E. H. MITCHELL Postcard Check List
S1A-S8A R&D ROD Back Styles
Includes Color & B/W also Booklets "SC", "SF", BT,

  & Unnumbered NOT SEPIA Tone


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 U M  Num  Back  Other       Text on E. H. Mitchell Post Cards  SCAM    Other
 R P  Ber  Types Vendor                                                  Info
(*__)    1 S3B        Dutch Windmill, Golden Gate Park,
                          San Francisco, Cal.                        BLK-ltrs
(TB*)      S4B        Same                                           BLK-ltrs
(*__)    2 S3A        Seals on Seal Rocks, Cliff House, San Francisco,
                          California.                                BLK-ltrs
(*__)      S3B        Same                                           BLK-ltrs
(*__)      S4A        Same                                           BLK-Ltrs
(*__)      S5B        Same                                           BLK-ltrs
(sn_)      S1C    PNC Same
(*__)      S1A        Hotel Calaveras, Big Tree Grove, Calaveras
                          County, Cal.                           B.T.No.2 B/W
(*__)    3 S3B        Kearny Street, South from Post, San Francisco
(TB_)      S3A        Kearny Street, South from Post, San Francisco
(___)    4            UNK
(*__)    5 S1A        Three Graces, Big Tree Grove, Calaveras
                          County, Cal.                           B.T.No.5 B/W
(*__)    6 S1A        Big Trees at Calaveras, 
                          Big Tree Grove, Cal                    B.T.No.6 B/W
(*__)    7 S1A        Mother of the Forest, Calaveras, Big Tree Grove,
                          California                             B.T.No.7 B/W
(*__)    8 S3B        Flower Venders, San Francisco, California            TO
(TB_)      S5A        Flower Venders, San Francisco, California       WH-Ltrs
                          Pmkd: 1917 San Francisco, Cal.
                          Mailedto: San Jose, Calif.
(*__)      S1A        Father of the Forest. Calaveras Big Tree Grove,
                          California                             B.T.No.8 B/W
(*sn)    9 S1A        Looking Out Through Knot Holes of Big Trees,
                          Calaveras Big Tree Grove, 
                          California SCAN   B.T.No.9 B/W
(sn_)      S2B    BRD Same                                               B/W

(sn_)      S1A    PNC Same                                               B/W  

(sn )   9  ROD     CS Rustic Bridge, Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park,        B/W

                          San Francisco, Cal. [grey frame]
(sn_)   10 S1A        The Siamese Twin, Daniel Webster & Granite State
                          Calaveras Big Tree Grove, Cal.
                                        SCAN div2\sabt10.jpg   B.T. No.10 B/W
(*__)   11 S1A        Eagles Wing, Calaveras, 
                          Big Tree Grove, Cal.                 B. T. No.2 B/W
(*__)      S1C    PNC Eagle's Wing, Calaveras 
                          Big Tree Grove, Cal.                B. T. No.11 B/W
                          Copyright 19?? Chas. Weidner S.F.
(sn_)      S2B        Residence of Senator J. D. Phelan, Saratoga, California
(*__)   12 R&D    CS  Post - Office, San Francisco, Cal. (Grey-FRME)      B/W
(*__)      S1B        Mallet Compound S. P. Freight Engine Sierra Grade   B/W
(___)   13            UNK
(*__)   14 S3B        Palm Walk, Eastlake Park, Los Angeles.         BLK-ltrs
(___)   15            UNK
(___)   16            UNK
(sn_)   17 S1B        Saratoga Creek Scene near San Jose, Cal.            B/W
(sn_)   18 S1C    PNC Falls at Congress Springs, near San Jose, Cal.      B/W
(___)   19 S1C        Junipero Oak
(*__)   20 R&D    CS  Stow Lake - Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Cal.
                          (Grey-FRME)                                     B/W
(___)   21            UNK
(___)   22            UNK
(___)   23            UNK
(___)   24            UNK
(___)   25            UNK
(___)   26            UNK
(*__)   27 S2A        Moonlight Scene on Sacramento River, Showing  Steamer
                          Capitol City.
(*__)   28 S3A        Mission Dolores, Founded 1776, San Francisco.
(*__)      S3B        Same
(___)      S5B        Same
(*__)      S5A        Same
(sn_)      S1B        Same
(*__)   29 S5A        The Museum, Golden Gate Park,
                          San Francisco, California.                 BLK-ltrs
(*__)      S3B        Same
(*__)      ROD     CS Reflection in Lake of Oil - Lake View Gusher        B/W
                          Copyrighted 191 by West Coast Art Co.
(*__)   30 S4A        Sutro Baths and Cliff House, San Francisco.
(sn_)      S1B    PNC Same
(*__)   31 S1B        "The Old Homestead" McCrays, California.            B/W
(___)   32 S3B        Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
(sn_)      S1A    PNC Same
(sn_)      S4A        First Stage in California at Ramona's Marriage Place,
                          San Diego.
(*__)   33 S3B        San Francisco, as seen from the Bay.                 TO
(___)   34            UNK
(___)   35            UNK
(*__)   36 R&D    CS  The Oaks, University of California, Berkeley, Cal.
                          (Grey frame)                                    B/W
(*__)   37 R&D    CS  Greek Theatre University of California, Berkeley Cal.
                          (Grey frame)                                    B/W
(sn_)      S3B        Conservatory, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.       TO
(*__)      S4A        Conservatory, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.
                           (Panama Pacific Exposition 1915 - in Flower bed)
(___)   38            UNK
(___)   39 UNK        Union Square, San Francisco, Cal.
(*__)   40 S3B        Cliff House and Beach, San Francisco.                TO
(*__)      S4A        Same
(*__)      S4B        Same
(*__)      S1A        Same
(sn_)      S1B    PNC Same
(sn_)   41 S3A        Monte Rio Bowling, Monte Rio, Sonoma, Cal.          BDR
(*__)   42 S3A        Story L. C. Smith Building and Mt. Rainier, Seattle,
(___)   43            UNK
(___)   44            UNK
(*__)   45 S5A        Mission Santa Clara, California. Founded 1777
(*__)   46 S5B        Santa Barbara Mission, California - Founded 1786
(*__)   46 S1C    PNC Same
(*__)      R&D    CS  Campus, University of California, Berkeley, Cal.
                          [Grey frame]                                    B/W
(sn_)      S2B    PNC Santa Barbara Mission, California, Founded 1786
(*__)   47            Yosemite Valley, California, by Moonlight.
(*__)      S3A        Same
(sn_)      S1B    PNC Same
(sn_)      S1C    PNC Same
(*__)   48 S2A        Santa Barbara Mission, California-Founded 1788
(___)   49            UNK
(*__)   50 S5A        California Sequoia Tree "Wawona"
(sn_)      S3A        Same
(sn_)      S5A    PNC Same 
(*__)   51 S3B        State Capitol, Sacramento, California.
(*__)      S1B        Same
(*__)      S5B        Same
(___)   52            UNK
(___)   53            UNK
(___)   54            UNK
(*__)   55 S3B        Cliff House, from Sutro Heights, San Francisco,
                          California.                                     TO
(sn_)      S2A        Same
(*__)      S5B        Same                                           BLK-Ltrs
(sn_)      S3A        Birdseye View of Ephrata, Washington.
(___)   56            UNK
(___)   57            UNK
(sn_)   58 S5A        Carmel Mission, (founded 1770) Before Restoration,
                          Monterey, Cal.
(___)   59            UNK
(___)   60 S2A        Home of Ramona, Camulos Rancho, California.
(*__)      S4A        Same
(*__)      S4A        Same                                               LOGO
(*__)      S4B        Same                               SCAN S-1-5\s4b60.jpg
(*__)      S1B        Same
(sn_)      S2B    PNC Same
(___)   61            UNK
(___)   62 S3B        St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Los Gatos, California
(*__)   63 S1A        Mt. Tallac, Lake Tahoe, California
(*__    63 S5A        Same
(*__)   63 S3B        First Church of Christ Scientist,
                           Los Gatos, California.                         B/W
(sn_)   64 ???    PNC Santa Fe Depot, Bakersfield, Cal.                   B/W 
(sn_)   65 S4A        San Diego Mission, Cal. Founded 1769
(sn_)   66 ROD    BRD El Capitan Yosemite Valley, California
                                                SCAN sepia\sep66.jpg BRN-FRME
(*__)   67 R&D    CS  Southern Hotel, Bakersfield, Cal.
(___)   68 S1B        San Gabriel Mission, Cal.
(*__)      S5A        Mt. Tallac, Lake Tahoe, California
(*__)   69 R&D    CS  Fisherman's Rock - Port Harford, Cal. (Grey FRME)   B/W
(___)   70            UNK
(*__)   71 S3A        Cave Rock from Lake Tahoe, California.
(*__)   72 R&D    CS  Arches, Mission Santa Barbara, 
                           California                      (Grey FRME)    B/W
(TB_)      S1A        The Campanile, University of California          
                           Note: Black lettering on back)
(TB_)      S1A    PNC Same [Brown lettering on back]  SCAN S-1-5\b72s1apn.jpg
(TB_)   73 S1A        Hearst Greek Amphitheatre-University of 
                          California-Berkeley, Cal.     SCAN S-1-5\b73s1a.jpg
(___)   74            UNK
(TB_)   75 S1A        The Oaks University of California, 
                          Berkeley, Cal.                SCAN S-1-5\b75s1a.jpg
(___)   76            UNK
(___)   77            UNK
(___)   78            UNK
(sn_)   79 S1C    PNC Ferry Building at Night, San Francisco.
