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(MM_) NN   ROD     BO 19th St. West from Chester Ave., Bakersfield, Cal.

(___) NN   DH2        3811 University Ave., Palo Alto, Calif.

(*__) NN   S3A    CVC 400 LB BLACK BASS - Caught in Monterey Bay, Cal. ROATW

(*__) NN   R&D    CVC A Camel can go eight days without a drink, but who

                          in _____ wants to be a camel.

(sn_) NN   DH3        A Christmas Greeting from California

(sn_) NN   DH2        A Joyful Christmas from California Wisteria

(sn_) NN   DH2        A Living Room Suggestion from the House of Cullixsons

                          Market and Fillmore.

(___) NN   DH2        Absorbing California Sunshine.


                          September 6-7-8-9 1913

                          OAKLAND - CALIFORNIA

                          Official Post Card

(*__) NN   R&D    SOU Alfalfa Field - Patterson Irrigated Farms,

                          Payne Investment Company - Sales Agents.

F*__) NN   S5A    GAM Antelope Group

(___) NN   S3         Aragon Apartments, 334 So. Westlake, Ave.,

                          Los Angeles, Cal

(*__) NN   R&D    CVC Arch of Rising Sun

                          The Pan.-Pac. Expo. 1915 San Francisco     MWOB TO

(*__) NN   S5B    BRD Armijo Union High School Fairfield, Cal.

(*__) NN   S5A    BP  Asistencia de San Antonio de Pala                 MWOB

(*__) NN   R&D    CVC Auditorium, The Pan. Pac. Int. Expo. 1915           TO

(*__) NN   UNK        Big Tree Club House, Big Tree Grove near

                          Santa Cruz, Cal.

(*__) NN   S4A    EXP Birds-Eye View of the Site selected for the

                          Panama - Pacific International Exposition 1915

                          San Francisco "The Exposition City"

                          California                              MWOF ROATW

(*__) NN   S4A    EXP Same (diff view-Partially done)         ROATW MWOF EX2

(*__) NN   S4A    EXP SAN FRANCISCO 1915 :: THE Exposition City

                          ADV: Tivoli Cafe ROATW               MWOF MWOB EX2

(*__) NN   S4A    EXP Same (lighter view- no adv)             ROATW MWOF EX2

(*__) NN   R&D    CVC Busy Scene, Cloverdale, California.

(*__) NN   S5A    UNK Bohemia's Toast "Wall Decorations" in Coppa's Red Paint

                          Restaurant, 534 Washington St.

                          San Francisco, Calif.                          MWOF

(*__) NN   S5A    UNK Bohemia's Toast "Wall Decorations" in Coppa's Red Paint

                          Restaurant, 534 Washington St.

                          San Francisco, Calif.                          MWOF

(*__) NN   R&D    SOU Bonini's Barn, 60 Washington St.  [San Francisco]   ADV

(*__) NN   S2B    RND Burlingame Grammar School, Burlingame, California.

                          (Made for H.W. Regan, Burlingame, Cal.)

(sn_) NN   DH2        C.F. Carr, Proprietor Monte Rio Hotel, Monte Rio,


(*__) NN   ROD    BO  California Northwestern Railroad Depot -

                          Santa Rosa, Cal.                         FRME ROATW

(___) NN   DH2        Camp Albert, Avalon Catalina Island, Cal.

(*__) NN   R&D    CVC Carnegie Library, Richmond, Cal.

(JS_) NN   R&D    CVC Castro Villa Hayward, Cal.

(*__) NN   S2B    RND Catholic Church, 2nd St., Reno, Nev.

(*__) NN   ROD        Ceasar's Grill 131 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco

(sn_) NN   DH3        Cement lined Canal - Paterson irrigated farms, Paynes

                          Investment Company - Sales Agent

(sn_) NN   DH3        Christmas Greetings from Oregon

(sn_) NN   DH3        Christmas Greetings from Washington

(sn_) NN   DH3        Christmas Greetings from California

(*__) NN   S1B    CVC Chinese Tea & Food Pavilion Food Products Building

                          Pan-Pac. Int. Exposition San Francisco 1915

(*__) NN   R&D    CVC City Hall - Oakland                                      TO

(*__) NN   ROD    CS  Coalinga California [4view]

(TB_) NN   UNK        Crematorium, Oakland, Cal.

