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Divided Backs " A " Unnumbered Section Postcards

SUGGESTED BRIEF CODE DEFINITIONS To Use in this check list: " PLEASE CHECK YOUR COLLECTION for cards marked UNK or "?" If you have information/revisions to add to this Checklist-Contact Walt: wrsky@att.net NOTE: When the Back Types column is BLANK: The BACK TYPES is not known! (HELP) " ? " in the Back Types Column indicates incomplete data " ? " Between the UMRP and Number Column Indicates The Back Types may be in error " - " in the Back Types column is to emphasis the Back Types. SEEBACK TYPE " UNK " = Data is NOT KNOWN (HELP to advance this NEWMAN Checklist) U M Num Back Text on NEWMAN POSTCARD COMPANY Other Info R P Ber Types Vendor (___) G-2z A California Scene (more words) Cornell Land Co. (___) G-2zg A California Scene in the Great Riverside - Red-Lands Citrus District. (___) H-2a A Glimpse of the Roof Garden, Young Men's Association, Los Angeles. (___) A Pepper Drive, Highland Ave. Sierra Madre, California (___) H-2j A Residence on New Years Day in Anaheim, Cal. (___) A Sierra Madre Residence (___) A Winter Scene, Sierra Madre, California (___) G-2z Aviary No. 1, of E.M. Grider's Birdland 1301 - 1313 Central Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. (___) Baldwin Ave., Sierra Madre, California (___) G-1z Baltimore Hotel, Los Angeles, Cal. (___) R-2c Banking Room, Security Savings Bank, Los Angeles, California 10-64955 (___) E-5 Birch Bark, Santa Ana, Cal. (___) Boos Cafeteria, Los Angeles, California (interior) (___) F-1 Casa Verdugo, Inc. - Out Glendale Way (___) Centra Ave. Looking West, Sierra Madre, California (___) Charles Mamie's Wills - Just One Line in Sweet Remembrance (___) H-2 Chimes Clock and Grand Arch Marble Lobby, Hotel Alexandria, Los Angeles (___) Church of the Ascensions, Sierra Madre, California (___) Citrus Union High School, Azusa, California (___) Cline's Broadway Theater, Los Angeles, California (moonlight) (___) G-2z Corridor Palace Hotel, San Francisco, California (___) G-2n Corner of Dining Room, Lookout Mountain Inn (___) Corner of the Main Lobby Van Nuys Hotel, Los Angeles (___) Cross where Donner Party were Buried, Donner Lake, Cal. (___) Cypress Court, Camp Resort, Sierra Madre, California (___) G-2z Dining Room Palace Hotel, San Francisco, California (___) G-2z Double Bow Knot Boulevard, Lookout Mountain (___) ? F-1z 'leven Oaks Hotel, Monrovia, Cal. (___) R-2c Fifth Street Lobby, Security Svgs. Bank, Los Angeles, Calif. 10-64967 (___) First M. E. Church, Covina, California (___) E-2d Floral Parade. (___) Fosgate and Rees' Mission Soda Fountain. The Largest in the Worlds, 100 ft. long, Los Angeles, California (___) F Fremont Hotel, 4th and Olive Sts., Los Angeles, Cal. Col. R. A. von Falkenberg, Prop. (___) G-1 Glendale Sanitarium, Glendale, Cal. "A Southern California Health Resort" (___) M-1a Same (___) Glendale Sanitarium (diff View) (___) F-2v Glendale Sanitarium Grounds in Winter. (___) Gold Mining in Sierra Madre Mountains, California (___) G-2z Grill Room, Palace, Hotel, San Francisco, California (___) K-1z Hall of Records and County Court House, Los Angeles, Cal. (___) A Here's to the Man Who Loves His Wife and Loves His Wife Alone for many a Man Loves Another Man's Wife When He Ought to be Loving His Own. (___) F Hollenbeck Hotel, Los Angeles, Cal. (___) Corner of Van Nuys Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, Cal. (___) Hollenbeck Park, Los Angeles, Cal. B/W (___) Homes in Covina, Cal. (___) G-2 Hotel Alexandria, Marble Lobby, Los Angeles, California (___) Hotel Lankershim, Broadway at 7th, Los Angeles, California (___) Hotel Rose, Ocean Park, California (___) Hotel Sierra Madre, Sierra Madre, California (___) G-2z Hotel Westmore, Los Angeles, Cal. (___) Indian Room, Casa Verdugo, Glendale, California (interior) (___) Interior Church of the Angeles, Garvanza, California (___) Interior Hershey Arms, Los Angeles, California (___) Same (diff. view) (___) Same (another diff. View) (___) Interior Hotel Ingraham, Los Angeles, California (___) R-2c Lobby, Safe Deposit Dept., Security Savgs. Bank, Los Angeles, Calif. 09-118 (___) Lobby, Westlake Apts., Los Angeles, California (___) Lookout Mountain Inn, Summit Lookout Mountain. (___) F-1 Los Angeles Trust and Savings Bank. (___) H-2a Main Gymnasium, Young Men's Christian Association Los Angeles. (___) R-2c Main Lobby, Security Savings Bank, Los Angeles, California 10-64952 (___) H-2a North Myrtle Ave., Monrovia, Cal. (___) G-2z North Room, Boos Bros, Cafeteria 436 to 550 South Hill St., Los Angeles, Cal. (___) A O. A. Boxley (___) A "O. B. Joyful" cy-1905 (___) One of the living rooms, Los Angeles, Y. M. C. A. (___) F-2v On the Road to Wheelers Hot Springs, Ca. (___) G-2z Palace Hotel Court, San Francisco, California (___) Palm Drive, Glendora, California (___) Palm or Vosberg Ranch, Azusa, California (___) R-2c Pine Apple Field. (___) G-2za Pin Tom Confectionary Parlor (___) Pin Ton Co., South Broadway, Los Angeles, California (___) Porch and Outdoor Gymnasium, P. V. Sanitarium (___) C-1 Port Los Angeles, Cal. "The Longest Wharf in the World" (___) San Gabriel River near Azusa, California (___) Santa Anita Canyon, Sierra Madre, California (___) Same (diff. View) (___) R-2c Security Building, Los Angeeles, California 09-125 (___) Sierra Madre City School, Sierra Madre, California (___) Some of the Cottages, Cypress Couty, Sierra Madre, California (___) G-2z The Ball-Room, Palace Hotel, San Francisco, California (___) The Barlow Residence, Sierra Madre, California (___) The Church of the Angels, Garvanza, California (___) The Congregational Church, Sierra Madre, California (___) The Friberg Residence, Cypress Court (___) Van Nuys Hotel, Cor. 4th and Main, Los Angeles (___) H-2d View from Park, Monrovia, Cal. (___) H-3 Young Men's Christian Association Bldg. 715-729 So. Hope St. (___) (___) (___) End of " A " UNNUMBERED Section NOTICE: This Reference list for NEWMAN Postcard Co. is for personal use only-Use & Reproduction(Including scans) of this listing for business purposes, or links will require Walt's written permission.

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