when keeping inventory of


SUGGESTED CODE DEFINITIONS to Use in this check list:
   U=Used, G=Good, M=Mint, R=Replace, P=Poor, AM=Album Marks,
   UND/UB=Undivided back, WOF=Written on Front,

   WOB=Written on back, EMB=Embossed, B/W=Black & White,

   GR=Grey, PH=Photo, BC=Bent Corners, ADV=Advertising,

   PMOF=Postmark on front, MP=Misprint,

   DPO=Dead Post Office Cancel, RPO=Railroad Post Office Cancel,
   (?)=Question, OTN=Other number(), UNK=Unknown, SEP=Sepia,
   GL=Glitter, HC=Hand Colored, NN=No Number, DV=Different View,
   DB=Divided back, ROATW=Road of a Thousand Wonders, OV=Oval
   SB=Stampbox-XXXX, pmkd=Post Marked xxxx, C=Copyright,     

   CY=Cyanide, []=Added notes, (___)=Used for inventory,

   MW=More Words, SN/sn=Seen-do not have, LN=City/State Unknown,

   MS=Misspelling, (-a-b-c-d=Variations of same number),

   SAS=Same as other numbers, ABM=Album, Booklet=BKT,

   FDR=Folder, TO=Tear-out-from booklet,

   TWOF=Two fold "Mail Card," GRN=Green tone background,

   BLK=Black lettering, SOF=Signed on front, vert=Vertical
   MWOF=More words on front, MWOB=More words on back,

   (+)=New item

      These postcards were published by: CALIFRONIA ART Co.

            See Back Types

 NOTICE: This Reference list for CALIFORNIA ART is for

 personal use only-Use & Reproduction(Including scans) of this

listing for business Purposes, or Links will require Walt's written permission.

" PLEASE CHECK YOUR COLLECTION for cards marked UNK " If you have

information/revisions to add to this Checklist-Contact Walt:


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