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                         MISC INFORMATION & MYSTERIES

     Many People, when first exposed to Edward H. Mitchell, Publisher, believe
That he only published scenes of the far western states. While this is mostly
true, it is also very interesting to find that he published many other types of
post cards. These are of course somewhat scarce, but probably so because they may
be in collections of other subjects and therefore not much on the market.
Mitchell’s may be found under some of the strangest categories at shows, flea
Market’s, etc.

     Some of the types to be listed here were obviously made in sets for
special sale and not numbered.  Since they are not numbered, the number of cards
in a set are unknown except in the case of calendars which must have 12 to
the set. Also listed will be special numbered series and topics in the
regular numbered series that seem to have been published as sets or groups, 
in a very loose sense.
     Credit for this information must be given to: Bernard B. Lackey in his
Handbook on E. H. Mitchell published in 1975. One will find more information,
has since been found and can be found in the various listings.
     This idea was for advertising and consisted of a card designed including
calendar for each month and depicting the person or idea the month was named for.
They also had the advertisement of the firm distributing them. At least two
years (1911 & 1912) have been found and 2 school ads were noted. These cards
were copyrighted in 1910 by Johnston-Dienstag-Ayres of San Francisco. The DH4a Backs
state they were lithographed by Mitchell for Johnston-Ayres Co. The DH4 backs
were used for other publishers for the Calendar cards, by Mitchell

     Throughout the regular numbered series, there is a very small scattering
of comics. Some depict girls and mules, children and mules, bathing scenes,
auto comics, etc., However, Edward H. Mitchell also published a set of cards
called "Swas-Ticklers" that are jokes or sayings printed in red, white & black
similar to Sheehan's Mottoes or "Hot Shot" cards. These are extremely rare,
the extent of the set is unknown.
SEE listing for what is currently known.
     Also issued by Mitchell were cards depicting army life, in sepia. These
were probably issued late in 1915 and the artwork resembles "Private Berger"
types. See above listing for what is know at this time.

     This is a very attractive set of cards. On each card is a vignette of some
scene (the same as on the regular issued) and this is surrounded by various
combinations of poppies, poinsettias and holly. Backs are very fancy green
printing of holly, but some of thus set were printed on DH3 backs. Most of the
vignettes are titled, but some are not. SEE  SAMPLE --
ALSO SEE Listing
4.   MT. LOWE
     This set depicts scenes of Mt. Lowe and "ML" backs.
There are also several scenes of Mt. Lowe in the numbered series with and without
MTL backs. Some are numbered or unnumbered and can be found in the colored "DH1" and other listings.
              SEE  Divided backs
              SEE  Unnumbered ML

     Edward H. Mitchell printed and published many cards for the Panama-Pacific
International Exposition (PPIE) both under his own name and for some other
publisher’s. He also published under his own name for the Lewis & Clark
Exposition, The Alaska Yukon and the Panama-California Expositions.  Most can
be found in the divided back color listings.
                   A. GOLDEN POTLATCH, July 17-22, 1911. There are at least
two types of this issue. SEE Front Logo

 One is an official card published for Hopf Bros. in sepia tone with
Official seal on front, copyrighted 1911. SEE
            SEE Golden Potlatch Listing
listing. The others are Seattle, Washington scenes on sepia DH3 cards.
The explanation of POTLATCH is printed on the back of the first type.
                   B. PORTOLA FESTIVAL Oct 19-23, 1909. Issued for the
Festival in color on DV1 card’s, copyrighted 1909. Extent of series is
unknown. They are multi-view and decorated with people, garlands, bears, etc..
                   C. ADMISSION DAY 1910 FESTIVAL SEPT 8-10. Issued on
DV2 cards, in color, no copyright data. Unknown number published.
Decorative cards showing people, flags, bears, etc..
A Set of four cards numbered 1915-A, B, C, & D. Copyrighted 1911 by
Edw. H Mitchell. Sepia cards, divided back with "published by Exposition
Pub. Co." and Expo. seal. (Not a typical Mitchell back) Decorative cards
with vignettes, people, bears, flags, garland, etc.. 1915-A has almost
identical front as Admission day card of 1910.
                   E. ZODIAC Cards. (Astrology group) unnumbered DH backs.
                 SEE Listing
for number known to be published
         The Following are sets, but with a special numbering system.
           6. SEE HAWAII
     A set of Hawaiian scene were printed under numbers H-1 through H-?. H-28 is
highest number noted. Note: A 29M has been seen! These cards are the same in appearance as the
regular Mitchell DH2 issues in color, only the numbering system and the scenes differ.
           7. PHILLIPINES-Manila
    This set is similar to the Hawaiian set, but is numbered M-1 through M-?.
(M-32 is the highest number known to date.) Depicts Manila and the Philippines
scene s in color. DH2 backs.

