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(*__)    6 DH3  Thlinket Packing Co's Trap No. 7. Case & Draper

                   One of two-scow-loads of 18,000 each

                   Caught in this trap

(TB_) 27-N DH3  Indian Witch Doctor ("Shaman") Healing a Sick

                   Women W. H. Case                 SCAN div\div27n.jpg

(*__)   34 DH3  Vegetable Garden, Juneau, Alaska. Case & Draper

(*__)      DH3  Treadwell Mine, Alaska. 

                   [Glory Hole, Looking East]

(*__)   35 DH3  "Mazama" or Mountain Goats Kill by W.H. Case,

                          Juneau, Alaska.

(*__) 46-N DH3  ????? Native Basket Weaver. Case & Draper

(*__) 80-N DH3  Chief Ka-Ann's Totem Pole, Ketchikan, Alaska.

                   Case & Draper

(*__)   82 DH3  Treadwell Mine 300 Stamp Mill Battery Floor "B"

                   Side. Case & Draper

(*__)   89 DH3  Treadwell Mine, Alaska - 300 stamp mill – Vanner room

(sn_)  102 DH3  Steamer "Humboldt" Juneau, Alaska. Case & Draper

(*__) 105T DH3  Treadwell Mine, Alaska, Boarding House, Main

                   Dining Room. W. H. Case       SCAN div\div105t.jpg

(*__)  108 DH3  P. C. Co's Steamer "City of Seattle" Case & Draper

(*__)  112 DH3  Lovers Lane, Sitka, Alaska

(*__) 117T DH3 Treadwell Mine: 1500 Foot Level, "Ready Bullion."

(sn_)  144 DH3  Alaska S. S. Co's Steamer "Jefferson", Salisbury

                   Sound, Alaska.

(*__)  157 DH3  Haines and Ft. Wm. H. Seward from Mt. Rippinsky

                   Pyramid Harbor and Davidson Glacier in distance

(*__)  161 DH3  Juneau, Alaska. Case & Draper

(*__)  162 DH3  Juneau, on Gastineau Channel, Alaska. Douglas

                   and Treadwell in distance.

(*__)  172 DH3  Lover's Lane; Sitka, Alaska. Case & Draper

(*__)  235 DH3  Vegetable Garden, Juneau, Alaska. Case & Draper

(*__)  243 DH3  Wrangell, Alaska. W. H. Case

(*__)  257 DH3  Placer Mining, Silver Bow Basin, By E. Kaufman

                   W. H. Case                      SCAN div\div257.jpg

(*__)  297 DH3  Juneau Alaska W. H. Case

(*__)  298 DH3  Wrangell Narrows, Alaska. W. H. Case

(*__)  301 DH3  Wharf at Sitka, Alaska. W. H. Case

(___)  317 UNK  Juneau, Alaska.

(*__)  332 DH3  Rev. Wm. Duncan, Founder of the Native Mission;

                   Metlskatin, Alaska.

(*__)      DH3a Rev. Wm. Duncan, Founder of the Native Mission;

                   Metlskatin, Alaska.

                   (for J. B. Caro & Co., Inc, Juneau, Alaska.)

(*__)  357 DH3  Steamer "Farallon" from the Westward, Juneau,

                   Alaska. W. H. Case                   SCAN div\dh4a357.jpg

(*__)  376 DH3  Birdseye view of Sitka Alaska, The Most

                   Picturesque and historical spot in Alaska W. H. Case

(*__)  382 DH3  Indian River, Sitka, Alaska.  W. H. Case

(___)      DH3  Same                                                      MW

(___)  405 DH3  King Salmon Going up Stream. W. H. Case

                   (for J. B. Caro)

(*__)  409 DH3  Cape Prince of Wales Reindeer Herd - Largest in

                   Alaska W. H. Case (for J. B. Caro)    SCAN div\div409.jpg

(___)  433 DH3  C. P. R. Co's S. S. "Princess May" Wrecked on

                   Sentinel Island, Alaska.

(___)  437 DH3  A. P. Co's Steamer "Admiral Sampson." W. H. Case

(___)  NN  UN1  Native Basket Weaver  Case & Draper

(*__)  NN  DH3  Alaska Perseverance Mine, Silver Bow Basin,

                   Juneau, Alaska. Case & Draper

(___)  NN  UN1b Chiefs Toskone and Tooktoelth, Kake, Alaska Case & Draper

(*__)  NN  DH3  Douglas, Alaska.

(*__)  NN  DH3  Douglas, Alaska; Treadwell in Distance.

(___)  NN  UN1b Juneau, Alaska J. F. Eicherly

(___)  NN  UN1b Kake, Alaska  Case & Draper

(*__)  NN  DH3  Ketchikan, Alaska

(___)  NN  UN2  Ketchikan, Alaska

(*__)  NN  DH3  Ketchikan and Tongass Narrows.

(*__)  NN  DH3  Ketchikan, Alaska, First Port of Entry in Alaska.

(___)  NN  DH3  Lovers' Lane. Sitka, Alaska   Case & Draper

(*__)  NN  DH3  Placer Mining, Silver Bow Basin, By E. Kaufman.

(*__)  NN  DH3  Residences, Ketchikan, Alaska.

(*__)  NN  DH3  Street Scene, Douglas, Alaska.

(___)  NN  UN1  Totem Pole, Ketchikan, Alaska.

(*__)  NN  DH3  Treadwell Mine, Alaska. "Glory Hole" Looking

                   East, Case & Draper

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