(sn_)      S5A        High School, Santa Cruz, Cal.
(sn_)      R&D    PNC Pioneer’s Cabin, California Big Trees.              B/W     
(TB_)      S1A        Post Office Building
                          Berkeley, Cal.                SCAN S-1-5\b79s1a.jpg
(___)   80            UNK
(___)   81            UNK
(*__)   82 S3B        Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
(*__)      S1C    PNC Same
(TB_)   83        PNC Sather Gate - University of 
                          California. Berkeley.      SCAN S-1-5\B83s1apn.jpg 
(TB_)   84            Doe Library – University of California, 
                          Berkeley, Cal.               SCAN S-1-5\b84s1a.jpg
(sn_)   85 S1A        The Public Library, Civic Center, San Francisco, Cal.
(TB_)   86            Wheeler Hall – University of California,
                          Berkeley, Cal.               SCAN S-1-5\b86s1a.jpg
(___)   87            UNK
(TB_)   88 S1A        Hearst Memorial Mines Building – University 
                          of California, Berkeley.
(TB_)   91 S1A        The Campanile _ University of 
                          California _ Berkeley, Calif. . .
                          Note: the Dash is upper case keyboard dash
                                There are three periods after Calif.
(sn_)   95 S3B        Mt. Hood from Lost Lake, Oregon, 11,225 ft.
                          On Line of O. W. & R. & N. Co.
(*__)  101 PMC    DET Niagara Falls: American Falls, from Goat Island          
                          Franz Huld, Publisher, N.Y                 VIG B/W  
(sn_)  102 S2A        Sacramento Boat Club                               B/W
(*__)  103 R&D        Hotel Portland, Portland, Oregon
(___)  104            UNK
(Sn_)  105 ROD    BAR On the Trail, Shasta Springs, Cal.                 BRN
                                                       SCAN RDRG\rod105x.jpg
(___)  106            UNK
(___)  107            UNK
(___)  108            UNK
(*__)  109 R&D    CS  Indian Native Son of California [Grey Frame]
                                                    SCAN RDRG\rdcs109.jpg B/W
(*__)  110 R&D    CS  University Ground Berkeley, California.(Grey FRME)  B/W
(___)  111            UNK
(sn_)  112 R&D        The Oaks University of California Berkeley, Cal..
(sn_)  114 R&D        GREAT THEATRE – BERKELEY, Cal.    SCAN sepia\sep114.jpg
(*__)  115 S3A        The Cascades, Shasta Springs, Cal.
(*__)      S5A        Same
(sn_)      S5A        Hotel Del Monte Del Monte, California               B/W
(___)  116            UNK
(sn_)  117 S4A        Profile Rock, Mt. Tamalpais, Cal.
(___)  118            UNK
(___)  119            UNK
(___)  120 S3B        Surf Bathing at Redondo Beach, California.
(sn_)  122 S3B    CVC HOTEL MINSTER San Francisco, Cal.                   B/W
(sn_)  124 S4A        Marine Exchange Observatory, Summit of Mt. Tamalpais,
(sn_)  125 S1B        Eruption  of Mt. Lassen, California.
(sn_)      S3B        Echo Park, Los Angeles, California.
(___)  126            UNK
(___)  127            UNK
(___)  128            UNK
(*__)  129 S1C        View in the Rock Quarry - Golden Gate Park,
                           San Francisco, Cal.                          SF129
(sn_)  130 S1A        Cold Water Canyon, near Arrow Head Hotel, California.
(___)  131            UNK
(___)  132            UNK
(*__)  133 S3B        Post Office, San Francisco.  SCAN S-1-5\s3b133.jpg   TO
(___)      S3B        Same                                         [not a TO]
(*__)      S4A        Same
(*__)      S4B        Same
(*__)      S1A        New Southern Pacific Building, 
                          San Francisco, California. SCAN S-1-5\sf133s1a.jpg 
(___)  134            UNK
(sn_)  135 S1B        Interior, Sutro Bath, San Francisco.
(___)  136            UNK
(___)  137            UNK
(sn_)  138 ROD     CS Bridge in Echo Park, Cal.         SCAN RDRG\rod138.jpg
(___)  139            UNK
(___)  140            UNK
(___)  141            UNK
(___)  142            UNK
(___)  143            UNK
(___)  144            UNK
(sn_)  145 S1A        Original Big Tree - Calaveras Co. Cal.             B/W
(___)  146            UNK
(___)  147            UNK
(___)  148            UNK
(*__)  149 S1B        The Steps at the San Gabriel Mission, Cal.
(*__)      S1C    PNC The Steps at San Gabriel Mission, California.
                          Founded in 1771.
(___)  150            UNK
(___)  151            UNK
(___)  152            UNK
(*__)  153 S3B        Summit of Mt. Tamalpais, California.
(*__)      S3A        Same
(*__)  154 S3A        Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, California.
(*__)      S4A        Same
(*__)      S4B        Same
(JD_)  155 S1A    PNC Novitiate of the Sacred Heart Overlooking
                          Los Gatos, California                           B/W     
(___)  156            UNK
(___)  157            UNK
(sn_)  158 S1A        Cliff House - San Francisco, Cal.                   B/W
(sn_)      S5A        Same
(sn_)      S1B        Canyon Scene, Mt. Tamalpais Ry., California.
(___)  159            UNK
(sn_)  160 S1B        Old Customs House, Monterey, Calif.
(*__)      S1C    PNC Same
(*__)  161 S1B        The Log Bridge at Mount Hermon, Cal.                B/W
(___)  162            UNK
(___)  163            UNK
(___)  164            UNK
(___)  165            UNK
(___)  168            UNK
(___)  167 S4A        Totem Pole Pioneer square Seattle.
(___)      S5B        Same
(*__)      R&D        Same
(*__)      S3A        Same
(*__)      S3B        Same  (42-Story L. C. Smith Building Seattle - Great
                          view from observation floor and balcony)- on back
(___)  168            UNK
(___)  169            UNK
(___)  170            UNK
(___)  171            UNK
(___)  172            UNK
(___)  173            UNK
(___)  174            UNK
(NH_)  180 S1A        View of University of California, Berkeley, Cal.    B/W     
(*__)  181 S1A        The Big Bridge at Mount Hermon, Cal.                B/W
(sn_)  189 R&D        East Lake Park – Los Angeles, 
                          Cal.                          SCAN sepia\sep189.jpg 
(*__)  192 S1A        Santa Cruz Big Tree Grove, Cal.                     B/W
(___)  193            UNK
(*__)  194 S1B        Oregon City, Oregon, Manufacturing paper & Woolens,
                          a thriving Industry                             B/W
(___)  195            UNK  
(___)  196            UNK
(___)  197            UNK
(___)  198            UNK
(___)  199            UNK
(sn_)  200 S1A        Sweetwater Dam - San Diego, Cal.                    B/W
(___)  201            UNK
(JD_)  202 S2B        North Façade Stanford University Cal.
(___)  203            UNK
(sn_)  204 S2A        Memorial Church Stanford University, Cal.
(sn_)      S1B    PNC Same
(sn_)      S3A        Same
(___)  205            UNK
(___)  206            UNK
(*__)  207 S3B        An Everyday Crowd in Front of Bathhouse, at
                          Long Beach, California.
(___)  208            UNK
(sn_)  209 S2B    PNC Alligator’ nest, eggs, Mother and Brood California
                          Alligator Farm Los Angeles, Cal.
(___)  210            Chinese Women at Sutro Heights, San Francisco, Cal.
(@__)      S3B        Same                                                 TO
(*__)      S2B        Same
(___)  211            UNK
(___)  212            UNK
(sn_)  213 S4A    SOU East Court, Panama Pacific International Exposition,
                         San Francisco 1915
(___)  214            UNK
(___)  215            UNK
(sn_)  216 S4A        Launching it over While Waiting for a Tenderfoot.
(*__)  217 S3B        The Plunge in Bath House, Long Beach Cal.
(sn_)  218 S3B        Park at Long Beach, Cal.
(___)  219            UNK
(___)  220            UNK
(___)  221            UNK
(sn_)  222 S1A        Municipal Boat House, Lake Merritt - Oakland, Calif.
(___)  223            UNK
(sn_)  224 S3B        View from Summit Mt. Tamalpais, Cal.
(sn_)      S4C        Same
           S4A    SOU Machinery Hall. Panama Pacific International Exposition
                          San Francisco 1915                         MWOB EX1
(*__)  225 S4B        Fog Effect from Summit of Mt. Tamalpais, Cal.
(___)  226            UNK
(___)  227            UNK
(___)  228            UNK
(*__)  229 S4A    SOU Looking East Over Fine Arts Basin, Panama Pacific
                          International Exposition 
                          San Francisco 1915                         MWOB EX1
(___)  230            UNK
(___)  231            UNK
(___)  232            UNK
(___)  237 S1B        Cliff House Destroyed by Fire Sept. 7, 1907,
                          San Francisco.
