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SUGGESTED BRIEF CODE DEFINITIONS To Use in this check list: " PLEASE CHECK YOUR COLLECTION for cards marked UNK or "?" If you have information/revisions to add to this Checklist-Contact Walt: wrsky@att.net NOTE: When the Back types column is BLANK: The BACK TYPE is not known! (HELP) " ? " in the Back Types Column indicates incomplete data " ? " Between the UMRP and Number Column Indicates The Back Type may be in error " - " in the Back Type column is to emphasis the Back Type. SEE BACK TYPE " UNK " = Data is NOT KNOWN (HELP to advance this NEWMAN Checklist) U M Num Back Text on NEWMAN POSTCARD COMPANY Other Info R P Ber Types Vendor (___) 1 G-2z Drive Between San Luis Obispo and Arroya Gtande Cal. (___) 2 Oil Fields (___) 3 Oil Fields San Luis Obispo and Arroya Grande, Cal. (___) 4 P-2am Morro Rock near San Luis Obispo, Cal. (___) 5 P-2am Presbyterian Church, San Luis Obispo, Cal. (___) 6 UNK (___) 7 Refinery at Oilport near San Luis Obispo (___) 8 P-2a Creek at San Luis Obispo Sulphyr Springs, Cal. (___) 9 P-2a Court House, San Luis Obispo, Cal. (sn_) 10 P-2a Morro Rock near San Luis Obispo, Cal. MWOB (___) 11 Q-2b Creek at San Luis Sulpur Springs, Cal. (___) 12 P-2am El Pizmo, near San Luis Obispo, Cal. (___) 13 UNK (___) 14 Q-2b Port San Luis, near San Luis Obispo, Cal. (___) 15 UNK (___) 16 UNK (___) 17 P-2am Mid-Wintr Scene in San Luis Obispo, Cal. (___) 18 UNK (___) 19 P-2am Avila near San Luis Obispo, Cal. (___) 20 U. S. Troops Passing thru Templeton to Atascadeo (___) 20 J-2z Bridge over Salton Sea -S. P. R. R. California-Arizona Route (___) (___) (___) END Numbered " AM " Section UNNUMBERED " AM " Section (___) H-2d Birdseye-View, San Miguel, Cal. (___) H-2d Depot, San Miguel, Cal. (___) Grammar School, San Miguel, California (___) Old Mission Inn Miguel, Founded 1797 (___) Polytechnic High School, San Luis Obispo, California (___) R-2d Public Library, Paso Robles, Cal. (Photo only Copyrighted by Alsup 1908) (___) R-2b San Miguel Mission, (Founded 1779), near Paso Robles, Cal. (___) (___) (___) END of Unnumbered " AM " Section NOTICE: This Reference list for NEWMAN Postcard Co. is for individual personal use only-Use & Reproduction(Including scans) of this listing for business purposes, or links will require Walt's written permission.
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