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O. (Oscar) NEWMAN Co.

1904-1918 - Los Angeles and San Francisco, California. Published Postcards - Hand-colored Collotype and tinted halftone. Many Holiday Cards and various views of California. Many sets of cards on the San Francisco Earthquake and the 1915 Exposition. Many of these cards had the Newman Logo's on them. Very little is known about Newman's Life. (MORE DATA IS NEEDED -- HELP)

NEWMAN Post Card Co.

1907-1960's - Los Angeles, California Published Postcards - Tinted halftones, Many views of Southern California and other western states (Nevada - Hawaii - etc.). Also the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition. NPCC is related to the O. Newman Company above and was later purchased by H. S. Crocker in the 1960's. NOTICE: This Reference list for NEWMAN Postcard Company/OSCAR NEWMAN is for individual use "ONLY" Use & Reproduction(Including scans) for business purposes, or links will require Walt's written permission.

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