Vendors/Publishers/Printers associated with NEWMAN POST CARD CO."
Postcard Check List

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Below you will find an alphabetical listing of those printers publishers/Vendors that were associated with NEWMAN Post Card Co. The postcards in all the check lists found in this documentatiom of Newman Post Card Co. have the backs styles that are identified as NEWMAN'S work. It must be noted that many of the cards do not have NEWMANS name on them, but the back style is his work. If cards are found that do not have the defined NEWMAN backs styles, or his name, are not in the listings.
(n.) F. A. Alderman, Santa Cruz, Cal.
(a.) Boyd & Lytle Drug Co., Elsinore, Cal.
(i.) I. L. Maduro, Jr., Panama
(f.) Mrs. J. T. Noisat
(g.) Pasadena, Cal.
(g.) Photo furnished by Shaffers Studio
(g.) Pin Ton Company
(p.) Portland Postcard Co. (Newman not shown)
(r.) E. L. Redding, La Jolla, Cal.
(l.) " Sacramento "has the largest Capitol Park in the world "
(g.) W. Ray. Simpson
(d.) Steinhauser & Eaton
(k.) Truedson Drug Co., Puyallup, Wn.
(v.) Van Ornum Colorprint
(j.) Vaughn & Merrill Co,, Tacoma, Wash., by N. P. CC.
(e.) Webb Drug
(w.) Chas. Weidner San Francisco. Cal.
(c.) W. Wiedeman
(b.) F. W. Wiesseman, Santa Ana, Cal.
(h.) P. Rasmusssen, Los Gatos, Cal.
(s.) E. J. Strong, Albuquerque, N. M.
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