(*__) NN   S1A    CVC Cuesta Rey & Co. Exhibit Booth

                          Pan-Pac Int. Exposition San Francisco, 1915

(sn_) NN   DH2        "Danger Ahead!"

(*__) NN   DH2        DANMARKS BYGNING Panama Pacific International Exposition

                           San Francisco, California,1915 Till Danmarks AERE

                           Issued by the Danish Building Committee.

(___) NN   DH3        "Day Dreams"  [woman w/coffee cup & Dream]

(sn_) NN   ROD ON POL Death Valley Scotty leaving Goldfield for Death Valley

(*__) NN   DH3        Decorated Auto, Golden Potlatch Parade, Seattle, Wn.

(sn_) NN   DH3        Dining Room St. George Hotel, Santa Cruz, Cal.

(*__) NN   R&D    SOU Dining Room, St. George Hotel Santa Cruz, Cal.

(*__) NN   S1C    AFB Dining Room Seigler Hot Springs Lake Co., Cal.

(sn_  NN   ROD     CS Dutch Wind Mill Golden Gate Park 

(sn_) NN   S1A    CVC Eastern Oregon Exhibit in Agricultural Building

                          Pan-Pac Int. Exposition San Francisco 1915

(___) NN   DH2        Elm Apartment, 52 Elm Ave. Long Beach, Cal.

                          Half a block from ocean.

(sn_) NN   ROD        Entrance Hotel Chestnut  Pierce Sts.- Opposite

                          main Entrance. Pan-Pac. Int. Exposition

                          San Francisco 1915                             MWOB 

(sn_) NN   DH2        Entrance Lobby - The Steinhart, Apartments 952 Sutter

                          St San Francisco.

(EH_) NN   R&D     CS Entrance Lobby Hotel Von Dorn 242 Turk St

                          Take Turk Eddy St Car San Francisco

(*__) NN   R&D    CVC Entrance to Machinery Palace

                          Pan-Pac. Expo. 1915 Dan Francisco                TO

(sn_) NN   S1A        Fr Junipero Serra [Double printed on back]

(*__) NN   S2B    BRD Fr Junipero Serra (words like a signature)

(sn_) NN   DH2        Eureka Lake and Peak in Background, Johnsville, Plumas

                          County, Cal.

(*__) NN   S1A    CVC Exhibit in Agricultural Building Pan-Pac Int. Exposition

                          San Francisco 1915   EASTERN OREGON

(sn_) NN   DH2        Ferry Boat on Big Wind River at Kinnear, Wyoming.

(*__) NN   DH3        Float in Industrial Parade, Golden Potlatch,

                          Seattle, Washington.

(sn_) NN   DH2        Fresno County Raisin (Stored California Sunshine)

                          Fresno Co. California.                          ADV

(___) NN   DH3        Friday Harbor, Washington, from Upper Arrive Avenue

(sn_) NN   S3B    CVC Gathering Almonds at Orlando,

                          Calif.                      SCAN sepia\sepnnc1.jpg

(*__) NN   S3B        Giant Redwood, Big Tree Grove - Santa Cruz, California

(*__) NN   S4A        Glass Bottom Power Boat Emperor, showing the submarine

                          Gardens at Catalina Island.

(EH_) NN   R&D    SOU Glenarm Apartments, San Francisco,Cal.1140 Sutter St.

(sn_) NN   R&D        GOLDEN GATE WEEKLY Trade Mark - California

                          Events                                     ADV MWOB

                          Produced at the California Motion

                          Picture Corporation

                          address on back - 356 Pine Street, San Francisco

                          also some of the words on

                          back - " Mechanic's Fair "

(sn_) NN   ROD ON POL Goldfield, Nevada 1914

(sn_) NN   DH2        Good Eats cafeteria At corner Second Ave and Seneca St.