     This set of 32(?) cards was published in sepia and numbered Z-1 to Z-32.
They were sold either singly or in a booklet of detachable cards, R&D backs.
and S1C to S5B backs. These same cards were also issued under the
Souvenir Publishing Co. by-line.
           9. SEE "B" Series
     These cards are scenes of the University of California at Berkeley, and are in
color on S1B in sepia or S1C in black. Lowest number seen is B72 and highest is
B206. (one card seen with no number.) Some of these cards were issued under the
Souvenir Publishing Co & Pacific Novelty Co.
           10. SEE "C" Series (Mostly C
     The reason for this series is unknown unless "C" stands for California. They
are rather poorly printed on S1C backs and not nearly up to Mitchell's Standards.
One interesting card in the series is C1161 which is copyrighted by 
Edw. H. Mitchell in 1907 on the front, but is printed on a Pacific Novelty Co. Back. It is
known, that these two companies were allied, but this is the only card seen,
with both names.
           11. SEE "D" Series
     This Series seems to be of missions and parks. This must have been a good selling
series as they are found on many different backs. DH1, DH3, S2B, S3B, and ROD
have been seen and logged in the check list. Lowest number found is D-132 and highest
number found is D517.
           12. SEE "O" Series
     There are two types in the "O" numbers. The first type is printed in sepia
on R&D backs and depicts scenes of Oregon. The second is printed in color, S1C
backs and show scenes of Oakland, Calif.. These are poorly printed as were the
"B" numbers. Lowest number found is O-26, highest is O-228.

           13. SEE "S" Series
     There seems to be at least two sets in the "S" series. One running from S80 to
perhaps S110 which are sepia of black & white views of the Santa Cruz, Calif. area.
(S1C, S3B or S5A backs.) The other set (if it really is a set, since only two have
been seen) runs in the S600 to S700 numbers and perhaps may be anything. The two
see, Padre Junipero Serra (S615) is sepia S3B back, and The Jane K. Sather (S736)
sepia, also S3B back.
    Note: It has now been found that there are "S" Series beginning with S15 to S853.
           14. SEE "SC" Series
     This Series depicts scene of the ocean at Santa Cruz, Calif. in color, S1C
backs. Lowest number seen, SC102, highest, SC199. Rather poor prints like the "B"
and the "O" series.

           15. SEE "SF" Series
     This series seems to start at SF23, "Greetings from San Francisco" a multi-view
card in color and runs to at least SF612. All of the cards are in color and depict
scenes of California. All are on S1C backs in black and a few have descriptions
printed in upper left corner.

           16. SEE "Y" Series
     This series depicts Yosemite Valley, Calif. in color and is the only set of
Mitchell’s with a white border except UN1 types. This series is on S1B backs or
S1C backs in brown or black and those seen from Y130 to Y144.

           17.  There is another set that should be mentioned here. although
published by Souvenir Publishing Co. They are titled "Tournament of Roses, New
Years Day, Pasadena, California" and the type of float. Which year this was can not
be determined by the cards and the number of cards in the set are unknown.
Note: Color of cards is unknown, and it is possible they were not Mitchell cards.
           18. SEE ALBUMS
     Edward H. Mitchell also took regular series cards of various locations and
made them up into albums of 20 cards or more. Most of these were in sepia and most
of these in complete albums are long gone and rare. Cards serrated on the left
edge are from albums and in many cases are the only clue left as to the content
of the album. Cards in albums are seldom numbered consecutively.


