"UNRUH Photo Postcards - Wichita Kansas Checklist"

    There seems to be a small series of real Photo Postcards by a photographer UNRUH. We don't
know yet if this is a Ms. Unruh or Mr. Unruh, or really anything about the photographer. We are
hopeful anyone reading this can throw some added light on the UNRUH Photo cards. The Postcards
that we are sharing here in this checklist are well composed, and are very artistic and
JUST GREAT. Each one says PHOTO BY UNRUH in the lower right corner.

81 Drive in Theatre

U M Num Back Text on UNRUH Postcards 1930-1950 era Other Info R P Ber Types Vendor (HO_) None EKC U. S. Post Office and Court House - Wichita - PMKD1948 PH B/W (HO_) None EKC 81 Drive-In Theatre [6250 North Broadway] Wichita PH B/W [Opened in August 1946 and may have been the first Drive In theatre in Kansas. The movie on the marquee is "The Hurricane" staring Dorothy Lamour and Jon Hall and it dates from 1937.] (HO_) None EKC North High School from Minisa Bridge. - Wichita PH B/W [West Thirteenth Street] (HO_) None EKC John Mack Bridge Over The Arkansas River. - Wichita PH B/W [On South Broadway] (HO_) None EKC City Building. - Wichita PH B/W (HO_) None EKC Chisholm Trail Marker. - Wichita PH B/W (HO_) None EKC Fine Arts Bldg., Wichita University. PH B/W (HO_) None EKC Sedgwich County Court House. - Wichita PH B/W SUGGESTED CODE DEFINITIONS To Use in this check list:
U=Used, G=Good, M=Mint, R=Replace, P=Poor, AM=Album Marks,
UND=Undivided back, WOF=Written on Front, WOB=Written on back,
EMB=Embossed, B/W=Black&White, PH/RPPC=Photo, BC=Bent Corners,
ADV=Advertising, PMOF=Postmark on front, MP=Misprint,
DPO=Dead Post Office Cancel, RPO=Railroad Post Office Cancel,
(?)=Question, OTN=Other Number(), UNK/None=Unknown, SEP=Sepia,
GL=Glitter, HC=Hand Colored, NN=No Number, DV=Different View,
DB=Different Divided back, SB=Stampbox, PMKD=Post Marked(year)
SB=Stampbox-XXXX, pmkd=Post Markedxxxx, C=Copyright, CY=Cyanide,
[]=Added notes, (___)=Used for inventory/Credit, OV=Oval,
MW=More Words, SN/sn=Seen-do not have, LN=City/State Unknown,
MS=Mispelling, (-a-b-c-d, =Variations of same number),
SAS=Same as other numbers, ABM=Album, Booklet=BKT, FDR=Folder,
TO=Tearout-from booklet
CREDITS: Hall Ottoway (HO) - Wichita Postcard Club News August 2008 [www.wichitapostcardclub@yahoo.com]
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