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         Below you will find an alphabetical listing of those printers
Publishers or Vendors associated with E H Mitchell. The postcards
in all the check lists found in this documentation of E H Mitchell have
the backs styles that are identified as Mitchell's work.
It must be noted that many of the cards do not have Mitchell’s name on them,
but the back style is his work. If cards are found that do not have
the defined E H Mitchell backs styles, or his name, 
are therefore not in the listings.

AB          Bruce, A., Hoquiam, Wash. (Published by E H Mitchell) (UN1)
AF          A. French (copyright)
AFB         A. F. Broad 48 Third St., San Francisco
AP          A. Putnam, Los Angeles (copyright)
ALC         Art Litho Co. Publisher, San Francisco. (usually UNV and R&Q)
AND         Allen News Depot
ALW         Art Litho Co. - For Wall Nichols Co., Ltd.
BA          Bardol E. A. & Co. (Publisher) (UN1)
BAP         Bardell Art Ptg. Co., San Francisco, California.

BDC         B. D. Chilson, S. F. Cal.

BO          Bardell & O'neill, San Francisco, California.
BRD         Bardell Art Ptg. Co. San Francisco
BEC         C. H. Becker, Sausalito, Cal.
BOU         Boughton Distributing Co., Spokane, Washington
BP          Bardell Process, San Francisco, California.
CAG         Gerhard, C. A. Corvallis, Oregon
CAL         California Postcard Co., Los Angeles, Cal.
CB          Cheney Bros., Healdsburg, California.
CBW         C. B. White (copyright)
CCP         C. C. Pierce (Copyright)
CSC         Camera Supply Co., Manila P. I.
CBS         Cannons Book Store - Roseburg, Oregon (Published by EHM) (UN1)
CCP         Pierce, C. C. & Co.
CD          Case & Draper
CDC         Cann Drug Co., Reno, Nevada
CEN         Nailor, C. E. & Co., Port Angeles, Washington 
               (Published by EHM)(UN1)
CLA         Aydelotte, C. L., Santa Cruz, Cal.
CMB         Bruner, C. M., Santa Rosa, Cal.
COF         Cawston Ostrich Farm, So. Pasadena, Cal.
CPC         California Postcard Company, Los Angeles, Cal.
CRS         Savage, C. R., Salt Lake, Utah
CS          California Sales Co. (Publisher) (R&D/ROD,  "D" numbers)
CVC         Cardinal Vincent Co., San Francisco, U. S. A.
                     (Publisher) (R&D/S1/S5B)
DET         Detroit-Like (May not be Mitchell cards)
DMI         Imlay, D. M., Spokane, Wash. (published by EHM) (UN1)
EAB         Bardel, E. A. & Co., Norwich, Conn.
EAS         Evans Art Store, Bellingham Bay, Wash.
EHM         E. H. Mitchell
EJD         E. J. Davidson (copyright)
EMP         Empire Distributor Co., Vancouver B. C.
ENO         Eno & Matteson, San Diego
EPC/CH      E. P. Charlton & Co. (Publisher)("T" backs, UN1/UN1I)
                     (Also published by EHM)
EP1/CH1     Ditto - San Francisco, Cal.
EP2/CH2     Ditto - Portland, Oregon
EP3/CH3     Ditto - Los Angeles, Cal.
EP4/CH4     Ditto - Sacramento, Cal.
EP5/CH5     Ditto - San Diego, Cal.
EP6/CH6     Ditto - Oakland, Cal.
EP7/CH7     Ditto - Fresno, Cal.
EP8/CH8     Ditto - Tacoma, Wash.
EP9/CH9     Ditto - Seattle, Wash.
EP10/CH10   Ditto - Spokane, Wash.
EP11/CH11   Ditto - San Jose, Cal.
EP12/CH12   Ditto - Stockton, Cal.
ESE         E. Schwartzchild, Eugene, Oregon
EVA         Evans Art Store, Bellingham Bay, Wash.
EXP         Exposition Pub. Co., San Francisco
FBS         Frank Benecke, Sedro-Wooley, Wash.
FC          Fields & Cole Co., Santa Cruz, Cal. (Published by EHM) (UN1)
FDS         Shaw, F. D., Hotel Spokane, Spokane, Wash.
                Published by EHM) (UN1)
FMO         Ordway, F. M. & Sons, Merced, Cal.
FR          Rosenthal, F., Tulare, Cal.
GAG         G. A. Gerard, Corvallis, Oregon
GAM         Gabriel Moulin, San Francisco, Cal.
GAN         Gantner & Mattern Co. (Copyright only)
GDH         Horton, G. T., Snohomish, Wash,
GLM         Minott, G. L., Gardner, Mass. (Publisher) (UNV)
