Their Edward H. Mitchell collection is being given to the U. C. Berkeley,
Cal. "Bancroft Library" on Dec. 3. 2016. This Collection of over 12,000 Postcards and ephemera depicting the Western United States, Hawaii and the Philippine Islands. Using the Postcards as a source, they will document the early 1898-1930 history of this area, making them available to all. Those items flagged with an "*" (asterisk) will indicate that the Bancroft Library has the Postcard! It will take them up to 6 months to a year before they will all be available to view, etc..

WALT will continue to keep this checklist updated and pass any new material to the Bancroft Library Advise Walt when you find new EHM Postcards/Ephemera at:






I. Determine if postcard is COLOR, SEPIA, divided or undivided back.

I-A.  Using Determine Back Types.



GO TO Divided Back1 thru 8

GO TO Undivided Back 1 thru 4


SEPIA Tone Cards


GO TO Divided Back 1 thru 5

GO TO Unnumbered




GO TO Misc items

GO TO Real Photo


III. NOTE: All Other types not in above categories can be found in special listings

defined in Checklist INDEX

IV.  Master Codes & Definitions,

OR  Suggested Codes to use by Collector to Maintain

his Inventory of EHM Material.

Other Publishers(Venders)

NOTE: (*) in USMP column will indicate change/addition!
(Credits-Initials of person adding info will be indicated) here.
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When Vendor column is blank "EHM" is assumed! "SPECIAL INFORMATION"
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