(*__)      S3B        Same
(*__)      S4A    SOU Conservatory, Golden Gate Park, 
                          San Francisco, California
                          [Panama Pacific Exposition 1915 - in flowers]
(___)  238            UNK
(___)  245            UNK
(*__)  246 S3A        Parapet at Sutro Heights, San Francisco.
(sn_)      S3B        Same
(___)  250            UNK
(*__)  251 S3B        Hotel Vendome, San Jose, California.
(*__)      S3A        Same
(*__)      S4A        Same
(*__)      S5B        Same
(sn_)      S1B        Same
(sn_)  261 R&D        Palm Avenue Los Angeles, Cal.    SCAN sepia\sep261.jpg  
(*__)  262 S3A        Palm Avenue, Sutro Heights, San Francisco
(sn_)  265 S2A        Guard Mount, Presidio, San Francisco.
(___)  274 S3B        Interior of Magnesia Spring House, Duncan Springs,
                          Hopland, Cal.
(*__)  286 S1C    PNC Sand Dunes and Point Pinos Lighthouse,
                          Pacific Grove, California                       B/W
(*__)  291 S4B        Market Street near Powell Street, San Francisco.
(*__)  294 S3B        The Burning "Call" Building, San Francisco,
                          April 16, 1906.
(sn_)  301 R&D     CS Cactus Bed in the Busch Sunken Gardens
                           Pasadena, Cal.                                 SEP
(*__)  309 S3B        U.S. Cavalry on Fallen Monarch. (words in white banner)
(*__)      S5A        Same
(___)  310            UNK
(*__)  316 S4B        State Capitol at Sacramento, Cal.
(___)  317            UNK
(sn_)  318 S5A        City Hall Redondo, Cal.                             B/W
(*__)  319 R&D     CS Street Scene Redondo, Cal.
                          (The Hartford Insurance Co. Hartford, Conn.
                          E. H. MIX, - Agt. Redondo Beach, Calif.)  
(___)  320            UNK
(sn_)  321 S5A        Auditorium Casino and Bath House, 
                           Redondo Beach, Cal.                            B/W
(sn_)  322 S5A        Hotel Redondo, Redondo, Cal.                        B/W
(*__)  325 R&D        Grand Central Station Portland, Oregon.
(sn_)  330 S3B        Angel's Flight and Third St. Tunnel, Los Angeles.
(___)  340            UNK
(___)  341            UNK
(___)  342            UNK
(___)  343            UNK
(sn_)  344 S3A        Side-hill Harvesting with a Caterpillar           
(___)  345            UNK
(___)  346            UNK       
(___)  347            UNK
(*__)  353 S1C    PNC Greek Theatre, U. C. Berkeley, Cal.
(*__)      S4B        Same
(sn_)  355 R&D     CS Santa Barbara High School         SCAN sepia\sep355.jpg 
(sn_)  358 S3A        Southern Pacific R. R. Station, Santa Cruz, Cal.
(___)  359            UNK
(___)  360            UNK
(an_)  367 S1B    PNC San Jose High School                                B/W
(*__)  368 S1B        Zayante Inn and Station at Mt. Hermon, Cal.         B/W
(___)  370            UNK
(*__)  373 S4A        Entrance to Sutro Baths San Francisco.
(*__)      S1B        Same
(sn_)      S1A        Same
(sn_)      S3A        Same
(*__)  375 S1A        Ruins Mission San Diego de Alcala, San Diego, Cal.  B/W
(sn_)      S1C        Same                                                B/W
(*__)  376 S3A        Yosemite Falls Yosemite Valley, California
(*__)      S5A        Same
(*__)      S5B        Same
(*__)      S1B        Same
(sn_)      S1B    PNC Same
(*__)  380 S3B        Fort Point and Golden Gate, San Francisco.          TO
(___)      S3B        Same
(DD_)  381 S1A        State Normal School San Diego, Cal                  B/W 
(sn_)  382 S1A    PNC San Diego High School                               B/W
(sn_)      S1A        Same                                                B/W
(sn_)  383 S4A        Double Bow Knot, Mt. Tamalpais Railway, California.
(___)  387 UNK        Library, San Diego, Cal.                            B/W
(___)  388 UNK        Hearst memorial Mines Building-University 
                          of California, Berkeley.
(___)      UNK        Chicken Ranch at Petaluma.
(*__)  390 S3A        "Fallen Monarch" California Big Trees
(___)  394 S5A        Rear View, State Capitol; Sacramento, California.
(*__)      S4A        Same
(*__)      S2A        Same
(___)  395            UNK
(sn_)  396 S1B        Yosemite Falls, Yosemite Valley, California
(___)  400            UNK
(*__)  401 S1A    PNC Interior of Sutro Baths, San Francisco, Cal.
(sn_)  402 R&D        Washington St. from 24TH St. looking South, Oakland, Cal.   
(sn_)  405 S2B        Mt. Shasta in winter
(___)      S4A        Entrance to Alum Rock park, San Jose, Cal.
(sn_)  406 S4A        Cafe, Alum Rock Park San Jose, Cal.
(sn_)  407 S1A        Mineral Spring Fountain, Alum Rock Park, San Jose, Cal
(sn_)  408 S1B    PNC Mission San Luis Obispo, Cal. Founded 1772
(___)      S5A        Pacific Grove Dahlia Co.'s Gardens, Pacific Grove, Cal.
(*__)  409 S1B        Mission San Luis Obispo, Cal. Founded 1772
(___)      S4B        Same
(*__)  414 S4A        Stage Coach and Prairie Schooner at Sutter Fort,
                          Sacramento, California.
(___)  420            UNK
(___)  424 S4A        Marine Exchange Observatory, Summit of Mt. Tamalpais,
(sn_)      R&D    CS  Entrance to Recreation Park,
                           Fresno, Cal.                SCAN sepia\sep424.jpg
(sn_)      S1A        Southern Pacific Station, Menlo Park, Cal.          B/W
(sn_)  428 S5A        Hotel Stockton, Stockton, Cal.
(sn_)  437 S4a    VOR The new Arroyo Seco Bridge, Pasadena, Cal.
(sn_)  442 S4A    VOR The Marengo Ave. Pasadena, Cal.
(___)  450            UNK
(*__)  463 S3B        Lighthouse, Yerba Buena Island, 
                          San Francisco Bay.             Scan div\div463.jpg
(sn_)      S1B        Same
(*__)  464 S4A        Sunset from Sutro Heights, San Francisco.
(sn_)  465 S1A        Mt. Shasta in winter
(*__)      S3B        Same
(*__)      S4B        Same
(*__)      S2B        Same                             SCAN S-1-5\s2b465.jpg   
(sn_)      S3B    VOR Pasadena New Polytechnic High School
                          West Building           East building
(*__)  466 S5B        Main Court, Hotel Fresno, Fresno, Cal.
(sn_)  468 S1A        Cal. Polytechnic School, San Luis Obispo.           B/W
(*__)  470 S5A        Mission, San Luis Obispo, Cal.                      B/W
(sn_)      S1B        Same                                                B/W
(*__)  474 S1A        Morro Rock, San Luis Obispo, Cal.                   B/W
(*__)      S5A        Same                                                B/W
(sn_)      S1C        Same                                                B/W
(___)  475            UNK
(sn_)  476 R&D    CS  Piedmont Baths, Oakland, Cal. 
(*__)  477 S3B        Masonic Temple, San Francisco.
(___)      S4A        Same
(*__)      S1C    PNC Same
(*__)  479 S2A        Ferry Building at Night, San Francisco.
(___)      S3A        Same
(sn_)      S4A    VOR Government Breakwater and Lighthouse, San Pedro, Cal.
(sn_)  480 S1A    CVC Plaza Moraga, Manila, P.I.
(sn_)  482 S4A    VOR City Park and Public Library, San Pedro, Cal.
(___)  500            UNK
(*__)  501 S5B        Hotel El Capitan, Merced, Cal.
(sn_)      S1B    PNC Same
(*__)      S2A        Same
(sn_) 0504 R&D    SOU Y. M. C. A. Building, 
                      Oakland, Cal.                   SCAN sepia\sep0504.jpg
(sn_)  533 S5A    PNC 14th St. Primary School Modesto, Cal.                B/W 
(___)  550            UNK
(*__)  555 S5A        Modesto High School                                 B/W
(*__)  563 S4A        Hotel Del Monte, Del Monte, California.
(sn_)      S1C        Same
(sn_)  565 S1A        Lincoln School, Vallejo, Cal. SCAN S-1-5\s1a565.jpg B/W 
(*__)  570 S1C    PNC Catholic Church, Vallejo, Cal.                      B/W
(sn_)  590 S3B        Snoqualmie Falls, Washington, 268 Ft. High.
(___)      S4A        Same
(*__)      S5A        Same                                                TO
(___)  600            UNK
(*__)  612 S1B        First Wooden House in California, Monterey, Calif.
                          ( brought by sailing Vessel from Australia )
(sn_)  620 S1A    CVC Conservatory, Golden Gate Park,                 B/W C20
                          San Francisco, California      SCAN S-1-5\s1605.jpg
                          SAN FRANCISCO WELCOMES P. P. I. E. 1915”             
(sn_)  626 S3B        Road Scene, Camp Meeker, California.