GM          Graham Merriam, The Co., Seattle, Wash. (Published by EHM) (UN1)
GS          George Stark (Copyright)
GY          Gray News, Salt Lake City (Publisher) (T2/T4)
HAA         D. L. Haas Stationery Co., Napa. Cal.
HWA         Hawaii & South Seas Curio Co. Honolulu. 
                (Publisher) (hand stamped)
HD          Hawes and Dusterberry, Centerville, Cal.
HJJ         Jones, H. J., Albany, Oregon
HWS         Simkins, H. W., Palo Alto, Cal. (Publisher)
ICS         Island Curio Store, Honolulu (Publisher) 
               (May not be EHM cards) (DH2) Also see Jas. Steiner
JA          Johnston - Ayers Co.
JBC         Caro, J. B., Juneau, Alaska (Published by EHM) (DH3)
JDC         Johnson Drug Company, Mountain View, Cal.
JFE         Eicherly, J. F., Juneau, Alaska (Published by EHM) (UN1)
JMS         Schemel, J. M., Gilroy, Cal.
JSP         Steiner, Joseph, Port Townsend, Wash., Honolulu, Hawaii
JSS         Svenson, John
KAY         A. Kayser (1898)
KOK         Kokusansha, Japan (Publisher) (UN1/UN2 backs)
KTH         Keith, David, Wenatchee, Wash. (Published by EHM) (UN1)
LEV         Levinson, Harry, Visalia, Cal.
LOW         Lower California Commercial Co., Inc. Lower California, Mexico
MBS         Sneded, M. B., Niles, Cal.
MAC         Mission Art & Curio Store, Monterey, Cal.
MCS         Mission Curio Shop, San Gabriel, Cal. (Published for) (S1/S4)
MRDR/MRD    M. Reider, Los Angeles, Cal. (Publisher) (UNV)
MS          Smith, Mrs. M., Vallejo, Cal.
MZ          Maze, The, Petaluma, Cal.
NHR         N. H. Reed
NDC         Newlin Drug Co., La Grande, Oregon (Published by EHM) (UN1)
NPPC/NPC    Newman Postcard Co. (Also see-ONC/OSK)(Oscar Newman)
OEG         Goetz, O. E., Nome, Alaska (Publisher) (UN2/UN3)
OLD         Owl Drug Co., Oakland, Cal. (Publisher) (UN1/UN2/UN3)
OLK         Owl Drug Co., Lakeport, Cal.
OLS         Owl Drug Co., San Francisco, Cal.
OLL         Owl Drug Co., Los Angeles, cal.
OWL         Owl Drug Co.
OWW         O. W. Whitman, Astoria, Oregon
PBS         Pioneer Book Store (UNV)
PNC         Pacific Novelty (Publisher) (S2, "C", "I", "O", "Y" types)
POL         The Polin Brothers, Post Office News Stand, Goldfield.
RCP         Red Cross Pharmacy, Mountain View, Cal.
REF         Used to reference another card EX: REF1, REF2, etc.
RLD         R. L. Dodd, Spokane, Wash. (PMC)
RND         Rand Bros., Oakland, Cal. (Publisher) (S5B)
R&D/S&R/ROD Sword & Rose E H Mitchell & other Venders
RHO         Rhodes 10 cent Store, Seattle, Wash. (Publisher) (T2/UN2)
RHW         Warfield, R. H. & Co., Prop of California Hotel
RIB         Richard Behrendt San Francisco
SAD         Sadlers, Berkeley, Cal. (Published by EHM) (UNV)
SBS         Sherfey's Book Store, Moscow, Idaho
SFC         S, F, Card Co., 555 commercial Sts., San Francisco S. A. Pratt  
SH          Shaw & Hodgins, Snohomish, Wash.
SIS         Inch, S. & Son, Placerville, Cal.
SLC         Schmidt Lithograph Company San Francisco
SMS         Smith's Book Store, Dawson, Y. T.
SMB         Smith Bros., Oakland, Cal.
SOU/SV/SPC  Souvenir Publishing Co., San Francisco, Cal.
                     (Publisher) (DH3/R&D/EX1/EX4)
STE         Steinbauer & Eaton
STR         Jas. Steiner. Honolulu (Island Curio Co.)
TK          Thatcher and Kling, Lewiston, Idaho (Published by EHM) (UN1)
TUT         Tuttle Co., The, Rutland, Vermont (Publisher) (UNV)
VOR         Van Ornum Colorprint Co., Los Angeles
TM          McCroskey, V. T., Colfax, Wash.
WAB         Baird, W. A., Newsdealer, Baker City, Oregon
WFK         Kelly, W. F.
WN          Wall, Nichols Co., Ltd., Honolulu, Hawaii (Publisher) (UN1)
              Note: Associated with Art Litho Co. (ALW/ALC)
WP          Watt's Pharmacy, Pullman, Wash.
WC          Western Curio & Post Card Co., Salt Lake City (Publisher) (T4)


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