"1940 Union Oil 76 Postcard Checklist"

In 1940 there were 51 cards issued and they were numbered 1 thru 51. This is also the 50th Anniversary of the Union Oil Company. The Copyright year, the number, and a description of each view were printed on this series. This series can be identified by observing the lower left hand corner as shown here. NOTICE: This Reference list for Union Oil 76 backs is for individual personal use only-Use & Reproduction(Including scans) of this listing for business purposes will require Walt's written permission. Links to this page will also require Walt's Permission

--- 1 Grand Canyon AZ ---27 Lake Arrowhead CA --- 2 Mission San Jose de Tumacaori AZ ---28 Colton Hall CA --- 3 Chiricahua Nat. Monument AZ ---29 Donner Lake CA --- 4 So. Calif.'s Seascapes CA ---30 Sequoia Nat. Park CA --- 5 Santa Barbara Mission CA ---31 Multnomah Falls OR --- 6 Lake Elsinore CA ---32 Mt. Jefferson OR --- 7 Mt. Lassen CA ---33 Cape Foulweather OR --- 8 Court of the Pacific T.I. CA ---34 Mt. St. Helens WA --- 9 Mark Twain's Cabin CA ---35 Oldest Apple Tree WA ---10 Astoria Column OR ---36 Chuckanut Drive WA ---11 Wallowa Mountains OR ---37 Verde Breaks AZ ---12 Crater Lake OR ---38 Navajo Bridge AZ ---13 Whidby Island Blockhouse WA ---39 Picacho Peak AZ ---14 Mt. Rainier WA ---40 Pico Pico Adobe CA ---15 Logging at Port Angeles WA ---41 Malibu Encinal CA ---16 Boulder Dam AZ ---42 Summit Lake CA ---17 Hotel, Virginia City NV ---43 Wells Fargo Building CA ---18 Pyramid Lake NV ---44 Half Dome CA ---19 Coer d'Alene Lake ID ---45 Fisherman's Wharf CA ---20 Cataldo ID ---46 South Sister OR ---21 Salmon River ID ---47 1st Protestant Church OR ---22 Wupatki AZ ---48 Yaquina Bay Bridge OR ---23 Eagles Nest AZ ---49 Lake Chelan WA ---24 Superstition Mountain AZ ---50 St. Joseph's Mission WA ---25 Balboa Park, San Diego CA ---51 Crescent Lake WA ---26 Casa de Adobe, Los Angeles CA ___

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