(*__)  635 S4B        Corner Market and Post Sts. at Night, San Francisco.
(*__)  637 R&D    CS  American Gusher Burning, Fellows, Cal.              B/W
(*__)  640 R&D    CS  Racks and Material Yard  Fellows, Cal.              B/W
(WK*)  642 ROD    CS  Lake View Gusher, Maricopa, Cal.
                         Flowing 48000 bbls., 
                         per day                    SCAN RDRG\rdcs642.jpg B/W
(sn_)  559 R&D    CS  Sherman Institute, Indian School,
                          Riverside, Cal.     
(*__)  665 R&D    CS  Main Street, looking east, Maricopa, Cal.     B/W ROATW 
(sn_)  665 S4A    VOR In Busch's Gardens, Pasadena, Cal.
(*__)  667 S3B        Hotel Oakland, Cal.
(sn_)      S3B    VOR The Adolphus Busch Residence, Pasadena, California
(*__)  668 S3B        "My City", Oakland, California.                BLK-ltrs
(*__)  669 S3B        Conflagration of Apr. 18, 1906 San Francisco Block-ltrs
                             C: 1906 – A. Blumberg.
(___)  670            UNK
(*__)  671 S3B        Market Street April 18, 1906 San Francisco
(*__)  684 S3B        Beacon Street, City Hall to the Right, San Pedro, Cal.
(*__)  689 S3B        Conflagrations of Apr. 18, 1906, San Francisco
(sn_)  695 S3B        Winter in Elysian Park, Los Angeles, California.
(___)  700            UNK
(*__)  724 S4A        St. James Hotel and St. James Park, 
                           San Jose, California.
(*__)  728 S3A        San Carlos Church, Monterey, California.
(*__)      S5A        Same
(sn_)  745 S3B        What a California Home look like in Winter.
(sn_)  747 S3B        Cypress Hedge in California.
(sn_)  748 S3B        Picket Duty (Pelican)
(___)  750            UNK
(*__)  751 S3A        Fishing on the Feather River near Belden, Cal.
                          On line Western Pacific.
(sn_)      S3A    SOU Same                             SCAN div\div751sv.jpg
(*__)  756 S3B        Band Concert every Afternoon at Long Beach, California.
(sn_)  757 S3A        Tropical Gardens, Hotel Virginia, 
                          Long Beach, California.
(___)  762 S3B        Midway point, 17 Mile Drive, Monterey Co., California.
(sn_)  763 S2A        The Loop, 17 Mile Drive, Monterey Co. Cal.          B/W
(*__)  764 S5A        Near Point Lobos, 17 Mile Drive,
                          Monterey Co., California.                       B/W
(*__)  765 S2B        Lone Sentinel, 17 Mile Drive, Monterey Co. Cal.     B/W
(*__)  766 S3B        State Capitol by Moonlight, Sacramento Cal.
(*__)  767 S3B        The State Capitol by Moonlight, Sacramento, Cal.
(sn_)  769 S1A        St. Peters Chapel, Mare Island Navy Yard, Vallejo,
                          California.                                     B/W
(*__)  782 S2A        High Waves at Lovers Point, 
                          Pacific Grove, California                       B/W
(___)  787 S3B        The State Capitol by Moonlight, Sacramento, Cal.
(*__)  788 S1B        Dry Dock and Cantilever Crane, Mare Island Navy Yard,
                          Vallejo, Cal.                                   B/W
(*__)  789 S1A        St. Peters Chapel, Mare Island Navy Yard, Vallejo,
                          California.                                     B/W
(___)  790            UNK
(sn_)  791 S1C    PNC Officers' Residence, Mare Island, California.       B/W
(*__)  793 S1B        Court House, Santa Cruz, Cal.                       B/W
(sn_)  795 S1B    PNC Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz, California.                B/W
(___)  800            UNK
(*__)  821 S2A        Dawn of Day. Muir Woods, Mt. Tamalpais, Cal.        B/W
(sn_)  828 S1C    PNC Monument at Landing Place of Viscaina & Padre Serra,
                          Monterey, Cal.                                  B/W
(*__)      S5A        Same                                                B/W
(*__)  832 S3A        Mt. Shasta from State Fish Hatchery, Shasta Route.
(sn_)      S5A        Same                                                B/W
(*__)  833 S2A        Episcopal Church and Monterey Co. Court House,
                          Salinas, Cal.                                   B/W
(*__)  834 S1C    PNC Catholic Church, Convent and Parsonage,
                          Salinas, Cal.                                   B/W
(sn_)      S1B        Same                                                B/W
(*__)  835 S2A        City Hall, Salinas, Cal.                            B/W
(___)  850            UNK
(*__)  865 S1A        Cottages and Beach, La Jolla, San Diego, Cal.       B/W
(*__)  867 S1A        Bathing Beach, La Jolla, San Diego, California      B/W
(*__)  872 S1A    PNC The Campanile – University of California
                                                       SCAN S-1-5\s1a872.jpg
(___)  891 S3B        Waves of the Pacific.
(___)      S4B        Same
(*__)      S5A        Same
(*__)      S1C    PNC Same
(___)  900            UNK
(*__)  917 R&D        Mt. Hood from Portland, Oregon.
(*__)  950 S4B        The Maze, Hotel Del Monte, California
(*__)      S5A        Same
(___)  967 S3B        Bowie Residence, San Mateo, Cal.
(*__)  992 S3B        San Pedro Harbor, Los Angeles, California
(___)  993            UNK
(___) 1000            UNK
(sn_) 1002 S3B        Cliffs near Santa Barbara, California.
(sn_) 1027 S3B        Forestry Building, Portland, Oregon
(*__) 1033 S1B        Looking East on Georgia Street, Vallejo, Cal.       B/W
(*__) 1038 S1B        City Park, Vallejo, Cal.                            B/W
(*__) 1039 S1B        I.O.G.T. Orphan's Home, Vallejo Cal.  (white frame) B/W
(*__) 1048 S1A        U.S. Naval Hospital, Mare Island, Cal.              B/W
(___) 1049            UNK
(RB_) 1050 S1A        Park Avenue and Office Building, Mare Island, Cal.  B/W  
(___) 1056 S3B        Post Office and Federal Building, Seattle, Washington.
(*__)      S3A        Same
(*__)      S5B        Same
(sn_)      S1A        Same
(sn_) 1066 S3B        Hotel Virginia, Long Beach, Cal.
(*__) 1067 S5B        Str. Indianapolis, Seattle-Tacoma, Puget Sound,
                          Washington.                                     B/W
(sn   1086 S4A    CVC Affiliated Colleges. Medical Department of the
                          University of California, San Francisco, California.
(*__) 1110 S4A    SOU Court of Four Seasons.
(*__) 1114 S4A    SOU East Court.                                    MWOB EX1
(*__) 1118 S4A    SOU California Counties Building                   MWOB EX1
(___) 1126 S1C        Picking Apples in a Washington Orchard              B/W
(*__)      S1C    PNC Same                                                B/W
(sn_) 1132 S3B        A California Bungalow in winter.
(*__)      S5B        The Armory and Courthouse, Tacoma, Washington.      B/W
(TB_)      ROD    SOU Felling a Huge Redwood in the Big Tree Grove, 
                          Santa Cruz, Cal.  
(___) 1133 S3B        Unloading Lumber, San Pedro Harbor, Los Angeles.
(*__)      S5B        Conservatory, Wright Park Tacoma, Washington.       B/W
(*__) 1138 S3A        State Capitol by Moonlight, Sacramento, California
                          McCurry Photo
(*__)      S5B        Federal Building, Tacoma, Washington.               B/W
(*__) 1141 S2A        The Stadium and High School, Tacoma, Washington.    B/W
(*__) 1150 S3B        Busch's Sunken Garden, Pasadena, Ca.
(sn_) 1158 S1B        Natatorium, Alum Rock Park, San Jose, Cal.
(___)      S3B        Same
(sn_)      S1A    PNC Same
(*__) 1158 S3A    CVC Chinese Funeral Service.                          ROATW
(sn_)      S1B        Natatorium, Alum Rock Park, San Jose, Cal.
(sn_) 1159 S1C    PNC Road to Alum Rock Park San Jose, Cal
(sn_)      S4A        Same
(*__) 1166 S5A        The Guerneville Bridge  Turner Photo. 
                          Guerneville Cal.                                B/W
(*__) 1167 S5A        On Road to Guerneville Park
                          Guerneville Cal                    Turner Photo B/W
(*__) 1169 S5A        Looking up R. River from Guerneville Bridge         B/W
(*__) 1170 S3B        Griffith-McKenzie Building Fresno, California
(*__)      S5A        Boating on Russian River Guerneville Cal.           B/W
(*__) 1171 S1B        Russian River near Guerneville                      B/W
(sn_)      S2B        Same                                                B/W
(*__)      S5A        Same       Turner Photo, Guerneville Cal.           B/W
(*__) 1172 S5B        Russian River above Guerneville Cal.  Turner-Photo. B/W
(*__) 1174 S5B        Russian River, Guerneville -  Turner Photo.         B/W
(sn_)      S2B        Same
(*__) 1175 S5A        Russian River near Eagle Nest Guerneville.
