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 PS: It is not known at this time, the actual photographer was for the cards.
        Those that have been found to be postmarked run from 1911-1914.
     Actual production could have been earlier, possibly 1907-1910 
        as suggested by Jim Caddick
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(*__)  103 DH2        Part of Felton, Cal. 
(MK_)  103 DH2        General View of Reedley, Cal.
(RG_)  105 DH2        San Lorenzo River, Felton, Cal.
(RG_)  106 DH2        Up the San Lorenzo River, Felton, Cal.
(*__)  148 DH2        S. P. Depot, Lindsay, Calif.
(*__)  185 DH2        Hotel Carolyn - Turlock, Cal.
(*__)  188 DH2        K St. Tulare, Cal.                              OTN 904
(KP_)  19? DH2        High School, Modesto, Cal.
(KP_)  201 DH2        Entrance to County Hospital, Modesto, Cal.   
(KP_)  2?? DH2        H. St. Modesto, Cal. 
(*__)  259 DH2        Rocks in Sespe River Fillmore, Cal.
(*__)  437 DH2        Fern Dell Falls, Mount Hermon, Cal.
(*__)  438 DH2        A View at Mount Hermon, Cal.
(RG_)  445 DH2        The Log at Mount Hermon, Cal.
(*__)  802 DH2        Grammar School - Porterville, cal.
(*__)  805 DH2        High School. Porterville, Calif.
(*__)  806 DH2        Palm Avenue. Porterville, Calif.
(*__)  807 DH2        City Water Tower, Sub Station. 
                          Porterville. Calif.                         OTN 122
(*__)  808 DH2        First National Bank. Porterville, Cal.
(*__)  810 DH2        The Pioneer Bank of Porterville, Cal.
(*__)  814 DH2        A Porterville, Orange Grove, Porterville, Calif.
(sn_)  820 DH2        West Side of Main Street, Porterville, Cal.
(sn_)  823 DH2        Waiting for you at Porterville, Cal.
(*__)  901 DH2        Tulare St. Tulare, Cal.
(*__)  902 DH2        Tulare, Cal.
(*__)  913 DH2        A Mile of Palms, Cal.
(*__)  915 DH2        Palm Ave Tulare.
(*__)  916 DH2        New First National Bank, Tulare, Cal.
(*__)  918 DH2        Front Street, - Tulare, Cal.
(sn_) 1058 DH2        Lamoor Calif.
(*__) 1107 DH2        Selma, Cal.
(*__) 1123 DH2        Drying fruit at Selma, Cal.
(*__) 1201 DH2        Grammar School. Malaga, Cal.
(KP_) 1236 DH2        M. E. Church, Fresno. 
(*__) 1607 DH2        The Bunting Iron Works, Coalinga, Calif.          OTN 1
(*__) 1615 DH2        Calif. Oil Fields' Limited, Coalinga, Cal.
(*__) 1743 DH2        West Side Grammar School, Madera, Cal.
(sn_) 1856 DH2        Hotel Carolyn - Turlock, Cal
(*__) 2156 DH2        Bridges over San Joaquin River, near Pollasky, Cal.
(*__) 2185 DH2        Santa Fe Depot (Bakersfield)
(*__) 2303 DH2        School - Mojave, Cal.
(*__) 2476 DH2        Round House and Tanks, Mendota, Cal.
(*__) 2603 DH2        "The Creek" Pole Creek canyon Fillmore, Cal.
(*__) 2654 DH2        Neman, Cal.
(*__) 2655 DH2        High School - Newman, Cal.
(sn_) 2692 DH2        A Business block in Tracy, Cal. (Western Card)
(*__) 2715 DH2        San Antonio Creek Crossing - Nordhoff, Cal.        ADV
                          (Adv in Red on back)
                          " Sample of Photo Post Card (Gloss Finish)
                           We always supply gloss finish unless otherwise
                           specified. Will furnish dull finish on application.
                           Photo Post Cards are real Photographs and can be
                           furnished in quantities from 100 of a subject up;
                           time required to fill orders, two to three days.
                                    EDWARD H. MITCHELL
                               Publisher of Souvenir Post Cards
                               3363 Army St.              San Francisco 
(KP_) 2773 DH2        Looking East on Main Street, Stockton, Cal. 