                          A. M. Cadien, Proprietor Seattle, Washington.

(sn_) NN   S3B        Greek Theatre, University of California, Berkeley,

                          seating capacity 10,000.  [Note: could be S-110]

(sn_) NN   DH2        Greetings - We Came here for a Change . . .

(*__) NN   S5A    GAM Group of Northern Black-Tail Deer                MWOB

(sn_) NN   ROD ON POL High School, Goldfield,

                          Nevada.                    SCAN sepia\sepnngld.jpg

(___) NN   DH2        Home of the Security Trust & Savings Bank and Safe

                          Deposit Department Spring Street, Los Angeles from

                          the Security Building

(___) NN   DH3        Same

(sn_) NN   DH2        Hotel Arlington Seattle, Wash. W. C. Potts, Proprietor

(*__) NN   DH2        Hotel Arlington Santa Barbara, California.

(sn_) NN   DH3        Hotel Del Monte, Del Monte, California.

(EH_) NN   R&D    SOU HOTEL HENRY 106 Sixth St. San Francisco

                          Centrally Located Strictly Modern

(sn_) NN   S3A    EHM Same   

(___) NN   DH3        Hotel Herald, Eddy and Jones Street San Francisco,


(*__) NN   S3A        Hotel Land Sacramento, Cal.

                          [has picture of founder.]                      MWOB

(*__) NN   S1C    CVC Hotel Los Medanos Pittsburgh, Cal.

(*__) NN   R&D    SOU Hotel Lyndon-Los Gatos, California

(MM_) NN   S2B    BAP Hotel Martinez, Martinez, Cal. W. H. Bania, Mngr. ROATW

                          A Commercial Hotel - New and up to date.

(*__) NN   R&D    SOU Hotel Oakland, erected at a cost of $2,000,000 and

                          Occupying nearly two acres in the heart of

                          Oakland, California,

(*__) NN   R&D        Hotel Rector  Third Ave & Cherry St Seattle.

(___) NN   DH3        Hotel Seattle Pioneer Square, Seattle.

(___) NN   DH1        Hotel Tacoma, Tacoma, Washington

(sn_) NN   DH3        Hotel Turpin 17 Powell at Market

(sn_) NN   DH3        Hotel Turpin, 17 Powell St Market

                            St. San Francisco, Cal

(sn_) NN   DH3        Hotel Turpin, 17 Powell Street at Market The Lobby

                          San Francisco, Cal.

(EH_) NN   ROD        F. L. Turpin                               A. W. Turpin

                                 Formerly of Royal and Hamilton Hotels

                                          HOTEL TURPIN

                      17-19 Powell St., At Market   San Francisco, Cal.

(TB_) NN   DH2        Hotel Victoria, Cor. Bush and Stockton Sts.

                          San Francisco, California SCAN sepia\sepundh2.jpg

(EH_) NN   S2B    ROD HOTEL WORTH 641 Post Street near Taylor,

                          San Francisco                                 MWOB

                          Gabriel Meyerfeld Co. San Francisco

(EH_) NN   ROD        HOTEL WASHINGTON Grant Ave. and Bush St. SAN FRANCISCO

                          Note: Picture of Washington in oval view.

(sn_) NN   DH3        Howard Springs, Lake Co., Cal. View Looking South east

                                                  SCAN sepia\sepnnhow.jpg

(sn_) NN   DH3        "I certainly had a swell time"

(sn_) NN   DH2        "I certainly had one swell time."

(*__) NN   DH2        "IF" If you can keep your head when all about you--MW

(sn_) NN   DH2        I'll Eat Oranges for you if you'll Throw Snowballs

                          for me. Josephine Vergez - Modiste Francaise

(*__) NN   S5A    UNK I'M A BOHEMIAN "Wall Decorations" in Coppa's Red Paint

                          Restaurant, 534 Washington St. San Francisco, Calif.

(*__) NN   S2C        Same

(sn_) NN   DH2        In Long Beach  [poem]

(SN_) NN   ROD    CS  Incline Railway up Mt. Lowe, Cal.

(sn_) NN   DH3        Interior Log cabin Saloon, 1382 Market St. Opp. Tenth,

                          Ted Powell G.A. Holdstein

(___) NN   DH2        Interior Log Cabin Saloon, 1382 Market St. G. A.