                          Turner Photo, Guerneville Cal.                  B/W
(*__) 1187 S5A        Stumps of Redwood Forest, Russian River, Cal.       B/W
(DP_)      S5C        Same
(sn_)      S3B        Same
(*__) 1188 S5A        Russian River, at Rionido - Turner Photo.           B/W
(CB_)      UNK    PNC Same
(*__) 1189 S1B        Russian River, Guernewood Park                      B/W
(*__) 1191 S5A        End of the Vacation, Guernewood Park
                         Turrell & Miller photo S.F.                      B/W
(___) 1200            UNK
(sn_) 1204 S3B
(*__) 1205A S1C   PNC Russian River near Guerneville, Cal                 B/W
(DP_) 1209 S1A    PNC Looking Toward Mesa Grande, Cal.                    B/W
(sn_) 1210 S1C    PNC View from Steel Bridge, Monte Rio, Cal.             B/W
(DP_) 1211 S1A        Birdseye View of Monte Rio, Cal.                    B/W
(sn_) 1219 S1C    PNC Famous Leaning Tree, Bohemian Grove, Cal.           B/W
(*__) 1221A S1C   PNC Mammoth Redwoods near Stockton, Cal.                B/W
(sn_)      S5A        Same                                                B/W
(sn_) 1222 S1C    PNC Camp Fire, Bohemian Grove, Cal.                     B/W
(*__) 1227 S3B        U.S. Mint, San Francisco, Cal.
(*__)      S5A        Same
(*__)      S5B        Russian River at Estherville near Guerneville       B/W
(sn_)      S1C        Same                                                B/W
(*__) 1230 S5B        Russian River above Guerneville Cal.                B/W
(*__) 1231 S1C        S. Korbel Vineyards on Russian River, 
                          near Guerneville.                               B/W
(*__) 1232 S3B        Ferry Building from the Bay at Night, San Francisco.
(sn_)      S1B    PNC Same
(*__) 1233 S5B        In Guernewood Park  Turrell & Miller S.F.           B/W
(___) 1239            UNK
(___) 1243            UNK
(GJ_) 1255 S3B        Log Cabin in Redwood Grove, Cazadero, Cal.
(*__) 1258 S5A        Eruption of Mt. Lassen, California.
(*__)      S4D    PNC Same
(DD_)      S3B        Same
(*__) 1281 S3B    UNK Concrete friction piles carrying
                          the 42 Story L.C. Smith building which weighs 
                          approximately 49,000 gross tons.
(___) 1302            UNK
(___) 1304            UNK
(*__) 1311 S1B        Floating Crane, Navy Yard; Bremerton, Washington    B/W
(*__) 1312 S1B        Dry Dock and Warship, U.S. Navy Yard, Bremerton,
                          Washington                                      B/W
(*__) 1353 S4A        In a California Vineyard.
(*__) 1370 S3A        NEW KEYSTONE HOTEL, SAN FRANCISCO, CAL.            MWOB
(sn_) 1385 S3A        Sunset on Lake Tahoe, from Glenbrook, Nevada
(*__) 1402 S1C    PNC An Old Landmark on Gen. Vallejo's Homestead,
                          Sonoma, Cal.
                          It Came from Switzerland, and was brought around
                          the Horn in sections.                           B/W
(*__) 1404 S3B        Front Street at San Pedro Harbor, Los Angeles,
(sn_) 1412 S1C    PNC Bridal Veil Falls
(*__)      S4A        Funicular R. R. Fairfax Manor, Marin Co., Cal.
(*__) 1423 S1A        State Capitol, Olympia, Washington.                 B/W
(sn_)      S2B        State Capitol, 
                          Olympia, Washington.         SCAN sepia\sep1423.jpg 
(sn_) 1424 S1B    PNC Tumwater Falls, Washington.                         B/W
(*__) 1429 S1C    PNC Deception Pass, Puget Sound, Washington.            B/W
(sn_) 1438 S1A        Over Hanging Rock, Glacier Point, Yosemite Valley, Cal.
(sn_)      S1B        Same
(*__) 1439 S3A        Vernal Falls, Yosemite Valley, California      BLK-ltrs
(*__)      S5A        Same
(sn_)      S1C        Same
(sn_)      S1B    PNC Same
(sn_) 1441 S3A        Nevada Falls, Yosemite Valley, California
(sn_)      S1B        Same
(DD_) 1442 S3A        Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite Valley, California.
(*__)      S1C    PNC Same
(*__)      S2A        Same
(___) 1463 S1B        Mission Santa Cruz, California. Founded 1791
(sn_)      S1C        Same
(___) 1484 S1C        Trout Fishing in a Mountain Stream
(*__)      S1C    PNC Same
(*__) 1492 S1A        Main Street, Tent City, Coronado, California.       B/W
(*__) 1493 S1A        Tent City Pavilion, Coronado, California.           B/W
                          NATIONAL APPLE SHOW
                          C: 1913 by Boughton Distributing
(*__) 1508 S1C    PNC Living Tower, Camp Meeker, California               B/W
(sn_) 1548 S1A        S.P. Co.'s Ferryboat "Solano" Port Costa - Benicia,
                          California Largest Ferry Boat in the World.
(sn_) 1551 S4A    CVC View of Golden Gate from Mt. Tamalpais, near
                          San Francisco, California.                    ROATW
(sn_) 1558 S5A        A fight to a finish
(*__) 1576 S1A        Duncan Peak and Hotel Bldgs, Duncan Springs,
                          Hopland, California.                            B/W
(___) 1585 S1B        [Map card of San Francisco Bay Area]                 NW
(___)      S4A        Same
(*__)      S3A        Same
(*__)      S5B        Same
(*__)      S2A        Same (sepia-tone lettering)
(*__)      S2A        Same (black lettering)
(*__)      S1C        Same
(*__) 1604 S3B        Amphitheater and Bay, Santa Barbara Island, Cal.
(sn_) 1605 S3B        Seals at Catalina Island, California.
(sn_) 1610 S3B        Arrival of Steamer at 
                          Santa Catalina Island, California.
(*__) 1617 S3A        Mt. Rainier from Mirror Lake, Washington.
                          (C. 1913 - Curtis & Miller)
(*__)      S5B        Same                                                 TO
(sn_)      S1B        Same
(*__)      S1C    PNC Field of Calla Lilies
(*__) 1619 S5B        Road to Rainier National Park, Washington.
(*__)      S1A        Same
(*__) 1625 S1C        Mt. St. Helena Inn, on Toll Road, near Calistoga,
                          California                                      B/W
(sn_)      S1B        Same                                                B/W
(sn_) 1628 S1C    PNC Old Mill, Mill Valley, Marino Co., California       B/W  
(*__) 1637 S1C    PNC Los Gatos Canyon, Santa Cruz Mountains, California. B/W
(*__)      S5A        Same                                                B/W
(*__) 1658 S1A        Hearst Greek Theatre University of California,
                          California, Berkeley, Cal.                      B/W
(___) 1659 S3B        Dutch Windmill at Sunrise, Golden Gate Park,
                          San Francisco, Cal.
(*__)      S3A        Same                                           BLK-ltrs
(*__) 1660 S1A        The Football Players' University of California,
                          Berkeley, Cal.                                  B/W
(*__) 1666 S5B        Hotel Stockton, Stockton, Cal.
(*__)      S1A        Same                                                B/W
(sn_) 1675 R&D    SOU Santa Fe Depot, Stockton, Cal.                      TO
(sn_) 1705 S5A        Light House, Yerba Buena Island, San Francisco Bay.
(*__) 1706 S3B        Light House, Yerba Buena Island, San Francisco Bay.
(sn_)      S5A        Same
(*__) 1711 S4A        Hollenbeck Park, Los Angeles, Cal.
(*__)      S4B        Same
(*__) 1717 S1B        Old Custom House, Monterey, California.             B/W
(sn_) 1724 S3A        Entering California Through, Orange Groves,
                          in Midwinter.
(sn_) 1729 S3B        Hydrangeas in front of a Cal. Residence,
(*__) 1730 S1A        Seal Rocks, near Cliff House, 
                          San Francisco, California.                      B/W
(*__) 1735 S1B        Madera Lincoln Grammar School, Madera, Cal.         B/W
(JD_) 1750 S2B        Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz, California.            B/W 
(___) 1752 S1A        Lake Crescent on Olympic Highway Washington
(___)      S3B        Same
(*__)      S5A        Same                                                 TO
(*__) 1755 S1B        Bay View School, Santa Cruz, California             B/W
(*__) 1756 S5B        Harbor and Second Ave. from Smith Building,
                          Seattle, Washington
(sn_)      S3B        Same                                                BKC
(sn_)      S1B    PNC Same
(___) 1760            UNK
(*__) 1764 S1C        Hotel Montgomery, San Jose, California.
                          First and San Antonio Streets.                  B/W
(*__)      S3B        Pike St. Seattle, Washington.
(*__) 1765 S3A        First Avenue from Pioneer Square Seattle, Washington
(sn_)      S3B        Same                                                BKC
(___) 1766            UNK
(*__) 1769 S5A        Hotel Savoy, Second Avenue, Seattle, Washington.     TO
(*__)      S5B        Same (blue lettering on back)                (not a TO)
(*__)      S5B        Same  (brown lettering on back) 
                                            SCAN S-1-5\s5b1769.jpg (not a TO)
(*__)      S1C    PNC
(___) 1770 S3B        Cabin in Cedar Stump, Washington
(*__)      S5A        Same                                                 TO
(sn_)      S1A        Same (three people)
(sn_)      S3B        Same                            SCAN S-1-5\sb1770.jpg  
(___) 1771 S3B        "The Two Sentinels", Mt. Rainier, Washington.
