when keeping inventory of NEWMAN Post Card Co. Postcards.

SUGGESTED CODE DEFINITIONS To Use in this check list:
U=Used, G=Good, M=Mint, R=Replace, P=Poor, AM=Album Marks,
UND/UB=Undivided back, WOF=Written on Front, WOB=Written on back,
EMB=Embossed, B/W=Black&White, GR=Grey, PH=Photo, BC=Bent Corners,
ADV=Advertising, PMOF=Postmark on front, MP=Misprint, ()=Part of cd
DPO=Dead Post Office Cancel, RPO=Railroad Post Office Cancel,
(?)=Question, OTN=Other Number(), UNK=Unknown, SEP=Sepia,
GL=Glitter, HC=Hand Colored, NN=No Number, DV=Different View,
DB=Divided back, ROATW=Road of a Thousand Wonders, OV=Oval
SB=Stampbox-XXXX, pmkd=Post Markedxxxx, C=Copyright, CY=Cyanide,
[]=Added notes, (___)=Used for inventory, MW=More Words,
SN/sn=Seen-do not have, LN=City/State Unknown, MS=Mispelling,
(-a-b-c-d=Variations of same number), SAS=Same as other numbers
ABM=Album, Booklet=BKT, FDR=Folder, TO=Tearout-from booklet
TWOF=Two fold "Mail Card," GRN=Green tone background, BLK=Black lettering
MWOF=More words on front, MWOB=More words on back
GS=Gellatin See Other Vender Codes That postcards were published for by: NEWMAN Post Card Co. See Back Types For definitions and scans. NOTE: Updates/Changes to this listing will be noted with an (*) in the UMRP Column and deleted on the next update.

T1 On the Road of Thousand Wonders.
T2 On the Line of the S. P. R. R.
T3 On the Line of the Southern Pacific Ry.
T4 Reached Via the Salt Lake Route.
T5 As Seen on Tilton's Trolley Trip, Los Angeles.
T6 By Permission of Key Route.

NOTICE: This Reference list for NEWMAN is for personal use only-Use & Reproduction(Including scans) of this listing for business Purposes, or Links will require Walt's written permission.

" PLEASE CHECK YOUR COLLECTION for cards marked UNK " If you have information/revisions to add to this Checklist-Contact Walt: wrsky@att.net

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