                          Holdstein App. Tenth

(sn_) NN   DH2        James Rolph, Jr. Elect him Mayor at the Primaries

(___) NN   R&D        Jane K. Sather Tower, U. C. Berkeley

(*__) NN   R&D    CVC JAPAN BEAUTIFUL on the Zone Pan-Pac. Inter. Exposition

                          San Francisco 1915

(*__) NN   S5A        (Junipero Serra) MW

(*__) NN   DH3        "Kings" Float, Golden Potlatch Parade, Seattle,


(*__) NN   S1C    PNC La Purisima Conception                         TO MWOB

(sn_) NN   S1B        Same                                           TO

(*__) NN   S5A    GAM Leopard Seal Group

(sn_) NN   DH3        Light House on Pacific

(sn_) NN   DH2        Long Beach - Where are the Girls the Prettiest?

(sn_) NN   DH2        Looking Across Freight Yards, Tracy, California.

                          Published exclusively for "Craigs", Tracy, Cal.

(___) NN   DH2        Looking West on Market St. from Crooking Bldg,

                          San Francisco.

(*__) NN   S1A    CVC Lotta's Fountain, San Francisco, Cal.           ROATW

(sn_) NN   DH2        Lythia Springs at Howard Springs, Lake Co., containing

                          more Lythia to the gallon than any other springs

                          in United States. Analyzed by Prof. W. T. Wenzel,

                          U. S. Chemist.

(*__) NN   R&D    CVC Main Portal - Palace of Varied Industries

                          The Pan. Pac. Int. Expo 1915                   TO

(MM_) NN   ROD     BO Mariposa St. & Court House Fresno, Cal.    ROATW FRME

(sn_) NN   DH2        McKinley Park School, Reno, Nevada

(___) NN   S1         Mission Series - San Diego De Alcala

(___) NN   DH2        Miramar Cafe, Sausalito, Marin Co., Cal.

(CB_) NN   DH2        Monte Rio Hotel C. F. Carr, Proprietor, Monte Rio,


(*__) NN   S1A    CVC Morro Rock San Luis Obispo, Cal.

(sn_) NN   DH2        Multnomah Hotel, Oregon. Valuation $2,000,000.00

                          525 rooms, absolutely fireproof.

(sn_) NN   DH1        My Wife's Gone to the Country, Hurray

(*__) NN   S3B        (Mission view 4 padres)                              NW

(*__) NN   S1C    CVC New Congregational Church Pacific Grove, Cal.

(sn_) NN   R&D    CVC New Methodist Church [San Francisco]

(*__) NN   S2B    BRD New Tuolumne River Bridge on State Highway,

                         Modesto, Cal.

(WK*) NN   ROD    SOU New Washington Hotel,

                         Seattle, U.S.A.              SCAN sepia\sepun1rd.jpg

(*__) NN   R&D    CVC Niche in the Court of Four Seasons

                          The Pan-Pac. Inter. Expo. 1915 San Francisco     TO

(sn_) NN   S4A    PNC Nuestra Senora De Los Angels

                          (Our Lady of the Angels)

                                                SCAN sepia\sepuns4a.jpg  MWOB

(sn_) NN   S1A        (No words) [President Hoover behind crossed flags]

(sn_) NN   S1A        (No words) [People picking in field]

(*__) NN   S3B        (No words) [Mission scene, 4 fathers at Fountain]

(sn_) NN   DH2        Nurses' Retreat, Roosevelt Hospital,

                          Berkeley, California

(sn_) NN   DH1        Oakland Cremation Association, Howe and Mather Sts.

                          Oakland, Cal.

(___) NN   S4         Same

(___) NN   R&D     CS Same

(sn_) NN   DH2        Old Mission, San Diego, California, Founded 1769

(sn_) NN   DH3        Old Baldy Mt. and Birdseye View of Pomona, Cal.

(sn_) NN   DH3        Same  (For Illustrated Booklet and other information

                          address "The Board of Trade, Pomona, California.)

