic shapes during their long reign of life -TUS11 (___) P-321 None Petley Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway, Albuquerque, NM. (___) P-331 None Petley Studio Sedona, Arizona (CONT) (___) P-334 None Petley White Sands Missile Range, Alamogordo, New Mexico (___) P32668 None Petley Taos Indians dance team at the Gallup Intertribal Cermonial (NM) (___) P32669 None Petley Aztec Indian Dance group--MW (___) P408825 None Petley Studio Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi Santa Fe, New Mexico (___) P63427 None Petlley Studio Flagstaff Arizona (___) P36289 None Petely The Tombstone Epitaph, Tombstone, Arizona--MW (___) P36561 None Petley The White Sands of the White Sands National Monument--MW (chrome) (___) P36563 None Petley Navajo Indian Life--MW (___) P-367 None Petley La Placita Patio Market--MW, Old Albuquerque, New Mexico (___) P379-C None Petley Studio Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway, Albuquerque, New Mexico. (CONT) (___) P38055 None Petley Strawberry Cactus--MW (___) P38613 None Petley Rainbow over Painted Desert, Northern Arizona--MW, flagg logo on back (___) P40046 None Petley Park Central Shopping City North Central near Thomas Road (___) P41068 None Petlsy Mule Pass Tunnel, Bisbee, Arizona (___) P41547 None Petley The beautiful Palisades of Cimmarron Canyon, NM.--MW (___) P45 None Petley Howdy from Dateland, Arizona - Just another Poor old jackass with more than he can support! (___) P47684 None Petley Studio Doug;as, Arizona, Busy Hub--MW (___) P47689 None Petley The Original Cochise County Courthouse, Tombstone, Arizona (___) P47691 None Petley Westward Ho Hotel, Phoenix, Arizona (___) P47699 None Petley State Capitol Building Phoenix, Arizona (___) P59712 None Petley The Painted Desert, Northern Arizona--MW (___) P59715 None Petley Petrified Forest National Monument, Arizona (___) P59724 None Petley Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona--MW (___) P60590 None Petley Skiing at Santa Fe Basin, Santa Fe, NM. (___) P63459 None Petley Downtown Albuquerque, N.M. looking West on Central Ave. (sn-) P63460 None 1974 Petley Studio ** Scenic Tijera Canyon and Famous Hwy. 66--MW (___) P63556 None Petley Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell, Page, Arizona--MW (___) P64192 None Petley Benit Jaurez Monument, Ciudad Jauerez, Chih, Mexico--MW (___) P69135 None Petley Old Ore Wagon used by the Mines in the late 1800's, Tombstone, Arizona (___) P75222 None Petley Casa Grande Ruins National Moument Coolidge, Arizona (___) P75226 None Petley Artist Paul Coze's conception of the Hohokam Indiand Village life Circa A.D.1300--MW (___) P78724 None Petley Petrified Forest National Monument, Arizona (___) P78730 None Petley Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona--MW (CONT) (___) P86423 None Petley Syudio Palm Springs, California (CONT) (___) P87550 None Petley Studio ** Kingman, Arizona, Fast Growing City on Route 66 in Northweest Arizona (___) P87881 None Petley Jerome (Ghost Town), Arizona--MW (CONT) (___) P89221 Noen Petley Studio This beautiful setting for the Mountain Station Restaurant--MW (CONR-AZ.) (___) P89432 None Petley Graves of Frank Bowles (CONT) (___) P97951 None Petley Studio Shiprock, New Mexico (CONT) (___) PC-31 None Petley Oak Tree House Ruin-- Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado (___) PG-241 None Petley Acoma Pottery--MW (CONT) (___) PG-270 None Petley Silver City, New Mexico--MW (___) PG-802 None Petley I Gotta 'Kick' out of Texas (CONT) (___) PH-1 None Petley Superstition