(*__)      S5A        Same                                                 TO
(*__)      S1A        Same                                         
(*__) 1772 S1A    PNC Whale Skeleton, Point Lobos, Cal.
(*__)      S2A        Whale Skeleton, Point Lobos, 
                          Monterey Co. California.                       B/W
(*__) 1775 S2A        Hotel Del Monte, Del Monte, 
                          California               SCAN div\div1775.jpg  B/W
(*__)      S6A        Same                                               B/W
(*__) 1776 S2A        Presidio at Monterey, California.                  B/W
(sn_) 1777 S1B        Old Custom House, Monterey, California             B/W
(sn_) 1799 S3A        Irrigating Orange Orchards, Lindsay, Cal.
(___) 1800            UNK
(*__) 1812 R&D    SOU Faculty Club, University of California at Berkeley. BKC 
(sn_) 1814 S1B        The Log Bridge at Mt. Hermon, Cal.                  B/W
(sn_) 1817 S2A        Mossbrae Falls, Shasta Springs, Cal.
(*__) 1824 S4A        Hotel Del Monte, Del Monte, California.
(*__)      S5A        Same
(JD_) 1827 R&D    SOU Pacific Ave. Looking South, Santa Cruz, Cal.   
(*__) 1850 S4A    PNC Quadrangle and Arches,
                         Stanford University, Cal.                MXB-S5A B/W
(*__)      S1A        Same                                                B/W
(sn_)      S1A    PNC Same
(*__) 1851 S1B        Mt. Index and Stillaquamish River, Washington.
(*__)      S4A        Same
(___) 1854 S1C        The Golden Gate Park Conservatory, San Francisco,
(___)      S4B        Same
(sn_)      S3B        Same
(___)      S5B        Same
(*__)      S1C    PNC Same -- Made in California
(___) 1855 S3B        Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.
(sn_)      S3A        Same
(DD_)      S3B        Same
(*__)      S2B        Same
(sn_)      S1B    PNC Same
(___) 1856 S3B        "Portals of the Past" Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.
(*__)      S2A        Same
(___) 1861 S3B        San Francisco Cal. Ferry Building from the Bay
                          by Moonlight
(*__)      S1B        Same
(___) 1862 S3A        Stow Lake and Boat House, Golden Gate Park,
                         San Francisco.
(*__) 1864 S3B        German Hospital, San Francisco.
(sn_) 1865 S3B        Lower falls Shasta Springs, Cal.
(*__) 1866 S3B        The Fountain Shasta Springs, Cal.
(*__)      S2A        Same
(*__) 1868 S3B        Orchids Grown on Point Loma, San Diego, California.
(sn_)      S3A        A Residence on Point Loma Drive, San Diego, California.
(*__) 1870 S4C        New Keystone Hotel, San Francisco, Cal.             ADV
(*__) 1892 S3B        Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, from the rocks,
                          near Sugar Loaf.
(*__) 1894 S3B        Boys Diving for Coins, Summer and Winter, at
                          Santa Catalina Island, Cal.
(*__) 1895 S1A        General View Stanford University, California.       B/W
(*__) 1898 S1C    PNC West End of Inner Quadrangle Stanford University,
                          California                                      B/W
(sn_) 1900 S1A        Chemistry Building and Museum, Stanford University,
                          California.                                     B/W
(sn_) 1903 S1A    PNC Moreland Note Dame Academy, Watsonville, Cal.       B/W 
                          Pmkd: 1945 Gilroy, Calif.
                          Mailedto: Mildred Vestu, San Mateo, Calif.  
(sn_) 1906 S1A        Museum, Stanford University, California.            B/W
(sn_) 1907 S1A        Encina Hall, Stanford University, California.       B/W
(*__) 1918 S1A        Arcade, Stanford University, California.            B/W
(___) 1928 S3B        Black Butte, Shasta Route, S. P. R. R.
(sn_)      S3A        Same
(*__)      S2A        Same
(*__) 1930 S6A    PNC New Post Office Building (Cost $ 1,000,000),
                          Santa Cruz, Cal.                                B/W
(*__) 1940 S2A        Sacramento River and Mt. Shasta from Castella, Cal.
                          Shasta Route, Southern Pacific Co.  (light view)
(*__)      S2A        Same  (darker view)
(*__) 1942 S5A        Mt. Shasta, California by Moonlight
(sn_) 1944 S1B        Oregon City, Oregon, Manufacturing Paper & Woolens
                          A Thriving Industry                             B/W
(sn_) 1947 S1B        Sacramento River Canyon, Cal. Shasta Route, Southern
                          Pacific Co.
(*__) 1948 S4B        Mt. Shasta and Stewart Lake.
(sn_)      S1B    PNC Beautiful Scenery in Oregon City - Paper & Woolen Mills
                          in the distance.                                B/W
(*__)      S1B        Same                                                B/W
(sn_) 1950 S1A        Section of Oregon City Looking North showing Suspension
                          Bridge across the Willamette River
(___) 1960            UNK
(*__) 1961 S1B        Robert Louis Stevenson Tablet, 
                          near Calistoga, California.
                          J.C. Adams, 1911, Calistoga                     B/W
(sn_)      S3B        Same
(___) 1962            UNK
(*__) 1963 S3B        First National Bank of San Mateo Co., Redwood City,
(___) 1964            UNK
(___) 1965            UNK
(___) 1966            UNK
(*__) 1967 ROD        Bridesmaid
(___) 1968            UNK
(___) 1969            UNK
(___) 1970            UNK
(___) 1971            UNK
(*__) 1972 S6A    PNC Nineteenth St. Bakersfield, California.             B/W
(*__) 1979 ROD        Red Geranium.
(*__) 1986 S3B        Above the Fog Banks, Mt. Tamalpais, California.
(___) 1987            UNK
(sn_) 2000 S1B    PNC "Wawona" Mariposa Big Tree Grove.
(*__)      S1B        Same
(sn_) 2003 S1B    PNC Seal Rock at Cliff House, San Francisco.
(___) 2002            UNK
(*__) 2013 S4A        Seal Rocks at Cliff House, San Francisco, Cal.
(sn_)      S3A        Same
(*__)      S1C    PNC Same
(*__)      S4B        Same
(*__) 2014 S1C    PNC Lloyd Lake, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Cal.
(*__)      S1A    PNC Same                            SCAN S-1-5\s1a2014.jpg
(*__) 2015 S2A        Market Street near O'Farrell, San Francisco, Cal.
(sn_) 2016 S1B        Calistoga Hot Springs, Calistoga, California.       B/W
(___) 2017            UNK
(___) 2022 S1C        A Basket of Speckled Beauties
(*__)      S1C    PNC Same
(___) 2023            UNK
(___) 2057 S3B        A Salmon catch, Puget Sound, Washington.
(*__)      S1A        Same
(*__)      S5A        Same                                                 TO
(*__) 2060 S1B        "Wawona" Mariposa Big Tree Grove
(___) 2075 S3B        Palace Hotel, San Francisco.
(*__)      S3A        Same
(*__)      S4A        Palace Hotel, San Francisco     SCAN S-1-5\s4a2075.jpg
(sn_)      S1B        Arched Rock & High Waves, Vue Del'eau, 
                         Santa Cruz, Cal.                                 B/W
(___) 2076            UNK
(JD_) 2079 S1A    PNC Casa Del Rey & Casino, Santa Cruz, Cal.             B/W
(___) 2080 S3B        Union Ferry Depot, San Francisco
(___) 2081 S2A        Ocean Boulevard from Sutro Heights, San Francisco,
(*__)      S3A        Same                SCAN S-1-5\s3a2081.jpg     BLK-ltrs
(*__)      S3B        Same                                           BLK-ltrs
(*__)      S3B        Same                                                 TO
(sn_)      S1B        Beach, Santa Cruz, Cal.                             B/W 
(___) 2082            UNK    
(*__) 2083 S1A        "Roosevelt" Santa Cruz Big Tree Grove,
                           Cal.          SCAN div\s1a2083.jpg             B/W
(*__)      S1B        Casa del Rey Golf & Country Club House, 
                          Santa Cruz, Cal.                                B/W
(___) 2086 S3B        Tourist Group, Santa Cruz Big Tree Grove, Cal.
(*__) 2087 S3B        At the Crater's Brink, Mt. Lassen, Cal.
(sn_) 2087 S1A        Santa Cruz Big Tree Grove, Cal.                     B/W
(sn_) 2088 S1B        "Roosevelt" Santa Cruz Big Tree Grove, Cal.
(___) 2089            UNK
(___) 2090            UNK
(___) 2100            UNK
(*__) 2137 S4A        View in State Capitol Park, Sacramento, California
(*__)      S5A        Same
(*__) 2152 S1A        Sutter's Fort; Sacramento, California, Built in 1839.
(*__) 2153 S1C    PNC Church of St. Francis of Assisi,
                         Sacramento, California.