(___) NN   DH2    SOU Olga and her pets, California Wild Farm, Los Angeles,


(sn_) NN   S1A    CVC On Beach Monterey

(sn_) NN   DH3        "One of the Handsomest in San Francisco" Dierks & von Der

                          Western Buffet S. E. Cor. Market and Seventh Sts.

(*__) NN   S1A    CVC Ostrich Tree Seventeen Mile Drive Asilomar,

                          Monterey Co. Calif.

(___) NN   S5B    CVC Pacific Mail Steamship Company American

                          Steamer "SANTA CRUZ"

(sn_) NN   DH2        Packing California Sunshine (Raisins for Shipment,

                          Fresno Co., California)

(*__) NN   S5A    MAC Padre Juniper Serra Founder of the California Missions


(*__) NN   R&D    CVC Palace of Fine Arts Pan-Pac. Expo 1915 San Francisco TO

(sn_) NN   S1A    CVC Palace of Horticulture, The Pan. Pac. Int. Expo. 1915

(___) NN   S3A        Palm Room, St. George Hotel - Santa Cruz, California

(sn_) NN   R&D    SOU Same

(*__) NN   ROD    BO  Paper Mills - Oregon City, Oregon.                 FRME

                          (Huntley Bros Co., Oregon City, Oregon.)

(sn_) NN   DH3        Same

(sn_) NN   DH2        Panama Pacific International Exposition 1915,

                          San Francisco, California

                          (Copyright 1911 By Edw. H. Mitchell 1915-D)

(___) NN   UNK    CVC Panama Pacific International Exposition Palaces,

                          San Francisco, 1915

(___) NN   DH2        Paradise Valley Sanitarium, National City, California.

(sn_) NN   DH2        Passenger Train Crossing Mokelumne River on line of

                          Central California Traction Co.

                          Stockton Lodi Sacramento

(sn_) NN   DH2        Peoples Savings Bank, 8th and "J" Sts., Sacramento,

                          California                                     ADV

(sn_) NN   DH2        Pioneer Square, Seattle.

(*__) NN   DH3        Same

(*__) NN   S3B        Same

(*__) NN   S1A    CVC Point Lobos near Y. M. C. A. Conference Grounds

                          Asilomar, Monterey Co. Calif.

(sn_) NN   DH2        Portion of Business Section, Tracy, California.

(EH_) NN   R&D     CS Portion of Lobby Hotel Von Dorn San Francisco

                          242 Turk St.

(MM_) NN   ROD        Power House G. W. P.  Co. near Oroville

                          Pub. by Ekman Stow Co. Oroville.

                          Copyright Hogan Photo.

(MM_) NN   DH3        Pumping Plant, Patterson Irrigated Farms,

                          Payne Investment Company-Sales Agents.

(*__) NN   S2B    BRD Rear View Spreckels Sugar factory, Spreckels, Cal.

(sn_) NN   DH2        Residence on the Bluff, Truckee River, Reno, Nevada

(___) NN   DH1        Road - Calistoga to Petrified Forest.

(*__) NN   S1A    CVC Rodeo-Santa Margarita San Luis Obispo, Cal.

(___) NN   S&R        Rustic Bridge, Point Defiance Park, Tacoma, Wash.

(sn_) NN   DH2        Ruge & Gast Barber shop open all night Ellis & Market

                          Sts. San Francisco, Cal.

(sn_) NN   S4A    CVC Salmon Caught in Monterey Bay, Cal.

(*__) NN   S1C    PNC San Antonio De Padua                              MWOB

(*__) NN   S1C    PNC San Buenaventura                                  MWOB

(*__) NN   S1C    PNC San Carlos Church (Monterey)                      MWOB

(*__) NN   S5A    BP  San Carlos Church (Monterey)                      MWOB

(___) NN   DH2        San Carlos mission, Cal.

(*__) NN   S1C    PNC San Diego De Alcala                               MWOB

(*__) NN   S5A    BP  San Francisco (Dolores)                           MWOB

(sn_) NN   ROD/DH2    San Francisco Ave, Pomona, Cal.