(KP_) 2782 DH2        Post Office BuildingStockton, Cal.
(MM_) 2903 DH2        Masonic Building - Livermore, Cal.
(MK_) 2980 DH2        North On Main Street Mission San Jose, Cal.
(MK_) 2985 DH2        Looking South on Main Street Mission San Jose, Cal.
(JS_) 2987 DH2        Arrive in the Lachman Yard. Mission San Jose, Cal.
(SJ*) 3073 DH2        Main St. Looking East-Los Gatos, Cal.
(*__) 3078 DH2        High School - Los Gatos, Cal.
(sn_) 3103 DH2        Primary School, Morgan Hill, Ca.
(*__) 3112 DH2        Presbyterian Church - Morgan Hill, Cal.
(___) 3113 DH2        (words unknown) - Morgan Hill, Cal.
(*__) 3493 DH2        High Bridge of the Nevada Co. Narrow Gauge R. R.
                          height 196 ft.                                  SP
(*__) 3520 DH2        Office of Empire Mine - Grass Valley, Cal.
(KP_) 3553 DH2        Deer Creek Fall, Nevada City, Cal.
(MK_) 3564 DH2        View of Mountain View, Cal.  
                          Note: Number not clear 3554??
(___) 3636 DH2        The Bathing Pavilion. Santa Cruz, Cal.
(KP_) 3667 DH2        A Scene in the Park - Boulder Creek, Cal.
(KP_) 3727 DH2        Santa Fe Depot–Richmond, Cal.
(*__) 3786 DH2        Broadway, Looking West - Redwood City, Cal.
(___) 3811 DH1        University Ave, Palo Alto, Calif.
(*__) 3818 DH2        High School - Palo Alto, Cal.
(MM_) 3930 DH2        Brookdale, California.
(*__) 3953 DH2        Bridge and San Lorenzo, River, Brookdale, Cal.
(___) 3954 DH2        Wagon Bridge - Brookdale, Cal.
(*__) 4111 DH2        Dr. Reid Sanitarium - Tuolumne, Cal.
(MM_) 4163 DH2        Looking North on Washington St. Sonora, Cal.
(*__) 3136 DH2        Grammar School - Oakdale, Cal.
(*__) 4213 DH2        Harvard Mine Concentrator - Jamestown, Cal.
(*__) 4218 DH2        Public School - Jamestown, Cal.
(*__) 4225 DH2        A Scene near Jamestown, Cal.
(*__) 4450 DH2        Koch's Grove - Ripon, Cal.
(*__) 4538 DH2        "The Loop" 17 Mile Drive.
(sn_) 4541            The Ostrich Tree - 17 Mile Drive
(sn_) 4579 DH2        Fish Cannery and Bay - Monterey, Cal.
(*__) 4651 DH2        High Waves on the Pacific
----------- NO NUMBERS --------------
(MM_) NN   DH2        S. P. Co's Depot at Santa margarita, Cal.
                          Astun Photo 130
(BS_) NN   DH2        Horse Shoe Ranch, Beawawe, NEV.
(BS_) NN   DH2        Horse Shoe Cattle, Beawawe, Nev.
(MM_) NN   DH2        Youths Directory, San Francisco.
(KP_) NN   DH2        Stockton, Cal. Sutter St. 
(KP_) NN   DH2        “ The Stockton “ Stockton, California.
(KP_) NN   DH2        Hotel Del Puerto, Patterson, Cal.
(KP_) NN   DH2        A Business Block of Patterson, Cal.
(KP_) NN   DH2        The Old Homestead at McCray Cal.
(KP_) NN   DH2        The Oat Valley Farm, McCray, Cal.
(KP_) NN   DH2        High School – Oakdale, Cal.  
(KP_) NN   DH2        The McCray Club, McCray, Cal.
(TL_) NN   DH2        The Bridge at San Gregoria, Cal.
(*__) NN   DH2        Trout Fishing at La Honda Cal.
(*__) NN   DH2        Sequoia Lake near General Grant National Park, Cal.
(___) NN              Burned Giant Big Basin - Cal. Redwood Park.
(*__) NN   DH2        Youths Directory and Mission Park, 
                         San Francisco, Cal.                             MWOB
(*__) NN   DH2        Lindsay (from P.P.I.E.)