Mountain--MW (___) PH-6 None Petley North Central Highrise Complex Phoenix, Arizona (___) PH-52-5 None Petley Navajo Women, Canyon De Chelly, Arizona--MW (___) PH-53-5 None Petley White House Ruin Canyon de Chelly, Arizona (___) PH-59-5 None Petley Studio Arizona StockS (___) PH-72 None Petley Hopi Indian, Arizona (___) PH-76 None Petley Navajo Family--MW (___) PP-10 None Petley Out west with all the modern conveniences (___) PP-15-B None Petley The Road Runner - Clown of the West--MW (CONT) (___) PP-25-C None Petley Studio A beautiful Sunset with the graceful Deset Yucca--MW (CONT) (___) PSW-1723 None Petley Hottest Card in New Mexico (peppers) CONT (___) PSW0012NM None Petley Old Town Plaza, Albuquerque, New Mexico (___) PX102 None Petley Picking Citrus Fruit near Phoenix (___) PX103 None Petley Golfing in Phoenix Arizona--MW (___) S-1000-1 None Petley The Grand Canyon National Park Highway Junction with U.S. 66 two miles east of Williams, Arizona (___) S-1005 None Petley Showlow, Arizona--MW 33337 (___) S-1017-4 None Petley Tumcacori National Monument, Arizona--MW (___) S-1110-3 None Petley Mission In The Sun, Tucson, Arizona--MW (___) S-1150-1 None Petley Ouray, Colorado--MW (___) S-13659-1 None Petley Santana of San Lldefonso Pueblo near Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico--MW (___) S-13659-9 None Petley Santana of San Lldefonso Pueblo near Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico--MW (___) S-14638-5 None Petley Katchina Doll Collection (___) S-14638-6 None Petley Katchina Doll Collection (___) S-14641 None Petley Chili drying in the Southwest (___) S-1471-4 None Petley Navajo Indians--MW See K136A (___) S-1610-3 None Petley Colored Peccary or Javelin--MW (___) S16236 None Petley Denver and Rio Grando Narrow Gauge Passenger Train--MW (sn-) S1743-2 None Petley Studio ** Window Rock Window Rock, Arizona (___) S-1749-7 None Petley Studio ** The incomparable Rose Room of the Lulu Belle in Scottsdale, Arizona--MW (___) S-1652-14 None Petley Famous Stairway Our Lady of Light Chapel, Santa Fe, N.M. (___) S1782-1 None Petley Campus of Texas Western College, El Paso, Texas (___) S-1852-6 None Petley Horned Toads - MW (___) S-17308-3 None Petley The Chief Diner 2127 Main Ave., Durango, Colorado--MW (___) S17755 Nonw Petley Arusio Rucaon Travel Lodge, (___) S-1907-2 None Petley The Grand imperial Hotel, Silverton, Colorado--MW (___) S-22018 None Petley Navajo Feathr Dancer - ME, Gallup, NM. (___) S-22022 None Petley Lefty many Goats a San Carlos Apache--MW (___) S-22024-2 None Petley Navajo Women - MW (___) S-22665 None Petley St. Philip's in the Hills Episcopal Church, Tucson, Arizona--MW (___) S-23040-12 None Petley Studio Safari Hotel, Scottsdale, Arizona (___) S-23040-17 None Petley Safari Hotel, Scottsdale, Arizona (___) S-23342-5 None Petley Studio Tucson, Arizona looking south on Stone (___) S 23342 None Petley Studio Same words (___) S 29473 None Petley Studio RAMADA INN, Scottsdale, Arizona (___) S-2905-4 None Petley Studio Grand Canyon Arizona South Rim--MW (sn_) S-30127-9 None Petley Studio ** Scenic Highway 66 near GRANTS, New Mexico (sn_) S-30127-12 None Petley Studio ** Scenic Highway 66 near GRANTS, New Mexico (___) S-31630-2 None Petley Red Dog Saloon Scottsdale, Arizona (___) S3035 None Petley Vigilante Justice, Virginia City, Montana (___) S3202-3 None Petley Welcome to ARIZONA - The Grand Canyon State (___) S3202 None Petley Same K404 (___) S32274 None Petley Studio ** Ramada Inn, Albuquerque, New Mexico (___) S3307-3 None Petley North Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona (sn_) S3310-1 None Petley Studio ** Wickenburg, Arizona (___) S33534f none Petley Studio ** Arcadioa Lodge, U. S. 66 & U. S. 93, Kingman, Arizona (___) S3465-1 None Petley Cameron, Arizona--MW (___) S3466-18 None Petley Land of the Navajo--MW (___) S3962 None Petley Market Place in Chihuahua, Chih, Mexico--MW (___) S-41164 None Petley Flagstaff, Arizona--MW (___) S4434-1 None Petley Indian woman grinding corn--MW (___) S46062-9 None Petley Safari Hotel Scotsdale, Arizona --MW (___) S47371-1 None Petley Shalimar Inn, Gallup, New mexico (___) S-55627-1 None Petley Box Canyon Falls--MW (___) S-56806 None Petley Benson, Arizona (___) S-57121 None Petley Phoenix Arizona (___) S-62011 None Petley Sunport Air Terminal, Albuquerque, New Mexico--MW (___) S61021 None Petley Glen Canyon Bridge, Page, Arizona (___) S-62393 None Petley Yuma, Arizona--MW (___) S6515 None Petley Continental Divide on U S Highway 66 in Northern New Mexico--MW (___) S7129L12-1 None Petley Hiway House--MW, Phoenix, Arizona (___) S7129L2 None Petley Hiwayhouse, 3148 E Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona (___) S-7501-3 None Petley Chandler Arizona he Fire Star City (___) S-84045-1 None Petley Superstition Ho Apache Junction, Arizona--MW (___) SA-1 None Petley Studio Spring in the heart of desertland (CONT) (DR_) SF-3 None Petley Studio Miraculous Stairway Chapel of Loretto, Santa Fe, New Mexico (___) SF-5 None Petley Prayer Room in Sauntuary of Chimayo, Chimayo, New Mexicao--MW (___) SF-9 None Petley Church in the Indian village of Picuris near Santa Fe, New Mexico (___) SF-13 None Petley Rio Grande High Bridge--MW (___) T-25 None Petley Underground Tunnel - Desert Museum--MW (___) T-107 None 1963 Petley Studio ** Palo Verde trees on the Desert (___) T-112 None Petley Nogales, Arizona and the International Fence--MW C6674 (___) T-114 None Petley Family Group of Saguaros--MW (___) T-105 None Petley Road in Saguaro Forest (___) T-434 None Petley "The Fence" which serves at the International Boundry --MW 9610 (___) TUS-11 None Petley Saquaro's attain many fantastic shapes--MW P32527 (___) WN-1 C:1956 Petley Western Saturday Night (CONT) (___) WS-112 None Petley Albino Lizard from the Great White Sands Alamagordo, New Mexico (___) X110022 None Petley Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona--MW (CONT) (___) X113361 None Petley Montezuma Castle, Arizona (CONT) (___) X113366 None Petley Albuquerque, New Mexico--MW (CONT) (___) X113378 None Petley Studio Arizona Cactus and Saguaro Blossoms (CONT) (___) X113649 None Petley Studio Teddy Bear Cholla Cactus (CONT) (___) X113832 None Petley Arizona Sonora Desert Musuem 14 miles West of Tucson (CONT) (___) X113845 None Petley Studio Desert Poppies Southern Arizona (CONT) (___) X115461 None Petley Stucio Taos Pueblo-New Mexico (CONT) (___) X115602 None Petley Studio Phoenix, Arizona (CONT) (___) X115773 None Petley San Francisco Peaksm Northern Arizona--MW (CONT) (___) X115777 None Petley Monument Valley, Arizona (CONT) (___) X116206 None Petley Studio State capitol Building and Capital Complex, Pheonix, Arizona (CONT) (___) X116588 None Petley Navajo Indian Squaw MWOB, (CONT) (___) X3 None 1952 Petley Whash makes yuh think a've had too mush to drink? (JUMBO) (___) X8 None Petley I hain't had but two bad habits--MW (___) X8 None 1952 Petley I hain't had but two bad habits--MW (JUMBI) (___) X9 none Petley I'm Out havin' a H____ of a good time--MW (___) X9A None Petley When we left ... Comin' Home... (___) XA None Petley Old fisherman never die-they just smell that way... (___) XA None 1956 Petley Old fisherman never die-they just smell that way... (JUMBO) (___) XJ None 1956 Petley Same words as "J" (___) XL None Petley Just takin' it easy... (___) XM None 1956 Petley It's that time of the year... (JUMBO)