(*__) NN   S1C    PNC San Francisco De Asis (Dolores)                   MWOB

(*__) NN   S1C    PNC San Gabriel Arcangel                              MWOB

(sn_) NN   S3B        Santa Fe Roundhouse, Riverbank, Cal.

(sn_) NN   S1B        Santa Ines                                          TO

(*__) NN   R&D    SOU San Joaquin River. Water Supply Patterson Project.

                          Payne Investment Company - Sales Agents.

(*__) NN   S5A    GAM San Joaquin Valley Elk Group

(*__) NN   S5A    GAM San Joaquin Valley Bird Group                     MWOB

(sn_) NN   S1C    PNC San Jose De Quadalupe                             MWOB

(*__) NN   S5A    BP  San Juan Capistrano                               MWOB

(*__) NN   S1C    PNC Same                                           TO MWOB

(sn_) NN   S1B        Same                                                TO

(*__) NN   S1C    PNC San Luis Obispo De Tolosa                      TO MWOB

(*__) NN   S1C    PNC San Luis Rey De Francia                           MWOB

(*__) NN   S5A    BP  San Miguel Arcangel                               MWOB

(*__) NN   S1C    PNC Same                                              MWOB

(*__) NN   S1C    PNC Santa Barbara                                  TO MWOB

(sn_) NN   S1B        Same                                                TO

(*__) NN   R&D    SOU Santa Clara St. San Jose, Cal.

(*__) NN   S1C    PNC Santa Clara                                    TO MWOB

(sn_) NN   S1B        Same                                                TO

(*__) NN   S5A    BP  Santa Cruz [Mission]                              MWOB

(*__) NN   S1C    PNC Same                                           TO MWOB

(sn_) NN   S1B        Same                                                TO

(*__) NN   S1C    PNC Santa Inez                                     TO MWOB

(*__) NN   S2D    BRD Santa Maria Inn - Santa Maria,

                           California.              SCAN sepia\sepuns2d.jpg

(*__) NN   S5B    RND Scene in the Hylands Redwood City, Cal.

(___) NN   SP         Second Avenue, Seattle, Washington

(*__) NN   DH3        Section of Military and Naval Parade, Golden Potlatch,

                          Seattle, Washington.  [band]

(*__) NN   DH3        Section of Military and Naval Parade, Golden Potlatch,

                          Seattle, Washington.  [marching soldiers]

(___) NN   DH3        Security Building, Los Angeles. Entire ground floor and

                          basement occupied by Security Trust & Savings

                          Bank and the Safe Depository Department.

(*__)      ROD        SEPTEMBER NIGHT - C1913, Wallace McDougall-13      SEP       

(sn_) NN   DH2        Shots from Camp ______ U. S. A.

                          Captain, where can I get a Manicure Set?

                                   SCAN sepia\sepshot1.jpg

(MM_) NN   S2B    PNC SKAGG'S Hot Springs

(*__) NN   S1A    CVC Social Hall and Administration Bldg. Asilomar,

                          Monterey Co., Calif.

(sn_) NN   DH2        Solano County Court House - Fairfield, Calif.

                          OB-Printed exclusively for Mrs. W.S. Crocker,

                          Suisun, Cal.

(sn_) NN   DH2        Southern Pacific Depot; Overland Limited Leaving

                          Reno, Nevada.

(sn_) NN   S4A    CVC Southern Pacific Steamer "Newark"

(*__) NN   R&D    SOU Southern Hotel, Bakersfield - California      MWOF ADV

(*__) NN   DH2        Souvenir of the Doll Princess  Age 27 years

                          Height 32 Inches Weight 32 Pounds

(*__) NN   R&D    CVC St. Francis Hotel, Union Square and Dewey Monument

                          San Francisco

(TD_) NN   UNK        St. George Hotel, Santa Cruz, Cal.

(*__) NN   S2A    BRD St. Junipero Serra                                MWOB

(*__) NN   DH2        St. Mathew's Military School, Burlingame,


(sn_) NN   R&D    CVC St. Paul’s Episcopal Church  [Watsonville, Cal.]

(*__) NN   R&D        St. Vincent Hospital, Portland, Ore.