(*__) NN   DH2        Partial View of Selby Smelting & Lead Co., Selby, Cal.
(*__) NN   DH2        Canyon and Mt. Tamalpais. Larkspur, Cal.
(sn_) NN   DH2        The State Road - Big Basin - Cal. Redwood Park
(sn_) NN   DH2        At The Summit - Big Basin - Cal. Redwood Park
(sn_) NN   DH2        Sempervirence Falls - Big Basin - Redwood Park
(sn_) NN   DH2        S.P. Depot and Motor Car - Oakdale, Cal.
(*__) NN   DH2        The Rideout Bank, Gridley, California.
(*__) NN   DH2        Grass Valley Sanitarium - Grass Valley, Cal.
(sn_) NN   DH2        Hotel Carolyn, Turlock, Cal.
(sn_) NN   DH2        O.Z. Bailey's 10 Mile Team - Oakdale, Cal.
(sn_) NN   DH2        Woodside Hotel, Woodside, Cal.
(___) NN              Dining Room, By. George Hotel - Santa Cruz, Cal.
(*__) NN   DH2        Miller and Lux Dam San Joaquin River,  Mendota, Cal.
(*__) NN   DH2        Irrigation canal - Patterson, Cal.
(*__) NN   DH2        Sempervirence Fall and Natural Bridge - Big Basin, Cal.
                          Redwood Park.
(*__) NN   DH2        First Annual Convention of Managers 
                          of the San Francisco District Stores of 
                          the F. W. Woolworth Co. San Francisco,
                          June 10- 1911
(sn_) NN   DH2        Arch Tree, Petrified Forest
(SB_) NN   DH2        Log Porch, Petrified Forest, Cal.
                          Photographer: George Besaw (not verified)
(JC_) NN   (not EHM)  A Giant fir (tunnel tree)
                          Petrified Forest, Cal No.2  SCAN photo\adamsed.jpg
                      Note: From Jim Caddick that this may not be an 
                            EHM card but by a Calistoga Photographer 
                            Ira C. Adams ( has blind stamp print embossed
                            in the lower right corner )
                            period 1907-1910 SCAN photo\blindstp.jpg
(CB_) NN   DH2        Same  (without Ira C. Adams Blind stamp)
                            Note: There are variations of this card
(sn_) NN   DH2        The Wood Pile Petrified Forest
(CB_) NN   DH2        In the Petrified Forest
(CB_) NN   DH2        Two Redwoods Side by Side, Petrified Forest
(JC_) NN   (not EHM)  A Petrified Redwood 
                         “Pride of the Forest” – 
                          75 ft. long 11 ft. Diameter SCAN photo\besawed.jpg
(JC_) NN   DH2        Only Oak Petrified Forest
(JC_) NN   (not EHM)  Redwood “Pride of the ForestPetrified Forest, Cal.
                          SCAN photo\pride.jpg  SCAN photo\blindstp.jpg
                      [has blind stamp print embossed in lower right corner] 
(JC_) NN              Redwood Pride of the Forest
                          75 feet long 11 ft diameter SCAN photo\ehmpred.jpg    
(sn_) NN   DH2        Palm room, St. George Hotel - Santa Cruz, California.
(*__) NN   DH2        The Beach at San Gregorio, Cal.
(*__) NN   DH2        A burned Giant Big Basin - Cal. Redwood Park.
(*__) NN   DH2        (No words) (swimming scene-Berkeley, California)
(*__) NN   DH2        Stanislaus River Looking West from Lovers Leap,
                          Oakdale, Cal.
(*__) NN   DH2        (No words) (4 people in lift crossing river on cable)
(*__) NN   DH2        "The Stockton" Stockton, California.
(*__) NN   DH2        (No words) (Old trolley that ran 
                          from S. F. to San Mateo)
(*__) NN   DH2        Road to Calif. Redwood Park. Near Boulder Creek Calif.
(*__) NN   DH2        At Crow's Landing Bridge
(___) NN   DH2        The Beach at San Gregario, Cal.
(sn_) NN   DH2        Neuman Bros. Store, Woodside, Cal.
                          (After the earthquake 1906)
(___) NN   DH2        Daughter of the forest - Big Basin - Cal.
(sn_) NN   DH2        Yolando (San Anselmo – Marin County - Cal.)

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