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"NOTICE OF BOB PETLEY PASSING" Robert Teeple Petley died July 7, 2006. Born November 11, 1912, in Akron,
Ohio, Robert T. Petley is the son of Herbert and Edna Teeple Petley. His
father was an inventor and product developer for the Goodrich Tire and
Rubber Company, where he helped pioneer the balloon tire. As a small boy,
Bob moved with his mother, to the home of his maternal grandparents. As a
boy, he worked on his grandfather's dairy farm near Akron, and later drove a
milk truck during summer vacations. After attending King Elementary School,
he entered Akron's West High School, where he played football, threw the
javelin, and was in constant demand as a designer of posters and banners
publicizing school events. Bob was a boxer of unusual talent and one of his
proudest accomplishments was winning the regional Golden Gloves title in
1931 while attending Culver Military Academy. He later coached boxing in
Chicago. He entered Hiram College (Ohio) in 1933, and graduated with an A.B.
degree in 1937. His college activities included football and track. He was a
member of Sigma Delta Psi, a national honorary athletic fraternity. During
the years between 1937 and 1943, Bob sold candy for the Life Saver Company,
promoted a national marbles tournament for Scripps-Howard Newspapers, sold
shirts for Cluett-Peabody Co., and worked for Fisher Body Division,
illustrating repair procedures for the B-29 Bomber. On July 10, 1942, he was
married to Kathlyn Niles, and in 1943, because of persistent problems with
arthritis, they moved to Arizona where he was hired by Fred Myers of the
Arizona Republic and Gazette, and was on staff in the display advertising
department of the paper, and remained on the staff for three years. Bob was
too full of energy and ambition to settle for a desk job. He could foresee a
huge market for tourist postcards as soon as wartime travel restrictions were
lifted, so he left the Republic, and from his home, with twelve black and
white humorous postcards he created, he started his postcard company, Petley
Studios, Inc., which would later become the nations largest publisher and
distributor of scenic color postcards, with an annual sales exceeding
25,000,000 pieces through 3500 dealers in Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas,
southwestern Colorado, and eastern California. In addition to Petley
Studios, Inc., Bob owned retail stores in Ouray and Silverton, Colorado.
Today, several of Bob's early postcards are now collector's items, many of
which are now on display at the Smithsonian Institute. One of his most
famous postcards was that of the Jackalope. He was a member of Scottsdale
Masonic Lodge #43 and a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason of The Phoenix
Consistory. Bob is survived by his daughter Vicky Petley and grandson
Brandon Reid Petley. He also had a son, Robert who died at the age of 45. A
funeral service will be held, Tuesday, July 11, 2006, 10:00 AM at Messinger
Indian School Mortuary, 7601 E. Indian School Road. The family requests that
any contributions be sent to Americare Hospice, 1103 S. Mesa Drive, Ste 2,
Mesa, AZ 85210. Sign the Guest Book at
Published in the East Valley Tribune on 7/11/2006.

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