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                   ---------- LETTERS RELATED TO E. H. MITCHELL -----------

FROM: SAM STARK - Dec.26, 1976

TO: Mr. Hobbs W. Jackson, Post Office. Box 116, Lafayette, Al. 36962                                 Posted: Pebble Beach, Ca. Dec. 27, 1976

Dear Hobbs:

     I am enjoying very much the December 1976 issue of PUCK, but think I should contribute some information on those pre-Pan-Pacific Expo Cards. I am working on a biog of Edward H. Mitchell and have had access to many of his business papers, press clippings etc., along with being permitted to Xerox copies of his daily cash books and ledgers. Last November, the Golden Gate P. C. Club commenced running a series of articles.... there will be 12 or 15, that I excerpted from the book. I will quote in part from a series that will appear later, on Mitchell's exposition post cards.

     You may use all or part, as you wish, of the following: Under the date of 1912, Mitchell has written: P. P. I. E. Concession account. April agreed price $25,000.00.July 30. 1st payment when contract signed,

$2,500 Jan.2, 1914, 2nd part payment...all was done Jan.1, 1914.

$10,000 Jan.15, 1914 "   "     "       "    "   "    "      "     $1,500 Cancelled as per agreement dated 9-15-1914. (See P.4)


From the Pacific Stationer and Bookseller, Sept. 1911:

     "The Exposition Publishing Company, was formed some time ago by the Cardinell-Vincent Company, the Pacific Novelty Company, The Newman Post-Card Company and Edward H. Mitchell for the purpose of handling special business in connection with the Panama-Pacific Exposition, is now getting down to actual work, the concerns above mentioned have jointly brought out the first two series of Exposition cards. The first series consists of three single cards in sepia and one double card, showing maps of the Exposition grounds as they appeared in the different daily papers of San Francisco the morning after the site was finally settles. The second series consists of five different cards showing combination views of the city as it appears today, surrounded by ornamental designs appropriate to the fair. These cards may be purchased from any of the firms mentioned at the uniform price of 50 cents per hundred..."HOBBS" The cards you show in the December issue are pre-Expo Poster cards. Most of the designs were winners in a contest held by the Expo officials and judged by an art committee who made the awards. So, although Mitchell and the others originally printed their own individual cards under their own names, they did join together and issue at a later period, the same cards under the Exposition Publishing label. Then, in January, 1912 the following was issued as a press release: "The members of the Exposition Publishing Company which was organized some time ago by several leading Post-card firms, decided at their last meeting that it would be best to discontinue the former agreement, under which they expected to publish and handle all Exposition cards through one medium. It is therefore quite likely that each of the firms interested in the Exposition Company will soon issue cards of this nature of their own make.                    


Now, the reason for the break-up was this: Mid-Western and Eastern firms were attempting to move in and start publishing expo cards and each of the California firms wanted to keep local photographers under contract. Oscar Newman (Newman Post Cards) did not want to lose Charles Weidner, who was his San Francisco manager & Photographer; Mitchell did not want to give up Beesaw and others. So each publisher went on his own, however, in June 1912, the following took this place: "Souvenir Publishing Company," "Edward H. Mitchell, president of the Souvenir Publishing Company, says: ‘We have been extremely busy for the last month, transferring the bulk stock from the places of business of our different selling agents to the warehouse, (Army Street) and furnishing the selling agents in turn with 1000 each of all the different subjects purchased by the new company from various sources, and Our sales for the first month’... The officers of the new company elected for the first year are: Edward H. Mitchell, president; Oscar Newman, vice-president; George Clarkson, secretary, and J. D. Cardinell, treasurer.' (Note; Mitchell had previously bought Pacific Novelty Company from George Clarkson and then hired Clarkson to work for him). The Souvenir Company dissolved partnership in February 1914 and commenced selling cards independently. Mitchell took over the post card concession for the Exposition, which had been acquired by the Souvenir Company. The Oscar Newman Company took over all the Southern California cards formerly handled by the Cardinell-Vincent Company, and the latter house continued the sales of all its Northern subjects, including a large line of the Mitchell cards. In March, 1914 Mitchell announced that he had purchased the entire interests in the Souvenir Publishing Company of all the stockholders of that company, which has the concession to manufacture and sell the official post cards, post card albums, post card novelties, folders, panoramic and bird's-eye view of the Panama Pacific Exposition. Here after all sales of the Souvenir Publishing Company will be billed out in the name of Edward H. Mitchell 3363 Army Street, San Francisco, California, who will sell to the trade.

    Mitchell's Ledger sheets reflect the Following:

P. P. I. E. stock subscription:

EHM              5,000

O. Newman          250

Pac Novelty        250

Card-Vincent       840

Stock paid in full as per agreement dated 0-15-14 (See P.1)

NOTE: All the above was written by Mitchell by hand... his penmanship was excellent..., very easy reading.

                        Sam Stark (signed)

                        Dec.26, 1976

                                    "MORE LETTERS TO COME"

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