     The Below will indicate some that do not fit into Mitchell's normal
production of Postcards. Most are undoubtedly produced by Mitchell, but are
either plain unnumbered views, advertisements for various Hotels, Restaurants
and others. Why they were left unnumbered will remain one of the minor
mysteries. Some have been seen by Sam Stark, Walter Kransky and other collectors.
They have all been added to the various unnumbered checklists.
           1. HOTELS
              Hotel Del Monte, Del Monte, California. Colored-DH3.
              Hotel Turpin 17 Powell Street at Market, San Francisco, Cal.
                    Colored-DH3. (interior)
              Same title as above, Colored-S3A. (exterior)
              Hotel Jefferson. Turk and Gough Streets San Francisco
                    N. W. Gray - C. E. Luizee. Colored-DV1
              Office and Lobby, Hotel Steward Geary near Powell Street.
                    San Francisco California. Colored-DV2
              Louis XVI Reception Room, Hotel Stewart, Geary near Powell
                    Street, San Francisco, California. Colored-DV2
              Hotel Stewart from Union Square, San Francisco, California.
              Lobby, Mt. Washington Hotel Los Angeles California. Colored-HMW
              Hotel Arlington Seattle, Wash. W. G. Potts Proprietor. Sepia-DH2
              Hotel Victoria Cor. Bush and Stockton Sts., San Francisco,
                    California. Sepia-DH2
              Hotel Land, Sacramento, Cal. Sepia-S3B (slightly altered)
              (Hotel Seattle) Pioneer Square, Seattle. Sepia-DH3
              The Arlington Santa Barbara, California. Sepia-DH2
              The same title and view, but with ad on back and different title
                    format. Sepia-DH2
              Arlington Hotel, Santa Barbara, Cal.
                    Colored-S4B (same as sepia view)
              Arlington Hotel, (entrance) Santa Barbara, Cal. Colored-S4B
              The Washington, Seattle Washington. Colored-UN1
              Highland Springs Hotel Lake Co. Cal. Craig & Kerr Managers.
              Court, Huntington Hotel, Pasadena, Cal. Colored-T1
                    (original title and number, overprinted with gold stripe)
              Potter Hotel, Santa Barbara, Cal. Colored-S4B
              City of Paris Dry Good Company
              Royal Insurance Building, San Francisco, California. Colored-2030
           2. RESTAURANTS, ETC.
              Dining-Room of Blue Lakes Hotel, Midlake P. O. Lake Co.
                    California. Colored-UN1
              Dining Room St. George Hotel Santa Cruz, Cal. Sepia-DH3
              Miramar cafe, Sausalito, Marino Co. Cal. Sepia-DH2
              The Original Swains Bakery and Restaurant 140 O'farrell Street
                    San Francisco California opposite Orpheum. Sepia-DH2
              Davenports, Spokane Wash. Main Entrance. Colored-UN1
              Davenports, Spokane, Wash. Spokane's Great Restaurant
                    established 1889. Colored-UN1 (main aisle, east room)
              St. Helena Sanitarium, Sanitarium California.
              A Viewpoint from Loma Linda Sanitarium Loma Linda California.
                    Colored-view with inset-SAN
              Glendale Sanitarium Glendale, Cal. A Southern California
                    Health Resort. Colored-SAN
              Paradise Valley Sanitarium, National City, California. Sepia-DH2
              St. Vincent Hospital, Portland, Ore. Sepia-R&D
              Soldiers Home, Sawtelle, Cal. Colored-S4A
           4. NEW ORLEANS
              View in City Park, New Orleans, Louisiana.
              The Haunted House and Looking up Royal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.
              Vieux Carre, New Orleans, Louisiana.
              MME. John's Legacy, New Orleans, Louisiana.
           5. YOSEMITE VALLEY
              This set of cards are similar to the "Y" series,
                    but are unnumbered. They are color scenes-S1C with
                    backs in black. The ones that have been seen are listed below:
              Three Brothers
                       Vernal Falls (350 feet)
         Half Dome
                Cathedral Spires
                    Upper Yosemite Falls
                Overhanging Rock
              Yosemite Falls
                 Bridal Veil Falls
            The Fissures
           6. ADVERTISEMENT
              These cards were probably intended for distribution by the place
                    or institution depicted and carry an advertising message.
              They are listed follows:
              Sun Cured Raisins, stacked, Fresno County, California.
                    Picture of Raisins in color-DH2. "Prize Raisin Bread Recipe"
                    on back.
              Absorbing Calif. Sunshine.
              Fresno County Raisins, Stored California Sunshine, Fresno,
              First National Bank, Berkeley California. Colored-DH3
              Peoples Savings Bank, 8th and "J" Sts., San Francisco
                    California. Colored-DH2
              Same as above with advertisement on back.
              In the left Foreground is Flood Building, the ground floor
                    of which is known as Railroad Row. The Offices of all the
                    Principal Railroads being located there. Colored-DV2
              Cawston's Ostrich Farm, South Pasadena, California.
                    Old address overprinted front and back and the legend
                    "Our New City Store, 313 Broadway, Los Angeles"
                    Printed in black. Colored-DV1
              Same, but ad for "Tilton's Trolley Trip 100 Miles for 100 cents"
                    has been added on the back.