(*__)      S4A        Same
(sn_) 2157 S1A        Nye Beach, Newport, Ore
(___) 2161 S4A        Seal Rocks from Cliff House, San Francisco.
(*__)      S5A        Seal Rocks from the Cliff House, San Francisco.
(*__)      S1A        Same
(*__)      S3A        Same
(*__) 2162 S5A        General View of San Luis Obispo, Cal.               B/W
(sn_) 2174 S5A        Bathing in the Russian River at 
                           Guerneville, California.                       B/W
(DP_) 2175 S5C        Down Russian River from Guerneville, California
(*__) 2177 S5A        Boating on the Russian River at 
                           Guerneville, California.                       B/W
(DP_) 2178 S1B        Guerneville Bridge on Russian River
(*__) 2179 S1A        Lovers Retreat Camp Wildwood Saratoga, Cal-2179     B/W
                           Note: Card is larger  
(*__) 2180 S3B        Union Ferry Depot, San Francisco [expo sign in reverse]
(*__)      S4A        Same           SCAN S-1-5\s4a2180.jpg [no sign on back]
(*__)      S3A        Union Ferry Depot and Bay, San Francisco, Cal.
(*__)      S5A        Union Ferry Depot, San Francisco.
(DP_) 2188 S1A        View from Sandy Beach, Monte Rio, Cal.              B/W
(*__) 2189 S1B        View from Sandy Beach, Monte Rio, Cal.              B/W
(*__) 2192 S4A    PNC Russian River from the Bridge,
                          Monte Rio, California                   B/W MXB-S5A
(___) 2198            UNK
(___) 2199            UNK
(___) 2200            UNK
(___) 2201            UNK
(*__) 2204A S1B       Boating near Guerneville, Cal.                      B/W
(___) 2204        PNC UNK
(___) 2207        PNC UNK
(___) 2208        PNC UNK
(sn_) 2209 S1B    PNC Scene In Chinatown, San Francisco.
(___) 2212        PNC UNK
(___) 2214        PNC UNK
(*__) 2215 S3B        Residence's on McDonald Avenue Santa Rosa, Cal.
(sn_) 2229 S3A    CVC Trout Fishing.
(*__) 2230 S3A    CVC Calla Lily Field, Beautiful California.           ROATW
(sn_)      S1A X1 CVC Same
(sn_) 2232 S5A        10th St. Looking North, Modesto, California.
(*__) 2238 S5A        10th St. Looking North, Modesto, California.        B/W
(sn_) 2239 S3A    CVC Trout Fishing.                                    ROATW
(sn_) 2253 S3B        Greek Theatre, Berkeley, Cal. Seating Capacity 10,000.
(sn_) 2257 S2B        Suspension Bridge at Big Trees, near Santa Cruz,
(*__) 2258 S1A        Among the Big Trees near Santa Cruz California      B/W
(sn_) 2259 S1A        Big Tree Club House, Big Tree Grove, 
                          near Santa Cruz, Cal.                           B/W
(*__) 2263 S1C        Grounds, Hotel Brookdale, Brookdale, California.    B/W
(___) 2264        PNC UNK
(___) 2265        PNC UNK
(*__) 2271 S3B        Gathering Poppies
(sn_) 2283 S2B        Looking up San Lorenzo River, Brookdale, California.
(___) 2284 S3B        Bridge over San Lorenzo River; Brookdale, California.
(sn_) 2285 S1B    PNC S. P. R. R. Bridge at Brookdale, California         B/W
(sn_) 2286 S1B        S. P. Depot at Brookdale, California.               B/W
(*__) 2288 S1B        The Summit near Big Basin, California Redwood Park
(*__)      S1C    PNC Same                                                B/W
(*__)      S3B        Oneonta Gorge, Columbia River.
                          On Line of O. W. R. & N Co.
(*__) 2290 S1B        Camping at Big Basin, California Redwood Park.      B/W
(sn_) 2291 S1B        Driving Among the Redwood; Big Basin, California
                          Redwood Park                                    B/W
(___) 2293 S3B        "Father of the Forest," Big Basin, California
                          Redwood Park.                                   B/W
(*__)      S2A        Same
(*__)      S1B        Same
(*__) 2298 S3B        Lobby, Hotel Sacramento, Sacramento, California.
(*__)      S5B        Same
(*__) 2306 S1A    PNC Blue Lakes from Camp Inis Lake Co, Cal. 
                                                   SCAN S-1-5\s1a2306.jpg B/W
(*__)      S5A        Same                                                B/W
(*__) 2307 S1C    PNC Lake Co. Court House and Hall of Records, 
                         Lakeport, Cal.                                   B/W
(*__)      S1B        Mile Rock Lighthouse, Golden Gate Strait, San Francisco.
(*__) 2314 S6A    PNC West Side School, Chehalis, Wash.                   B/W
(___) 2315        PNC UNK
(*__) 2316 S4A    PNC Cascade Falls, Monte Rio, Cal                       B/W
(___) 2317        PNC UNK
(DP_) 2327 UNK    PNC Bath House, Rio Nido, Cal.                          B/W  
(sn_) 2328 S1A        Russian River at Rio Nido, Cal.                     B/W
(___) 2329            UNK
(___) 2330            UNK
(*__) 2331 S1A        Post Office, Rio Nido, California.
(*__) 2360 S1C    PNC Mt. Hermon, Santa Cruz Mts. California              B/W
                          [Stamped into card - Sunny crest 
                          Mt. Vernon California]
(*__) 2379 S1C    PNC Birds Eye View of the Residence District, 
                         Blaine, Wash.                                    B/W
(___) 2380            UNK
(___) 2381            UNK 
(*__) 2382 S1C    PNC Water Front & A. P. A. Cannery, Blaine, Wash        B/W
(sn_) 2384 R&D        L. C. Smith Building Seattle, 
                           Washington 42 Stories       SCAN sepia\sep2384.jpg 
(*__) 2410 S3B        Restaurant Ship Hotel-by Moonlight, Venice, Cal.
(*__) 2425 ROD        Panel of Red Roses
(sn_) 2443 S3B        Breakers at Long Beach, California.
(sn_) 2444 S3B        Bathing scene at Long Beach, California.
(*__) 2452 S3B        An Everyday Crowd at Long Beach, California.
(*__) 2481 S1C    PNC Cathedral Group, Big Tree Grove, near Santa Cruz, Cal.
(*__)      S4B        Same
(sn_) 2413 S3B        Grand Hotel, Walla, Walla, Wn.
(*__) 2516 S1B        Chinese Telephone Office, Chinatown,
                          San Francisco, Cal.
(sn_) 2531 S3A        Tatoosh Range from Paradise Valley, Rainier National
                          Park, Indian Basket Grass in Brown Background.
(*__) 2532 S5B        Paradise Valley, Rainier National Park.             B/W
(*__) 2535 S3B        St. James Hotel, and St. James Park North First St.
                          San Jose, Cal.
(*__) 2548 S3B        Tourist on Stevens Glacier, Rainier National Park   SEP
(*__) 2559 S1B        Abbey Hotel, Newport, Oregon                        B/W
(*__) 2565 S3B        Point Fermin and Lighthouse, San Pedro Harbor,
                          Los Angeles, California.
(*__) 2589 S1B        Midway Point, 17 Mile Drive, Monterey, Co., Cal.
(___) 2590 S4B        "The Ostrich," 17 Mile Drive, Monterey, Co, California.
(*__)      S1A        "The Ostrich," Seventeen Mile Drive, Monterey Co.
(sn_) 2601 S4A    CVC The Bath House and Dancing Pavilion, Ocean Park,
(___) 2604        PNC UNK
(sn_) 2607 S3A        Hotel Dickerson, Ben Lomond, Cal.
(sn_) 2612 R&D    PNC Clear Creek and Dining Room Brookdale Hotel,
                          Brookdale, California        SCAN RDRG\pnc2612.jpg
                                                           [PNC R&D back] B/W 
(sn_) 2618 S5A        Solano County Court House-Fairfield, Calif.         SEP
(*__) 2626 S1B        Picturesque View of Wharf, Beach and Hotel, Capitola,
                          California                                      B/W
(*__) 2672 S3B        S. & G. Gump Company 230-268 
                          Post Street San Francisco.                      B/W
(*__) 2673 S3B        S. & G. Gump Company 230-268 
                          Post Street San Francisco.                      B/W
(*__) 2683 S3B        Seventh Street, Looking East, Hanford, Cal.         B/W
(*__) 2684 S3B        Seventh Street, Looking West, Hanford, Cal.
(*__) 2686 S3B        In the Crater; Mt. Lassen, Cal                      B/W
(*__) 2687 S3B        At the Crater Brink, Mt. Lassen, Ca                 B/W
(*__) 2688 S3B        After an Earthquake, Mt. Lassen, Cal.               B/W
(sn_)      S3A        After an eruption, Mt. Lassen, Cal.                 B/W
(*__) 2689 S3B        The Crater, Mt. Lassen, Cal.                        B/W
(DD_) 2701 S3B        42 Story L. C. Smith Building and Mt. Rainier,
                          Seattle, Washington
(*__) 2702 S3A        Cliff House from Ocean Boulevard, San Francisco.
(___)      S5B        Same
(sn_) 2702A S3A       Central Nave of Mission, San Juan Bautista, California.
