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Lew Baer (SFBAPCC) Editor (retired)

Shirley Bittancourt (SFBAPCC)

Craig Blackstone (SFBAPCC)

Tom Brackett (SJPCC) (SFBAPCC)

Jim Caddick (SFBAPCC)

Davis Coscia (fellow Collector)

Trudy Cox (SJPCC) (deceased)

Harvey Lear Christiance  EHM – Photographer

Fred P. Dann Reno, Nevada Photographer

Dan DePalma (dealer/collector)

John Drew (SJPCC)

Jon Drury

Ken Elder (fellow collector)

Nick Farago (SJPCC)

David Felts (fellow collector-Nashville, Tn.)

Bob Gilmore

Roland Girouard (San Mateo, Ca.)

Gregg (GR)

Vernon Hamm

David Herbst SFBAPCC (fellow EHM Collector)

Ed Herny (SFBAPCC) Pres.

Nancy Hawver  (Oregon)

Nancy Hull (Colusa, Ca.)

Hobb W. Jackson

Joseph Jaynes  (SCPCC) (SFBAPCC) (deceased)

Albert Johnson/Lawrence E Dick

George Juilly (SFBAPCC)

Sharon Jones (SJPCC)

Walter R. Kransky (SJPCC) (SFBAPCC)

          wrksy@att.net - assistant editor

Will Lee

Arel Lucas (Metadata Spec. San Diego State Univ. Lib.)

Victoria Lucas  (fellow Collector)

B B Lackey

Tom Layton

Betty Lewis (SCPCC)(deceased)

P. E. Larson Goldfield, Nevada Photographer

Nick Nielsen

Orv B. M.

Marty & Betty Michaels (SJPCC) (dealer)

Mathew McQueen

Ted & Arlene Miles  (dealer)

George Morris (SFBAPCC)

Walter X. Osborn Virginia City, Nevada Photographer

Lynne Paulson (SJPCC)

George Payton  (SJPCC) (san Jose) (dealer)

Ken Pragg SFBAPCC SJPCC (dealer)

Don Price SFBAPCC  (fellow EHM Collector-Palo Alto, Cal.

Mike Rasmussen (SJPCC) (deceased)


Leo A Schiffert  (fellow EHM Collector)(added a DH2 variation #1910)

Steve & Janet Schmale (dealer-collector)

Emory Willard Smith Tonopah, Nevada Photographer

Herbert T. Shaw Tonopah Nevada Photographer

Sam Stark  (SFBAPCC)(SCPCC) (Deceased)

Keith Steiner (Author of "Hawaii's Early Territorial Days 1900-1915")

Robert Stoldal (SFBAPCC) Fellow Collector(NV)

Darlene Thorne  (SFBAPCC)

Randy Treadway

R. J. Waters Reno, Nevada Photographer

Mike Wigner (SFBAPCC)

Randy Wilson (added EHM sepia 2752-2757)

           See Robert Stoldal’s Article for ORTHER References for Credit




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