              Old Baldy Mt. and Birdseye view of Pomona, Cal. Sepia DH3
                    For Illustrated booklet and other information.
                    address the board of trade, Pomona, California.
                    Printed in dark sepia on front of card.
              "Old Mission, San Diego, California Founded 1769" printed in
                    1/4 inch red letters on picture of Missions. Colored-DH2
                    Additional information about olives and "Old Mission"
                    Olive oil, in red on face of card.
              Calvary Presbyterian Church, Long Beach, Cal. Colored-S4A
                    Further information about building in red on front of card.
              Knights of Columbus Recreation Building, Naval Station,
                    Bremerton, Wash. Three scenes in black-S1C.
                    Interior (probably a dance) with sailors and girls,
                    exterior scene and interior lounge of library with sailors.
              Pacific Mail Steamship Company's Steamer "Persia" 9000 Tons and
                    additional information in black on face of card.
                    Card depicts steamer in color-S3B
              "Greater San Francisco" in 1/2 inch white letters on birds-eye
                    view of Bay Area in color-T1
              Big Tree Club House, Big Tree Grove near Santa Cruz, Cal.
                    #2259. This card is really not a post card, but only had
                    advertising on the back, but had to be listed somewhere.
                    in black and white, no Mitchell name anywhere.
              Same as Above, but in Sepia and Edw. E Mitchell by line.
           7. There is also a set of cards that do not look too much like
                    Mitchell’s, but more like the type later published by Paul
                    Newman of Los Angeles, but Mitchell’s they are.
                    All in color-S4A or S4B backs. Titles follow:
                     Eight & Broadway, L. A.
               Eagle Rock, L. A.
                     Busch Gardens, Pasadena
                     Point Fermin L. A.
                     Colorado St. Bridge, Pasadena
                     Date Palms
                     Storm on the Pacific
                     Cable Car on Mt. Lowe
           8. The below set of cards are all of the UN1 type in color except
                    the last four which are UN2 types. Titles follow:
                    "Little Eda"
                    Seventeen Mile Drive
                    Chinese Fishing Village, Monterey
                    High School, Stockton
                    Bathing Beach, Seattle
                    Suey Creek, Santa Maria
                    Hotel Lorenz, Redding
                    Waterfront, Seattle
                    Pioneer Square, Seattle
                    Klamath Springs, Beswick
                    Minnewawa Home, Fresno
                    Market Street, Redding
                    Pavilion Leschi Park, Seattle
                    Kinnear Park, Seattle
                    High School, Redding
                    Court House, Redding
                    Marshall Monument, Colma UN2
                    Napa Soda Springs, UN2
                    Upper Falls, Spokane UN2
                    Log Cabin, Eldorado Co. UN2
           9. Four other cards seen that are unnumbered and untitled
                    Front and Back. All in color.
                    (sailboat in moonlight) DV2
                    (crevasse in Alaska) T4
                    (harbor showing sailboats, one named Fourth of July) DV2
                    (gates to park) DV2
           10. Unnumbered and untitled on front, by 68-San Gabriel
                    Mission, Cal. on the back. In color-S1B
           11. Was Titled (and numbered) but obliterated with green stripe.
                    Shows horse and buggy and dog on dirt road in forest.
                    In Color T3
           12. Other Miscellaneous that must be listed somewhere.
               a. Babies. Not counted, but must be over a hundred babies in
                  color on DV2 card. (Note: Burt Reynolds in his famous pose
                  as child near bottom of card)
               b. This card is very strange. Denny Blaine Park, Seattle, but
                  over-printed (in error) with some unidentified mission. It
                  was mailed from California to Massachusetts in 1910, but
                  why anyone would buy and send this card is among the
                  great Mitchell Mysteries.
           13. The Following three cards will be described in their entirety
                    as they are Mitchell Sample cards and as such give a good
                    clue as to number of cards in set, date of issue and cost.
                    These are relatively rare cards.
               a. 1442 - Bridal veil falls, Yosemite Valley, California,
                  in color-T3.
                  Postmarked San Francisco, Cal. Aug 13, 7-pm, 1908 and hand
                  addressed to Messrs. Smith Bros. 462-13th St. Oakland, Cal.
                  The ad was hand stamped in purple in the correspondence
                  section and states:
                  TRADE PRICES: 75 cents per 100 postage 7 cents, $7.00 per 100
                  express 70 cents.
                  Edward H. Mitchell Publisher of Colored Post cards,
                  3363 Army St. San Francisco.
                  The number was inked in by hand.
               b. 1353 - Grotto Geyser, Yellowstone National park,
                  (copyright 190 ? G. B. Joslen) in color T3
                  (copyright date obscured by tip of tree.)