                          200 feet long, 75 feet wide, 45 feet high
(sn_) 2702 S4A    CVC Windward Avenue, Venice of America, California.
(TB_) 2708 S3B        PICNICING in the REDWOOD CANYON
                          On Line of Oakland, 
                          Antioch and Eastern Railway.                    SEP 
(*__) 2709 S3A        Scene in Chinatown, San Francisco.
(sn_) 2719 S3A        Excursion train at Concord on Line of Oakland Antioch
                             and Eastern Railway.
(TB_) 2720 S3B         STATION AT BAY POINT On Line of Oakland, Antioch
                             and Eastern Railway.                         SEP
(*__) 2738 S3B        Joint Agency at Bay Point. On Line of Oakland, Antioch
                          and Eastern Railway.
                          On Line of Oakland, 
                          Antioch and Eastern Railway.                    B/W 
(DH_) 2739 S3A        Main Street, Winters. Cal.                          B/W
(DH_) 2740 S3A        Christian Church, Winters, California.              SEP       
(DH_) 2741 S3A        Black Rock, Winters, Cal.                           B/W
(DH_) 2742 S3A        The cannon Ball, Winters, Cal.                      N/W
(*__) 2755 S3A        Residence Scene, Maxwell, Cal.                      B/W
(*__) 2765 S3B        Fruit Packing House, Fairfield, Cal.                B/W
(*__) 2768 S3B        Bag House, Mammoth Smelter, Kennett, Cal.           B/W
(sn_) 2771 S3B        The Miller Drug Co., Burlingame, California.
(sn_) 2774 S3B        Birdseye View of Volunteer Park, Seattle, Washington.
(*__)      S3A        Same
(*__)      S5B        Same
(*__) 2775 S3B        Section of Waterfront, Seattle, Washington.
(DD_)      S3B        Same                                                BKC 
(*__)      S1A        Section of Waterfront, Seattle, Washington.
(DD_) 2776 S3B        42 Story L.C. Smith Building, Seattle, Washington.
(___)      S4B        Same
(*__) 2777 S3B        Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains from Seattle,
(*__)      S5B        Same
(sn_)      S1B    PNC Same
(sn_) 2778 S3B        Oregon-Washington and King St. Stations, Seattle,
                          Washington.                                     TO
(___)      S1A        Same
(sn_)      S1B        Same
(*__)      S5B        Same
(sn_) 2779 S1A         Deception Pass, Puget Sound, Washington.           TO
(*__) 2781 S3B        42 Story L.C. Smith Building and Mt. Rainier, Seattle,
(*__)      S3B        Same
(*__)      S5B        Same
(*__) 2782 S3B        Alki Beach Bath House, Seattle, Washington.
(*__)      S5B        Same
(*__) 2783 S3B        Lake Washington Boulevard, Seattle.
(___)      S3B        Same                                                BKC
(*__)      S3A        Same
(*__) 2787 S3A        Alcatraz and Angel Island from Nob Hill,
                          San Francisco.
(*__) 2791 S3B        Scene on the Pacific Highway.
(*__)      S5A        White Pelican Hotel, Klamath Falls, Oregon.    B/W MWOB
(*__) 2792 S3B        Mt. Constance and Olympic Mountains, Washington.
(*__)      S1B        Same
(sn_)      S1B    PNC Same
(*__)      S4A    PNC Hutchins Oak, largest of its kind in California,
                          11 ft. in diameter.
                          Near Gridley, Cal.                 MXB-S4A/S5A  B/W
(JD_) 2795 S3B        Palm Room St George Hotel - Santa Cruz, California
(___) 2796 S3A        Cape Flattery Lighthouse, Washington.
(*__)      S3B        Same                            SCAN S-1-5\s3b2796.jpg
(sn_)      S1B        Same
(___) 2797 R&D        Deception Pass, Puget Sound, Washington.
                          (C.1912 V.S. Waters)
(*__)      S5B        Same
(sn_)      S1A    PNC Same
(*__)      S3A        Same                                                 TO
(sn_) 2798 S1C    PNC Logging Train in the Northwest
(___)      S1A        Same
(*__) 2799 S3B        Mt Adams from Sunnyside Canal, Washington
                          (1909 Asahel Curtis)
(*__)      S5B        Same (1909 Asahel Curtis) SCAN S-1-5\s5b2799.jpg     TO
(*__) 2800 S3B        Traveling Through the Cascade Mountains.
(___)      S5B        Same
(*__) 2801 S1C    PNC Mile Rock Light House from Land's End,
                          San Francisco, Cal.
(*__) 2802 S3A        Sunset, Golden Gate, San Francisco
(___) 2805 S1C        Hotel Hughson, Modesto, California.                 B/W
(sn_)      S1C    PNC Same                                                B/W
(*__)      S1C        Chinese Restaurant, San Francisco, Cal.
(sn_)      S1A        Same
(sn_)      S3A        Same
(sn_) 2809 S3A        Electric Train, California
(sn_) 2816 S1A        Chinese Telephone Office, Chinatown, 
                          San Francisco, Cal.
(sn_)      S1B    PNC Same
(___) 2824 S3B        Midway Point on Monterey Peninsula near Pacific,
                          California.                                     B/W
(sn_) 2829 S3A        Western Pacific Hospital, Portola, California.
(*__) 2833 S3B        Beautiful City Hall, Oakland, California.      BLK-ltrs
(*__)      S3A        Same                                           BLK-ltrs
(sn_) 2845 S3B        Federal Realty Bldg., Oakland, California
(sn_) 2847 S3A        Lake Merritt, Oakland, California.
(*__) 2849 S3A        Views of Hermanos Vineyards and Wine Vaults 
                          Beringer Bros., Inc. 
                          St. Helena, California                    B/W 4view                  
(___) 2854 S3B        California bungalow in winter.
(*__)      S4A    PNC California bungalow in winter, 
                          Santa Barbara                             ON-L5 OVP
(*__) 2861 S3A        Sand Dunes and Point Pinos Light House, Pacific Grove,
                          California.                               B/W MWOB
(sn_) 2862 S3B        Monterey Cypress on Monterey Peninsula near Pacific
                          Grove, California                               B/W
(*__)      S2A        Same                                                B/W
(*__) 2863 S3A        View on Scenic Drive, Monterey Peninsula near
                          Pacific Grove, California. 
                                              SCAN S-1-5\s3a2863.jpg B/W MWOB
(sn_)      S2A        Same                                                B/W
(*__) 2864 S3A        Midway point on Monterey Peninsula near Pacific Grove,
                          California.                                B/W MWOB
(sn_)      S2A        Same                                                B/W
(*__)      S3B        Same                                           B/W MWOB
(*__) 2865 S3A        Pebble Beach on the 17 Mile Drive 
                          near Pacific Grove, California             B/W MWOB
(*__)      S3B        Same                                                B/W
(*__) 2866 S3A        The Crescent, on 17 Mile Drive, near Pacific Grove,
                          California.                                B/W MWOB
(sn_)      S3B        Same                                                B/W
(sn_)      S1A        Same                                                B/W
(sn_) 2880 S3B        Promenade Overlooking Ocean, Cliff House,
                         San Francisco,
(___)      S4A        Same
(sn_)      S3B        Promenade Overlooking Ocean, Cliff House, 
                         San Francisco. [two Chinese characters on front]
(sn_) 2889 S3B        Gathering Moonstones, at Redondo Beach, California.
(sn_) 2892 S4B    PNC Hutchins Oak, Largest of its kind in California
                          11 ft. in diameter. Near Gridley, Cal.          B/W
(sn_) 2901 S1B        First Timber House in California, Monterey, Cal.
                         pmkd: 1954 Menasha, Wis.
                         mailedto: Neenah, Wis.  
                                                   SCAN S-1-5\s1b2901.jpg B/W
(sn_)      S3B        Schenley Park Entrance, Carnegie Tech. Pittsburgh. 
(*__) 2902 S5A        First Theatre in California, Monterey, Cal.         B/W
(sn_) 2904 S1C    PNC High Waves on the Pacific, 
                          Monterey Bay, California.                       B/W
(*__)      S4A    PNC Same                                        B/W MXB-S5A
(*__) 2909 S1B        Deep in the Giant Redwood, Mt. Hermon, California   B/W
(*__) 2913 S1B        San Lorenzo Canon, on the Road to the Big Tree Grove,
                          Santa Cruz, Cal.
(sn_)      S2B        Same
(*__) 2916 S1B        "Jumbo" Big Tree Grove, Santa Cruz, Cal. 250 ft.
                          Circumference 58 ft. Estimated 5000 years.      B/W
(sn_)      S1A        Same                                                B/W
(___) 2922 S3B        Burning of the Cliff House in 1907, San Francisco.
(*__) 2931 S5A        The Court, Ramona's Marriage Place, 
                          San Diego, California.
(*__)      S5B        Same
(DD_)      S4B        Same                                           BLK-ltrs   
(*__) 2983 S1C    PNC Causeway Across the Yolo Basin on the State Highway
                          (McMurry Photo Co., 720 "J" St.,
                           Sacramento, Cal.)                              B/W
(sn_) 2990 S1A         (No words) [Box of California Oranges]
(*__) 2994 S3A        "Portals of the Past" Golden Gate Park, San Francisco,

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