(*__) NN   S5A    GAM Stanford Memorial Church Palo Alto, Cal.

                           (words on back)                              MWOB

(sn_) NN   DH2        Sun Cured Raisins, Stacked Fresno County California

(*__) NN   S1A    CVC Terrace in Busch's Sunken Garden, Pasadena, Cal.

(*__) NN   R&D     CS The Abbot Hospital Inc., Richmond, Cal.

(___) NN   DH2        The Arlington Santa Barbara, California

(*__) NN   S3B        Same

(sn_) NN   R&D    SOU The Arlington Santa Barbara, California

(sn_) NN   DH2        The Arlington Santa Barbara, California Harry D. Clark


(*__) NN   S3B        Same

(*__) NN   S5A    UNK "The Bauble" "Wall Decorations" in Coppa's Red Paint

                          Restaurant, 534 Washington St.

                             San Francisco, Calif.

(*__) NN   R&D    CVC The Great Cafe and Orchestra - Old Faithful Inn

                          Union Pacific System - Yellowstone Park

                          Panama-Pacific Exposition - 1915

(sn_) NN   DH3        The Chesterfield Apartments - 560 Powell St.

                          Cor. Bush, San Francisco

(*__) NN   R&D    SOU The City Hall - Gilroy, California

(sn_) NN   S1A    CVC The Liberty Bell Panama-Pacific International

                          Exposition San Francisco 1915

(*__) NN   S2B        The New Y. M. C. A. Building - San Jose, California.

(*__) NN   S1A    CVC The Old Mill of Banbury Cross in Busch's Sunken Garden,

                          Pasadena, Cal.

(sn_) NN   DH2        The Original Swains Bakery and Restaurant Opposite

                          Orpheum. 140 O'Farrell Street San Francisco


(*__) NN   R&D    CVC The Post Office, San Francisco, California,        TO

(sn_) NN   DH2        "The Stump House" Home of the Rodney Burns Redwood

                          Novelty Co., Eureka, California.

(MM_) NN   R&D    SOU The way we grow alfafa at Corning, California.

                          Publ. for G. W. Lyons, Corning, Cal.

(___) NN   R&D        The Wingfield C. F. Wingfield, Prop. 4th Ave. Westlake

                          Ave. Seattle, Wash.

(*__) nn   R&D    CVC Union Pacific System - Yellowstone Park

                          Panama-Pacific Exposition 1915

(sn_) NN   DH2        "The Woman in the Case"

(sn_) NN   R&D   SOU  Theatre Diedenbrook, Sacramento, Cal.

(TD_) NN         SOU  UPREC Hall, Oakland, Cal.

(___) NN   DH2        View in Cowen Park, Seattle Washington.

(___) NN   DH2        Villa Buen Retired Home of P.C. Rossi at Asti,

                          Sonoma Co. Cal.

(sn_) NN   H3         Walbridge Garage, Red Bluff, California.

(*__) NN   S5A    UNK "Wall Decorations" in Coppa's Red Paint

                          Restaurant, 534 Washington St. San Francisco, Calif.

(*__) NN   S5A    UNK "Wall Decorations" in Coppa's Red Paint

                          Restaurant, 534 Washington St.

                          San Francisco, Calif.                          MWOF

(*__) NN   S2B    RND Washoe Co. Court House, Reno, Nev.

(*__) NN   DH2        We Can Crow about the Appleshow where Apples Grow

                          and the State Poultry Show

                          Watsonville         October

                          California  October 9th to 14th

(*__) NN   R&D        Willamette River from Yeon Bldg., Portland, Ore.

(*__) NN   S1C    CVC Y. M. C. A. - Berkeley, Cal.

(sn_) NN   DH2        You can't provide a family with loaves and fishes if you

                          don't do anything But - Loaf and Fish.

(sn_) NN   DH2        You may talk about your "Beautiful Snow" and write

                          "The Weather's Fine," but we don't spend all our

                          money for coal. LONG BEACH, CAL.. for mine

(sn_) NN   UNK        Z. H. Harris

(sn_) NN   S6D    BAR Zyante Bridge, Mt. Hermon.

    End of Sepia Unnumbered

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