                  Postmarked San Francisco, Cal. August 12, 8:30 pm, 1908
                  and hand addressed to Mr. A. T. Nelson Box 906, Boise. Idaho.
                  The ad, hand stamped in purple, is the same as the previous
                  example with the handwritten amount of 32 inserted.
                  Note: Both of these sets were later printed on type DV1 cards.
                  It is interesting that #1364 and #1365 were inter-changed in
                  the two sets. There were other minor changes in the two sets
                  as example the copyright information was removed from the
                  title and inked in elsewhere on the card.
               c. 1118 - Snohomish County Court House Everett, Washington.
                  in sepia-DH2. This card is unused. The ad is printed in red
                  on the back left side. This explains at least two things.
                  (1) Why some Sepias had a border, (ordered that way ?) and
                  (2) the name "Souvenir Post card Co.?"
                  An additional type of sample card used by Edw. H. Mitchell
                  was simply the card published, with hand stamped notation in
                  purple on the back:
The Second category contains some really interesting puzzles and consist
         of three types.
           1. Sing Fats
              These cards have the R&Q back, but printed in orange and
              rather poorly printed. The front of the cards depict
              various oriental people and scenes. Printed in black at the
              bottom of the card: Published by Sing Fat & Co. These cards
              are hand colored. Did the Sing Fat Co. copy Mitchell's
              back and print their own cards, or is this another Mitchell
              first"  How many there are is unknown, but the following
              few have been seen.
                    Japanese girl (waist up)
                    Japanese girl (full view) and tiger lily inset.
                    Chinese musician.
                    The only titled card seen:
           2. Cut and retitled Mitchell’s.
              This group of cards are undoubtedly of Mitchell origin, but
              someone, somewhere, sometime, cut off the Edw. H. Mitchell
              by-line and/or title and retitled the cards. Some of the
              retitling, was printed on the cards, some hand stamped and
              some typewriter. In the retitling, as original lake in
              California becomes a lake in Washington, a cliff at Yellowstone
              becomes a cliff in Oregon. All these cards are of course
              considerably smaller than original, about the size of a PMC.
              Who did the cutting? Probably not Mitchell as he could easily
              change the titles. But perhaps there were remainders that
              weren't selling and in fact he did do the trimming. If not
              Mitchell, and whoever did it, was he authorized by Mitchell or
              was this a Watergate job? These cards are not plentiful and some
              that have been seen are listed below:
                   7061 A Placid River Scene, California. Title printed in
                        black block letters, Color R&D back
                     29 Peculiar Rock formation in the Northwest. Title
                        printed in black block letters. Color DV1 back.
                        Originally, 1344 Sheep eater Cliff, Yellowstone
                        National Park.
                    No# Winter Scene near Spokane, Wash. Titled in red.
                        Color DV1. Originally, 1444 Floor of Yosemite Valley,
                        California in Winter.
                    No# Bitter Root Valley Trees in Bloom. Titled typed in
                        black color DH1 back. Originally, 2786 Apple trees
                        in blossom.
                    No# Road from Calistoga to Petrified Forest. Title printed
                        in black italics, color DV1 back.  Originally, 118 Mt.
                        Tamalpais, California, from the divide.
                   2827 Scene in Yakima Valley, Wash. Titled printed in black
                        block letter. Color DH1 back, Original title unknown.
                    671 A Washington Lake Scene. Title printed in black
                        letters. Color DH1 back. Originally, 1115 Hayden Lake,
                        near Spokane, Washington.
                   1131 A Washington River Scene. Title printed in black
                        italics. Color DV2 back.
                        Originally 1121 Post Falls, Idaho.
                        One card not cut, but old title covered by a piece of
                        sky from another card and new title printed in red.
                        2552 Foothills, Los Gatos.
                    A Possible clue for more confusion to the above situation
                        is furnished by #1208 (T1). This card is titled in
                        typical Mitchell fashion (red block letters)
                        CALIFORNIA. This also was found with a not typical
                        title in black A CALIFORNIA RESIDENCE.
           3. " DETROIT LIKE "
                    In the early days of Mitchell only a few of this type of
                card had been seen, mostly on UN1 backs and although the
                back was familiar, the front did not have the Mitchell "look"
                The Titles were wrong as they were printed in pale grey
                block letter similar to some "Detroit’s" and the picture
                side of the card did resemble "Detroit." (If you didn't
                look too closely.) Hence the title "Detroit Like."
                    However, in this group was one card that just didn't fit,
                front and back. The back was a fancy PMC unlike any Mitchell
                yet seen. and there the matter rested. The cards were sometimes
                numbered and sometimes not.
                Some of the photos were "Mitchell like" and some not.
                    Recently, considerably more of these cards were obtained
                and many more PMC backs were noted of the same type as previously.
                This leads to the only exception to all the knowledge coming
                from the cards themselves, namely, book research was
                undertaken with the result that the PMC type back was located
                in "The American Card Catalog" by J. R. Burdick, on page 139.
                But that only deepened the puzzle! According to Mr. Burdick,
                This was an early back, usually unsigned, but known with
                Wall-Nichols imprint as printed by Mitchell. In the text it is
                pointed out that perhaps the credit line only appears once
                per sheet of cards. it is further stated this is a limited
                issue and may be Mitchell's first.
                    The Problem is, these cards are poorly printed
                (unlike Mitchell). If they were his first, why did he still
                print them on UN1 type backs which didn't come into use until
                at least 1901? Edw. H. Mitchell was doing a much better job of
                printing than this from 1898 onward. So we have the situation
                that either he continued to print these poor cards, using strange
                (for Mitchell) title lettering long beyond his "first" efforts,
                or that for some strange reason he loaned his name to cards
                printed for Wall-Nichols.
                    Another source of "book" information, was the March-April
                1954 issue of "Post Card Collectors" magazine.
                Here Mr. W. Bourcy-Beckley states that these cards are
                Detroit type A-1. If this is indeed true, then perhaps
                Edw. H. Mitchell loaned some of his later post card stock to
                Detroit Publishing Co., after 1901. (UN1 types.)
                    Once again, though, Detroit was already doing a much better
                job of printing than this effort, so it seems another
                blind alley to be determined in the future.
                    It is quite likely that these "backs" were printed by an
                entirely different source and only incidentally used by
                Mitchell and or Detroit.
                    In any event, until other evidence comes to hand, they
                will remain "Detroit Like."  The cards seen so far are listed
                below for information purposes.
                    1. Stow Lake, Huntington Falls.
                    2. Seal Rocks.
                    7. Chinese Merchandise Store.
                   10. Mission Santa Barbara.
                   16. View Looking down Third Street, Union Iron Works in distance
                   18. Giant Redwood.
                   19. Lick Observatory.
                   20. Mt. Tamalpais.
                   21. Cliff House, Cliff Road and Seal Rocks.
                   28. The Three Great Newspapers, Chronicle Examiner, and Call
                   29. Union Square, San Francisco.
                   56. State Capitol, Sacramento, Cal.
                   58. Home of Ramona, California.
                   61. Powell Street, Looking up to California Street Hill.
                   64. Field of California Poppies.
                   65. Latourelle Falls, Oregon.
                   66. Mount Hood, Oregon.
                   68. Bridal Veil Falls, Oregon.
                   71. Mission Santa Barbara Corridor.
                   77. Old Mission, San Diego.
                   78. Hotel Del Coronado, Southern California.
                   No# Spacious Residence in Upper Fruitvale.
                #10, 64, 71, 77 are definitely Mitchell photos (appear on other
                Mitchell cards). Most of the examples above were postmarked
                late in 1904 or early 1905.
                The Photo used on #20 of this group is also used on a Weidner
                type card titled, Scenic Railway, Mount Tamalpais, California,
                unfortunately Mr. Weidner's name doesn't appear on this card.
                No one wanted credit?
                #28 is a Waters & Co. photo.
                #71 of this group appears as Mitchell #263 UNV appears on the lower 
                right front. Copyright: 1898 by Geo. P. Thresher.
To end this special information section on Edw. H Mitchell Postcards it must be
         said that there are still many items that can still be found to
         document all the works of Mitchell.  The undertaking of the data so
         far has taken many years to put together into a usable form. You will
         find many instances of why a comma or period is missing, but every
         effort has been made to show exactly what is on the card. Yes there
         are misspelled words, etc.
         If you have found a card that does no exactly match the checklist
         for MITCHELL cards or material-Contact Walt:
                    wrsky@att.net  ASAP.  Note: Do not change subject line in email message.
                    Enjoy the world of Edw. H. Mitchell!
         Here is an example of advertising that can be found on the backs
Of some E. H. Mitchell Cards

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